Philippines: Bohol & Clark

 I decided to go for an island hopping
I took a 2 hours ferry from Bohol to Tagbilaran beach
 I take a ride of this local tricycle and went to another port
 When i saw this boat, i feel lonely all in a while
I don't wanna be alone
I have been single for such a long time
I need someone....
OK stop the crap
I hop on this boat and took an hour ride to the exotic island
 Along the journey, wave is kinda big and one splash has make my whole body wet =.=
 In the end this small island did not disappoint me
I have a great lunch on the beach
A fried fish and some local vege with rice :)
 I walk around the island for a while before i go for scuba diving
The corals are nice
But not much fish there
 This is me :)
Single and available
Who wanna take me?
 There is this beautiful church at Bohol
i think it is call Ave Maria
 An infant Jesus statue was there
 The church is very vintage and small
 I went back to the port and wait for the ship to bring me back
 I saw these 4 cute puppies inside a bush
So cute :)
I wanted to bring them back but i cant
 And there was this statue when i m on my way to the hotel

I took the internal flight to Clark
There was nothing much i can do in Clark as i don't have much time left
So i decided to go for the Zoobic Safari
 But its a long long journey
I fell asleep inside the car
A 2 hour ride
 Finally i was here :)
 I was greeted by this wild pig which walk around the zoo~ lol
 There was a beautiful white tiger in the main lobby
 I took this zebra car for a ride in the zoo
 And there is this feeding tiger session
This is so cool
They let the tiger walk around in a big compound 
The tiger jump on the car and it was so close to me!!!
I almost wanted to reach out and touch its teeth
But i chicken away
 All kinds of animal in this zoo
 And i was standing on top of the crocodiles :P
 And i saw a pony with big cock~ lol
 Of course, there is a show in the zoo as well
 The whole journey is not bad
at least it keeps me away from thinking about my dead uncle
I'll be fine :) i think so...
There are so many other places in Philippines that i have missed
I hope to come back again

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July 19, 2012 at 2:20 PM

The church needs more than a coat of paint