Malaysia: Pangkor Island

 All these while i've been busy with work and not really update my blog properly.
I went to Pangkor Island on Oct 2012
Actually this is not a place which i have in mind,
but because my friend is getting a free stay in the bungalow...
So i go~ lol, cheapo right? :p
So this is the bungalow that we got for free~ 
3 days 2 nights on 7th - 9th Oct 2012
It was kinda cozy in the house
 Look! Beautiful hornbill all around the hotel

On the first day we went around the island by a rented car
Temples, historical places of course is our must-go 
Sorry, i do not post much photos here
it is because i only realize i was in most of the photos... lol
Ay night, we bought our own food and have steamboat

 Of course the next morning is Beach time!!!
Its about time for me to get a nice tan line again
Have a nice chit chat with my friends when we are tanning 
And of course we couldn't stop being childish
Building sand castle, mermaid tail, throwing sand at each other
lol, i will always remember this

 See? This egg represent my feeling for this trip

 We also saw this beautiful peacock who happened to passby us
And he actually open his tails like that in front of us~ 
cool huh?

Overall, the place around here is normal
but having friends around is the best part of it

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Canada's Next Top Model - Cycle 1

The very first cycle of Canada's Next Top Model, it was showed and produced in 2006, only 10 girls chosen in the finalist. CNTM hosted by Tricia Helfer, a Canadian supermodel. But Tricia only hosted the cycle 1, the other cycles were hosted by Jay Manuel instead... To be honest, this first cycle is not good, the girls are just so so, so are the judges...

Cycle 1 Winner 

Andrea Muizelaar

She was 19 when she compete in this, she looks very very weird and shy before her makeover. But wow, she definitely change when the judges cut off her hair into short, this has brought out her beautiful bone structure. This girl can really do high fashion but her runway walk is horrible... even on the final runway, she looks horrible too... but of course compare to the runner up, she is the only choice the judge can chose. 

Sisi Wang

She was from China and 23 during this competition, seriously she's the best among all girls. But whether she's not born in Canada has been the main issue, (this was not told), but i just feel this has something to do on her elimination. Sisi is the top 3 and she can pose in high fashion and commercial photoshoot too... Sisi has become the rival and target for all girls to attack in this cycle, is it because of her races? Or because other girls are jealous of her potential? Canadian seems to be more racist, not like the American, they Yankees are more open

Alanna Shelast

Alanna was the runner up for this cycle, and i don't know why she can last till the final 2. I think Sisi Wang or Brandi is definitely better than her. Alanna looks fat in photoshoot, not that plus size model can't win, but she only looks good in her profile but not her front look. I wonder why the judges let her stay, and she does not progress much throughout the whole competition... And her runway sucks as well.

Brandi Alexander

Brandi Brandi, i always thought she will win this competition as she looks the prettiest. But her personality is bad, she's so snobbish and bitchy throughout the whole competition. The worst is her expression is not much, though the camera loves her, but she doesn't know how to work well with it.

Ylenia Aurucci

Ylenia looks like Christina Murphy (America's Next Top Model cycle 4 contestant), the look which i like a lot. But she didn't shine like a diamond by using her pretty face, Ylenia totally lose control of herself when the judges criticize her body. Ylenia's body size is somewhere between slim & plus size, i think she will have a better carrier in modeling if she can go on plus size.