Check before you Nag !!!

I really really feel upset about my boss, she nags non-stop~ She is on a half day leave this morning, after she came back she kept on asking a whole damn lot of questions...

"The quotation do liao ma?"
"Have you inform the client?"
"Have you book the room?"
"The terms and conditions come out liao ma?"

Walao~ asking me all the question about my job. I knw that you're my boss and you should follow up everything and make sure i do my things... and yes i have did it LAST WEEK... and god damn hell you didnt check your email de meh? I copy you in liao de wo? And you also reply "noted" liao de wo...

ARRRGGGHHHHH~ nagging non stop... is this wat you are good at? why don't you check your email and confirm all those blardy things 1st b4 u nag nag nag nag nag nag nag .......... feel like my earlobe wanna explode dy~

Genting with DS

Last Friday was Haji, So DS and i planned to go genting on thursday night as i have a k session with my colleagues. So we went to fetch DS' fren nearby before we head for genting. Ish~ the highway was jammed like hell, most probably everybody going back to kampung. So we jammed for roughly 3 hours b4 the road get a bit smooth.

Ds was having a serious flu and sneeze the whole time. Surprisingly I m the one who needs more clothes as i feel so cold that night. We headed to the casino, not really my intention but DS and fren wanted to go gambling... so i jst follow along... We're in the casino from 12am to 4am, i was feeling frustrated as my nice beauty sleep was burn becoz of gambling... this is really not wat i want, but wat to do?

Ds won a bit while i loss some, not really a big deal... i was so tiring standing behind DS all the time while watching the bet go on and on... I almost fell asleep when i found a seat somewhere around the corner, until DS came and drag me out to get a bite on McD... When we're abt time to go home, the frends are no where to be found, call them and the phone is dead. So both of us drove down to the city by ourselves...

For the whole night/day... the most i enjoy was the time when i was cuddled on the bed and sleep... haiz... wat a tiring trip ~

Settle Down

Should I?
Should I not?

No Turning Back

Have lunch with Albert just now, long time didnt chat with him dy~ He told me about someone who wanna get back with him after they broke up for almost one year. Albert used to love this ex so much until all of us said he already kena his racun, but surprisingly Albert turn down the offer of getting back.

There's no turning back anymore, this is what he told me. Bravo :) we have the same concept for love, when its over, there's no turning back. Although relationship is kinda hard to manage and sometime we do lost in maze of this game, but when u decide/choose to give up on this turning point, there's no way for u to turn back right? Life has to move on anyway~

Luckily DS is very serious in relationship, phew~

Oh Shit !!!

Gosh~ only 3 weeks, 3 fucking weeks~ and i gain weight.... ARRGGGHHHH~ OMG

I' m back to 74kg now~ WTF~ Sien, have to go on diet again :(

Hot Underwear Entertainment

Babies Swimming

This entry is specially for Common Singaporean and Vialentino
Look at those babies :)
Aren't they cute? :D

Who are these people?

Previously, i have deleted a bunch of people from my facebook and msn. After that i try to delete as much names as possible frm my phone list. It was a release to do it. Those who i'm not gonna contact or those who didn't keep in touch with me at all~ out u go~

Recently, i have 89 people pending on my confirmation to be my friend in facebook. When i scan through, what the hell... i dunknw who are these people... seriously, do i need to approve it? i dun think so~ gonna reject all of them~ :P And those in my hp, i'm gonna clear out some space. hahaha~ cross my fingers and hope they will not sms or call again~ phew...

And congratulation to DK, i knw u r attach now :) cant wait to see ur new guy~ hahaha

DS Birthday Celebration 09

Yesterday got a sudden call from the CEO for a conference, i was afraid tat i will be late for the celebration, luckily i'm still able to go back and get ready on time. We went for a Japanese Restaurant at somewhere near the lowyatt plaza and bangkok jam. DS love it though coz its quite cozy inside and the food is quite ncie too... I dun really remember the name of the restaurant, but it should be something like Kamaya or Kamiya...

Surprisingly, we only used around half an hour to finish all our food~ since it is still early, we jst sit at there and chat. Then suddenly one of DS staff called and mentioned there's an emergency happened in the office when DS is on leave. Then DS got so kan cheong and called those people who gets hurt and make sure they are alright. Wat a spoiled during the celebration... but wat to do?

Later on we went to walk around in pavilion and do some sight seeing. Actually not sight seeing, but jst seeing at each other only :P lolz... We then sit at espressamente illy to have some drink. DS has his fav capuccino and banana cake while i have my monorilo... love the almond milk :) Enjoying ourselves there and saw some silly guy accidentally pour the whole coffee on himself~

We then went back to my place... DS wanna have durian again but i say no~ coz i wanna hug my baby so badly in my room~ hahaha... and the rest of the night~ hehe... u dont have to knw :P

I'm so Cold

This morning when i woke up, my hands and legs are so cold. Its actually freezing ~ I've switch off my fan in the middle of night but i still feel cold. DS once told me that i'm a cold-blooded animal coz my fingers and toes are cold all the times. :(

For this few nights, i've been staying over at DS place. Getting some warm over there :) But DS went back to the hometown for celebrating the birthday with family, i was left alone sleeping in the cold night~ But luckily our celebration is tonight, i'm looking forward on it....

Ok ok, back to the topic, why am i feeling so cold lately? ISsit becoz of the weather? Or issit my body is getting weaker? Since i knw DS for almost 3 weeks now, i've stop going to gym and eat like a pig everyday... damn !!! and i m easily to get sick latetly~ shit~ i feel so cold every now and often... no matter in my bedroom, office and even in my own car... am i gonna die soon? Ish~ i need a handglove, anyone wanna sponsor 1 for me? >.<

Happy Birthday DS

We went to Tian Hou Gong yesterday, it was my 1st time to Tian Hou Gong~ seriously !!! It was kinda drizzling a bit but it didn't spoiled our mood. I pray for my family to be always safe and healthy; get a better carrier path/strike in this current carrier; and a stronger bond between me and DS~ :)

Tian Hou Gong is really nice and big, not too much tourists and nice to walk around with... Sumore DS bday is today~ so we pray... hopefully he does wish for what i wish too~

Happy Birthday

My Snapshot 21/11/2009

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Nothing to do
DS is sleeping
Jst some random shot
Good night Bloggers

Who will win in TVB 2009 Awards ?!?

1《珠光宝气》林保怡(高长胜)2《东山飘雨西关晴》马德钟(潘卓兴/穆兴)3《学警狙击》苗侨伟(江世孝)4《巾帼枭雄》黎耀祥(柴九)5《碧血盐枭》马浚伟(聂致远)6《烈火雄心3》郑嘉颖(卓栢宇)7《烈火雄心3》王喜(钟有成)8《烈火雄心3》黄宗泽(方履安)9《王老虎抢亲》钱嘉乐(王老虎)10《绝代商骄》黄子华(麦提爽)11《古灵精探B》郭晋安(于子朗)12《蔡锷与小凤仙》刘松仁(蔡锷)13《宫心计》陈 豪(李怡)14《富贵门》吕良伟(卓一元)15《富贵门》罗嘉良(卓一鸣/沙富来)

Durian Session

Yesterday before i finish work, DS called and wanted to meet up. Thought of going to gym, but in the end i chose DS over Celebrity :P Lolz... After our dinner, we went back to our place and have some chat before we headed off to our "eat-durian" session.

There was this stall on the roadside around my area, you can buy the durian and eat it on the spot. So both of us went there again, 2nd time in this week!!! DS really likes fruit as much as i do. So we have 5 durians and eat the hell out of it... After tat, Ds wanna have mangosteen pula~ I was told that mangosteen is the "queen" of fruit while durian is the "king" of fruit... Your body temperature will not increase if you eat some mangosteen after your durian...

While we're having our mangosteen, i start to wonder and ask why mangosteen is called mangosteen? Coz it got "mango" word inside the name... MANGOS+TEEN = Young mango ?!? Hmm~ i wonder... anybody can explain to me~ DS laughed at my silly question and continue eating...

We finish everything and DS drop me back home, i was unwilling to say goodbye, but looking at the watch~ already 1230am!!! Shit~ i have durian at such a late hour? Damn !!! I'm gaining weight lately~ :(

Cold weather serve with warm cuddle

The weather is getting kinda cold these days with all the rain. I was not feeling well yesterday, DS was here, brought me out for dinner. Although its a bit late, but better than not appearing. We have dinner and went back to my room, cuddling each other.

Its cold at night, cuddling make me warm. And DS fall asleep in my arms, sweet~ love to see that face :) But too bad, DS gonna go home later~

ANTM Final 3

Ever wonder who is the final 3 in antm?
Ms Tyra?
Ms Dickinson?
Or Ms Paulina?

Awesome Drawing with Pencil only