Asia's Next Top Model - Cycle 4

Once again, Asia's Next Top Model is back at Singapore on the 4th cycle. Cindy Bishop replace Georgina Wilson as the main host while Kelly Tandiono took over Joey Mead-King as the models' mentor in this cycle. Nevertheless, Yu Tsai also joined force as the creating director as well~

This time, the competitor is stronger than ever and more drama & fights among the bitches as well. Also not to forget a lot of new "1st time" history make in this cycle, eg: 1st Mongolian participant; 1st Myanmar participant; 1st Malaysian Muslim participant...

Before we go into further details, let's have a look at the group shot of this cycle:-
 Sang In, Aldilla & Julian
 Patricia, May & Jessica
Tuti, Angie & Tawan



Second Thai-Ger has won the title of Asia's Next Top Model within 4 cycles. First is Jessica from cycle 1 & Tawan is the second Thai-Girl who has make Thailand proud. I love Tawan before her make-over, she looks sophisticated & more mature compare to her look after the drastic hair-cut. Suddenly she became alive, young & bubbly. She's not my favorite girl though but i'm ok with her being the top 3, just not the winner though...


Sang In is definitely my favorite in this cycle, I was so happy when she managed to make it to the top 3 & I thought she'll be the first Korean girl to win Asia's Next Top Model. I love her cheek bone & was impressed on how good her English is compare to other Korean. Not only she can shot good photograph, her ability of absorbing new skill is fast. But only that Fucking Rude Glenn Tan (shame of Malaysian) try to destroy Sang In, but luckily she's strong enough to overcome it. 


Patricia almost make a history in this cycle if she won the title & make Indonesia the first country to have the back-to-back winner ever. However, for me Patricia is good in her runway no doubt, but she's not totally good in her photo shoot though. Being the shortest girl, she never gave up like Ayu Ghani in the previous cycle, but too bad the title did not belongs to her...


3 Pinoy participates in this cycle, one being too beauty queen & another one gave up and apparently the pressure falls on Julian. For me, I never thought she looks pretty until the Neutrogena & Harper's Bazaar shots. She looks better without the fringe seriously, more prettier and can show off her features better. But being too quiet in this competition make the judges worry and suspect her will to stay in this competition...


Ms Singapore as usual is very kiasu in all the cycle, so as Angie in cycle 4. Not only she cannot accept the fact that she is not too outstanding compare to other competitors, she is a lil bit fake for me as well. Luckily her pretty face & big boobs do win her a lot of points for her to stay in this competition. But too bad this is not "Asia's Next Top Porn Star", or else she would have win it...


One of my favorite girl in this cycle beside Sang In, Aldilla & Tugs. Being the first Muslim girl to participate in this competition, I'm kinda worry about her when she back to Malaysia. Of course beside wearing a bit too expose in the show, letting some stranger "guy" to massage her leg is a big NO NO for muslim girl. But I like her so much & wish that she can strike a good future in the modeling industry soon :)

That "May" Htet Aung - Myanmar

Aldilla Zahraa - Indonesia

Jessica Lam - Hong Kong

Alaiza Malinao - Philippines

Gwendoline "Gwen" Ruais - Philippines

Mai Ngo - Vietnam

Adina "Tugs" Saruul - Mongolia

Wanvisa "Maya" Goldman - Thailand

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