Japan: Kyoto & Nara

 As the journey goes on, we went over to Kyoto after Osaka. First stop at Kiyomizu Temple, the whole temple is so breath-taking. A place that should never miss if you went to Japan.
 According to my tour guide
The roof is builded without a single nail
 There were a lot of school children visiting the temple at this time
Maybe its about time for examination
Everyone is here to pray for good luck
 Beside pray for good luck, there are different god/goddess in different area. For romance, I see that a lot of young couple came to pray at this old man and the rabbit. The old man is similar like our Chinese "God under the moon" & the rabbit is Cheng Er's Yue Tu.

 At Nara, we went to Todaiiji temple this time. This temple is different than Kiyomizu, not as grand as Kiyomizu but the crowd is as much as Kiyomizu. Of course, students crowded the whole place more than the tourist. lol

 According to tour guide, when they build this temple, there was a tree at here with a hole in it. The architecture during that time remain this tree and used it as one of the pillar for this temple. The Japanese believe that those who can squeeze through the hole will be having good luck for the whole year. So we saw a lot of students squeeze through there. Even my dad, a 60++ old man squeeze through it :)

 There are deers in this temple as well. The deers are everywhere and they are not afraid of human being :) Of course i approach them and took a lot of nice photos ~

 The next morning, we went to take a ride at the bullet train from Hamamatsu to Toyohashi. This bullet train are not as fast as the one in Shanghai, but of course the radiation part is not as much as the one in Shanghai too.

 The Heian Shrine garden is our next destination. This beautiful garden was sponsor out by a rich man. And there were actually a lot of Lion statues which sponsors by a lot of countries to Japan which include Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Myanmar, Vietnam... except Malaysia :(
 Look at this beautiful gold Kwan Yin statue, isn't it gorgeous?

 Owakudani, a hot spring with sulphur. This is not for bathing purpose because the smell is too strong. But half way up the hill, there is a shop there which sell eggs that are boiled inside this sulphur hot spring. Japanese said this eggs will bring good luck for those who eat it. The eggs were even send down the hill for sales.

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May 2, 2012 at 9:55 AM

my favourite spot - kyoto!!! suppose plan to visit this may, but friend advise not to so rush, as raining session there... may be visit on Nov.


May 2, 2012 at 7:45 PM

interesting... ive never thought of visiting japan. but this is such an eye opener!


May 6, 2012 at 4:43 PM

Guo, really? dont think so... think the weather suppose to be warm abit as their summer is coming soon

MEdie, yes u should go... u have market there :)


May 7, 2012 at 12:52 AM

why didn't u squeeze into the hole in that temple?