China's Next Top Model - Cycle 2

Oh God, this cycle of China's Next Top Model is worst than the first cycle... Not only the girls are so much difference in terms of quality, the looks are not good as well. Some of the photoshoot is so boring that makes me sleepy... Though most of the cycle 1 photoshoot was copied from ANTM, but come on, this is cycle 2, think of something ok? Not just keep on copying from ANTM~ Don't really like this cycle, therefore only briefly introduce the top 4 contestants in this competition...

Meng Yao 孟瑤

21yo girl from Harbin, a place which i wanted to go... Meng Yao has a very typical chinese classic look which makes her stand out from other girls. But her lack of confidence makes me wanna slap her face everytime i saw her appearance in this cycle. Luckily other contestants are freaking weak as well, so she won the champion title easily...

Mo Jia Qi 莫佳琪

23yo Shandong contestant, her face seems familiar; luckily she doesn't has the big size body like other Shandong girls... In general, her photos are quite ok, but her blunt attitude makes me puke...

He Xin 何馨

19yo He Xin is from HeiLongJiang, i kinda likes her black&white shoot coz its very modelly, as well as her lizard photoshoot... She seems not bad in this competition, but her last photoshoot is a total failure because she looks 20 years older compare to her actual age!!!

Wang Shan 王珊

22yo Liaoning girl who has nothing special but i could say "luck" brings her in this cycle as other contestants are damn bad as well... not much comments on her as well...

X-Men: The Animated Series Season 1


01 "Night of the Sentinels (Part 1)" October 31, 1992
The X-Men come to the aid of Jubilee when her foster parents turn her in to the mutant registration she is attacked by Sentinels. The X-men save her and bring her to their facility. There, she learns a little about them. When she decides to go back and check on her parents, she is captured. The X-Men discover that the group running the Mutant Registration Program intends to track and eliminate mutants, so they decide to enter the building and destroy all the data.

02 "Night of the Sentinels (Part 2)" November 7, 1992
After destroying the files on mutants, the X-Men escape to the Blackbird, but are stopped by the Sentinels. During the fight with the Sentinels, Morph is killed and Beast is captured and imprisoned by the government. The X-men manage to track down the Sentinel's headquarters and free Jubilee. She decides to join Xavier's academy.

03 "Enter Magneto" November 27, 1992
Magneto attempts to break Beast out of prison, but Beast would rather stand trial. Sabretooth demands that Beast be set free and ends up going into a destructive rage, prompting the guards to shoot and injure him. Cyclops aids Sabretooth and brings him to the Mansions' infirmary, which does not sit well with Wolverine. Later, Magneto attacks a military missile facility.

04 "Deadly Reunions" January 23, 1993
Professor X tries to heal Sabertooth against Wolverine's warnings, while Magneto attacks a chemical plant in order to attract the attention of Professor X.

05 "Captive Hearts" January 30, 1993
Cyclops and Jean are captured by a group of human mutants called the Morlocks when they go out on a romantic date, much to Logan's hurt. Storm battles their leader Callisto for control of the underground mutant group.

06 "Cold Vengeance" February 6, 1993
Wolverine encounters Sabertooth in the Arctic, while Storm, Gambit, and Jubilee head to the "mutant loving" island paradise of Genosha.

07 "Slave Island" February 13, 1993
The X-Men discover the truth behind Genosha as Gambit, Storm, Jubilee and a host of other mutants are made to work as slaves in order to complete a dam which will power a Sentinel factory. Meanwhile Gambit meets the mysterious Cable.

08 "The Unstoppable Juggernaut" March 6, 1993
When the X-Mansion is trashed, the X-Men initially blame the Russian mutant Colossus, before discovering the real culprit is the Juggernaut.

09 "The Cure" February 20, 1993
Rogue goes to Muir Island for an experimental treatment to rid her mutant powers and narrowly escapes becoming the slave of Apocalypse.

10 "Come the Apocalypse" February 27, 1993
Apocalypse turns mutants who journeyed to Muir Island seeking the fictitious cure into the Horsemen. Apocalypse and his four Horsemen attack the World Peace conference in Paris. Rogue absorbs Archangel's dark side.

11 "Days of Future Past (Part 1)" March 13, 1993
In a future controlled by Sentinels, Bishop is sent back in time to stop a member of the X-Men from assassinating an important political figure.

12 "Days of Future Past (Part 2)" March 20, 1993
Bishop and the X-Men go to Washington and stop the assassination of Senator Kelly, but Bishop returns to find the future unchanged.

13 "The Final Decision" March 27, 1993
The X-Men and Magneto team up to stop Master Mold from replacing Senator Kelly's brain with a computer, and engage in an all-out battle against a score of Sentinels. Kelly calls off his anti-mutant campaign and Beast is freed from prison.

X-Men Cartoon theme song

real version

parody version

TVB 绿叶系列3: 楊秀惠 Vivien Yeo

Vivien Yeo Siew Hui, 1984年7月20日, 原名楊㛢僡,馬來西亞華人,是香港無綫電視女藝員。楊秀惠出生於馬來西亞柔佛州的新山市,祖籍福建。父母經營天花工程生意,家境不俗。






赤沙印記@四葉草.2 as 葉菁

酒店風雲 as 模特兒
人間蒸發 as 林欣欣

天幕下的戀人 as 李采恩(BiBi)
法證先鋒 as 凌心怡(Josie)

歲月風雲 as Carman
森之愛情 as 阿晴(Joanna)
通天幹探 as 梅妹(上海妹)
奸人堅 as 凌玉碧

野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶 as 宋芷喬(Athena)
法證先鋒II as 凌心怡(Josie)
Click入黃金屋 as 徐希敏(Hillary)

廉政行動2009 as 何麗文(Mandy)

五味人生 as 王金鳳(Susie)
摘星之旅 as 方麗霞
讀心神探 as 范小莉

仁心解碼 as 孫家碧
Only You 只有您 as 韓芷瑤(Vivian)
萬凰之王 as 芸妃

當旺爸爸 as 江翠絲
造王者 as 德妃

初五啟市錄 as 黃大英
金枝慾孽貳 as 章映琴
千謊百計 as 孫滬生
衝上雲霄II as 旅客
情逆三世緣 as 淑妃

單戀雙城 as 劉音(Yvonne)
叛逃 as 楊樂敏
廉政行動2014 as 梁丹丹
忠奸人 as 楊漫冰(Icy)

天眼 as 韓晨
鬼同你OT as 羅麗花(Lolita)

為食神探 as 阿彩
潮流教主 as 徐以芯


兩斤肉 as 姚美芬




親愛的 as Maggie

笑口長開 as 業主
愛神搭錯線 White Man as 方麗絲(Vivian) 

千奇百趣Summer Fun(翡翠台)
千奇百趣Winter Fun(翡翠台)

年少 - 放開
劉浩龍 - 緋聞男友
劉浩龍 - 二等天使
鄭嘉穎 - 三角兩面
古巨基 - 一生何求
何韻詩 - 勞斯·萊斯
陳曉東 - 無愁無怨

前男友 孙耀威

 钟嘉欣 & 蒙嘉慧
陈豪 & 胡定欣 
胡定欣 & 徐淑敏 & 胡杏儿