Medan, here I come~ :)

Finally my trip is coming
I need some holiday :)


Do you like tattoo? Yes I love it if its simple and easy
Do I have any tattoo? The answer is NOPE !!!
Because I'm a pussy & I feel goosebumps just imagining the process

A lot of my friends have tattoo
They feel excited and a bit scare when doing the first one
They feel excited but not scare at all when they decided to do it again
Eventually the numbers of tattoo keeps on incresing

Does doing a tattoo really will make a person addicted?
What do u think?
For me, maybe temporary one i don't mind hehe
Of coz the main reason i won't get a tattoo is---
Secondly, I don't wanna treat my skin as a colorboard like this...

銀河 - 汪明荃

每朵花會碎落 每首歌會閉幕
某顆星要殞落 你會否覺失落

每首歌每段落 我記得每串歡樂 每份感覺

回頭望最遠的銀河 萬闕歌為你解寂寞
期望仍然認得我 將心聲唱出過
將思憶唱起過 付出過
每首歌每段落 我記得每串感動 每份感覺

回頭望最遠的銀河 萬闕歌為你解寂寞
期望仍然認得我 將心聲唱出過
將思憶唱起過 付出過

我看到你快樂 我也感到快樂
到某天再揭幕 你會否笑意一樣 記住當初

Dr. Slump IQ博士

Believe it or not? 
I never have the chance to read this comic (80s) before during my primary time.
Coz Dragon Ballz is the most popular comic during that time (90s)

Just found out a friend has the whole set of this comic
And its so kind of her to lend me the whole series

*I'm such an over-aged blonde :p