The Curse of The Fallen Angel - Part 5

Little Brendan is not concentrating today, he's been thinking of the blue lizard at the bush. Where is it now? Will it still be there when i'm back? Where does it live? Where did it come from? How come he can attach me? Billions of questions pop out in his small little head...

"Brendan, brendan..." Master Remi is calling
"Yes master"
"What are you wondering about? Can't you concentrate?"
"I'm sorry"
"I'm going to leave you here, practise the magic that i teach you just now"
"Yes master"

As Master Remi left, Brendan sneak away... He make his way back to the bushes...
"Here lizard lizard..." He seek high and low for the blue and greeny lizard, but it was no where to be found. Kid will always be kid, he does not have much patient on it. He stop his search and went to his room for a nap...

The sky get dark as the sun gone down and the moon come out from nowhere... stars blinking in the sky. Little Brendan is sleeping soundly in his room and having some good dream... but some noise outside the window wakes him up. He open his eyes and saw some bluee light glowing outside the window... Is it the lizard? Excitingly, he runs out of the room.

It is the lizard, looking at him. A look of challenge. Little Brendan runs to the kitchen and take out some vegetables... "Here lizard lizard" The lizard does not bother about it and scratching its foot on the ground... Hmmm~ what does it want then?

Out of any signal, Brendan shoot water from his finger and attack the lizard... The lizard has a sensitive feel, it move and avoid the attack... Within a second, the blue lizard shoot out water from his mouth to attack Brendan. This time, Brendan is well prepared, he moves fast and get away with it... "Haha, you can't get me" Brendan laugh out proudly... Suddenly, Brendan saw the lizrd shoot out 3 shots of water from it mouth at once...

Open his eyes wide in horror, Brendan got all 3 attacks... Bruises appear immediately. This time Brendan thought that he see the lizard smile at him... Can a lizard smile? Getting angry, Brendan use the raindrop spell to attack the lizard...But he has forgotten about something...

What has Brendan forgot about?

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