In Love with Beijing: YongHe Lamasery + Hutongs + Sanlitun

31/8 is Malaysia National Day and i'm still enjoying myself in Beijing lol~ Yonghe Lamsasery 雍和宫 is our first destination. Weather is a bit hot today and there were a lot of people that day... We don't really spend too much time over there and ciao earlier
Look at the structure, amazing~

Simply marvelous

The gate is kinda temple feel

So colorful huh?

Our next destination is The Hutong. I have always saw this in the magazines and tv programmes mentioning about the Hutong. Of course the design of our Lot 10's Hutong is also from here. So i will never in a million year miss this place.
We saw how people live and the environment... the place is suitable to shoot a lot of vogue's photo ;) of coz i wouldn't ever miss the chance hehe

Isn't it cute to have a sign like this?
i wish it is in chinese word though

Kinda oldern days feel right?

i love this door

Many vogue photos of moi is shoot here

We walk out and saw this cute sign on a tall wall

McDonald is in this ancient feel building
The environment is nice
But the people working inside is dumb!!!
Nobody know what is a sundae

Ramen and wantan for lunchy

My fav China yogurt
Walking out from the Hutong, we went to Yandai Byway for a walk. The whole place is very ancient feel... i feel like a rich man walking around with my concubine... lol~

Map of Yandai Byway

People everywhere!!!

i love this river so much...
it has the Hang Zhou feel huh?

No time to lose, all of us crazy shoppers travel to Sanlitun 三里屯 for some "energy" charging :p

The Uniqlo building
colorful huh?
Sorry its not open yet, these are just sticker on the glass

Adidas has it own building lol
i bought a nice blue adidas bag :)
Its the latest and its still not available in KL

The Apple

No A&F inside, all Hollister
i got myself a bagpack, kinda nice and stylish
all my bitchy friends spend like RM1000 for clothes
RM1000 per person!!! They are crazy lol~

Love this interbridge in the mall

How come we don't have so beautiful night view mall in KL?

All for this post, to be continue soon...

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