ANTM Series 3: Jaslene Gonzalez The Cha Cha Diva

Jaslene Gonzalez
29th May 1986

Winner in Cycle 8
Semifinals in Cycle 7
America Next Top Model

Love her attitude damn much
She is always so full of energy and positive
Dragalicious + Cha Cha queen
Every little girl has a dream to be something. My family believed in my dream just as much as I did. And to be here, and after working so much... I think that I shows all young women if you have that drive, keep going. Second time around, and I'm America's Next Top Model.

Jaslene Gonzalez was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in Humboldt Park, Chicago. She attended Notre Dame High School for Girls on the Northwest Side of Chicago. She was an online college admissions advisor prior to America's Next Top Model. Gonzalez had done some modeling prior to America's Next Top Model, having been represented by Avant Garde Models. In her CW "Close-up" interview, it was revealed that she appeared in fashion shows for local Chicago designers, including Michelle Gomez of Chicago and Alexis Arquette, as seen in local Chicago newspapers Extra and La Nota. Gonzalez said in her Seventeen interview that she had been in an abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend; the relationship ended shortly before the filming of Cycle 7.

Jaslene tried out for Cycle 7, but only made it to the semifinals. Assuring the judges that she would be back for the next cycle's audition, Jaslene's determination caught the eyes of producers, who thought she had potential. She indeed tried out for Cycle 8 and this time made it to the finals. During the competition, Jaslene was called first at panel four times and won one reward challenge. On the season finale, Jaslene was revealed as the winner. She is the second of three winners from Illinois, preceded by Adrianne Curry of Cycle 1, and followed by McKey Sullivan of Cycle 11.
Print work
Jaslene has modeled for the New York Post (Tempo),US Weekly,In Touch Weekly,had a 6-page spread in an issue of Vibe Vixen magazine, a 12-page fashion spread for ZooZoom Magazine. Named One Of Latina Magazine's Latinas Of the Year, had a 9-page spread for Colures (U.K fashion Magazine), was featured in Trace (magazine): Model Behaviour as Falls new faces, has been on the covers and had spreads of over a dozen magazines such as Latina, Imagén, Hombre, 6 Degrees disambiguation needed, FN, ZooZoom, Fashion Salon Seventeen, Urban Latino, Bleu ,Vanidades, Scene,JamRock, Splendor, Time Out. and Metrostyle Catalog. She has also appeared in Lot29 Fall/Winter 07-08 and Spring/Summer 08 ad campaigns;she has had a total of four billboards in Times Square so far. Also, she shares one of her Lot29 billboards in Times Square, New York with Katarzyna Dolinska. Jaslene shot an ad campaign for online retailer ShopBop, 8-page fashion spreads for both Scene Magazine and JamRock Magazine. She is also featured on the pages of Living Proof Magazine, American Salon Magazine and currently has a Ad campaign with Marianne Stores. Jaslene has had an Ad Campaign for designer Cesar Galindo 's Spring 2008 Collection and appeared on the pages of Supermodels Unlimited Magazine twice for the August and September/October 2008 issues. Jaslene is also part of the "Heart On My Sleeve" clothing campaign by Aubrey O'Day. Jaslene is on the pages of YRB Magazine. She has also been featured on COACD, and in Women's Wear Daily. Jaslene currently has nationwide campaigns with Garnier Nutrisse, and Southpole. In addition, Kett Cosmetics, Marianne Stores F/W 09, and Recession Denim F/W 09 campaigns. She's also on the cover and fashion spread of Nuovo Magazine. Celestino by Sergio Guadarrama. InTrend Magazine.Her World Magazine, Eh! Magazine, Fantasticsmag Style: Magazine and Faces Magazine. Caras Magazine, and featured in the Chicago Sun Times.
Jaslene Gonzalez on the runway for Custo Barcelona Spring/Summer 09. Jaslene has modeled for Ximena Valero and James de Colón and was honored at the 1st Annual Chicago Latino Fashion Week. Gonzalez also walked for Ashley Paige in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Miami Swim 08 and was on the catwalk for the Armani Exchange line. In addition she received a showcard from elite and walked at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2008. Gonzalez walked at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2008-09 for Armani Exchange and Project Runway finalist Jillian Lewis. She has modeled for the Amaya swimwear line at the BET 'Rip the Runway' fashion show. Gonzalez strutted on the catwalk of Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2009 for designers Jose Duran, Indashio, Cesar Galindo, Farah Angsana and Custo Barcelona. Jaslene was on the runway for Adolfo Sanchez S/S 09 collection and also on the runways at the 2nd Annual Chicago Latino Fashion Week for Elda De La Rosa, James De Colon, Nora Del Busto, and Soledad Designs S/S 09. Jaslene modeled as Wonder Woman at the 11th Annual New York Chocolate Show, which benefited the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation. Gonzalez strutted on the catwalk of Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2009 for Project Runway & Jordi Scott. She was also on the runways for Dana Maxx Fall 09, Design Cares Kaleidoscope Of Dreams For St. Jude Children's Hospital and Jenna Leigh Lingerie A/W 09.10. Maxis presents Malaysia International Fashion Week 2009. Jaslene was also a featured model in the sixth season of Project Runway in the finale. She took part in the Sewing for Hope charity fashion show 2010.
As part of her prize, Gonzalez won representation by Elite Model Management, a $100,000 (USD) contract with CoverGirl cosmetics and a photo shoot for the cover of and a six page spread in Seventeen magazine. In addition, during the run of Cycle 9, Jaslene appeared once a week in a "My Life As A CoverGirl" segment that aired during commercial breaks while the week's episode of Top Model runs. She has also been Featured as one of Cycle 11's Top Models in Action. She made appearances on talk shows Live With Regis and Kelly, 106 & Park, TRL, The View, modeling a dress designed by Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Jensen! (Dutch Talkshow). She was "La Madrina" of the Annual National New York City Puerto Rican Day Parade held June 16, 2007, appearing in a yellow convertible that paraded alongside the car carrying Daddy Yankee. Gonzalez hosted several style spots for CoverGirl TV, including segments titled "Summer Goddess", "Day To Night" and "Jaslene's Glamorous Nights". She was a nominee for the 2007 Teen Choice Awards, under the category "Choice TV: Female Reality/Variety Star". She is currently under representation by New York-based publicist Lizzie Grubman.[citation needed] Women's Wear Daily (WWD) said the following about Gonzalez: When 20-year-old Jaslene Gonzalez won season eight's America's Next Top Model, Lot29 executives knew they had their next face. They seem to have chosen correctly. Gonzalez did so well for the brand last season, the company asked her back to endorse the product for spring. Jaslene filmed her first official CoverGirl commercial, which aired in Europe, Latin America and on Spanish-language channels and has been featured on Teen Vogue. She shot a cameo in the John Leguizamo film Nothing Like the Holidays. In addition, Jaslene has renewed her contract with CoverGirl. and she has also been featured on CBS' The Early Show, where she discussed her career success. Gonzalez was also featured on Ryan Leslie's music video, "Addiction". Also, featured on Aventura's (Domincan Bachata band) latest music video "Por Un Segundo" and Magic Juan's music video "Baby Come Back". Gonzalez partnered with Liz Claiborne and the National Domestic Violence Hotline to spread awareness about teen dating violence for the "Love Is Not Abuse" campaign. Gonzalez modeled a design from fashion house Nina Ricci on the Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb for a segment on Paws for Style.Gonzalez is currently signed with 301 Model Management Miami, Faces Model Management Malaysia, Exodus Model Management Thailand; she is currently working in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. She was also a guest judge for Miss Malaysia World 2010. Gonzalez hosts events on Spanish 'Yeah!' channel.
Jaslene & Janice Dickinson

TVB 新人王系列 1 : 王浩信 Vincent Wong

Vincent Wong,1983年7月7日-,原名王昊,現為無綫電視經理人合約男藝員。2005年簽約Neway集團旗下唱片公司Neway Star,於2006年推出其首張個人專輯,約滿後加入無綫電視,2010年,於台慶劇《刑警》中憑其出色表現,人氣急升。

王浩信,中国香港歌手。盛传是富家子的王浩信,父母均是内地生意人,梦想成为考古学家。 2009年7月2日,王浩信与女友陈自瑶在会所泳池鸳鸯戏水,上演火辣激吻真人秀。

《野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶》飾 Mark
《尖子攻略》飾 程國浩(Benny)

《富貴門》飾 司徒豐(Tiger)

《公主嫁到》飾 宇文傑
《刑警》飾 高紀煬(Carson)
《居家兵團》飾 唐守禮(Leo)

《你們我們他們》飾 Gary




甜心粉絲王 飾 藍宇



Never Exhausted
Show Everywhere







TVB8金曲榜頒獎典禮 - 最佳男新人 銅獎

十大勁歌金曲頒獎典禮 —最受歡迎合唱歌曲獎 銀獎《愛與被愛》

十大勁歌金曲頒獎典禮 — 最受歡迎合唱歌曲獎 銅獎 《最難過今天》


Neway K-Fun(電視、平面廣告)

王浩信与女友 - 陈自瑶

曾华倩 & 苏民锋
黄宗泽 & 胡杏儿
黄日华 & 胡定欣

Angry Birds Fever

Ever since i got my iPhone 4
not a day i stop playing Angry Birds

Same as Plant vs Zombie
Once again
i'm addicted



Ok ok, i know i am a bit slow in TVB drama nowadays :P But hey i really love this drama, but too bad, it did not win any awards at the ceremony.

Casted by:

苗僑偉 as 米安定 / Mad Sir
黃日華 as 石東昇 / Stone Sir
宣萱 as 許文謙 / Kim
王浩信 as 高紀煬 / Carson
胡定欣 as 許文詩
陳秀珠 as 簡竹君

灰色控訴 (刑警主题曲) - Super 4




我的離開也是愛 - 許廷鏗 (刑警-片尾曲)

和你走进 要多少牺牲
假如天意 也想我安分
没原因 未合衬 仍可紧守护荫

难再拥抱 没热吻
竟能感觉 爱得震撼
像留低 着烙印 人生岂可没泪印
无用计较以后有着别人 还是上心

逐段逐段就请似是遗憾 就是日后共谁有着缘分
若有天跟你再度走进 如同陌生也不惊震

逐段逐段旧情已是无憾 日日夜夜为谁也是缘分
才珍惜你的所爱 我的离开也是爱

离去走进 像韵律
感情相距 再不过问
是前因 泪在渗 重复追忆着热吻
才学会去放下继续做人 无谓强忍

逐段逐段旧情似是遗憾 就是日後共誰有著緣分
若有天跟你再度走進 如同陌生也不惊震动
记忆犹新 每日每分 动人吸引

逐段逐段旧情已是无憾 日日夜夜为谁也是缘分
若有天因有这段感慨 才珍惜你的所爱
我的离开也是爱 记忆留低这份爱

Group Sex Invitation Again?!?

Remember Sharon? I told her before to masturbate and she did. After that she has become so happy and satisfy with her lifestyle aka sex life. She did fuck her previous boyfriend but broke off not long later. Now Sharon has a new boyfriend, kinda hot and he's a mix.

Sharon has transform as well, she knows how to dress now, showing off her bodyshape and the C cup she has always been covering under her thick clothes last time. She gave me a call yesterday lunch and ask me to meet up. So i did and was quite surprise of her changes. But well, i saw her "ugliness" b4, therefore i was not that attracted to her new change~ lol.

Sharon with her bf, Aarif came to fetch me from my office, sport car~ wow... so we have lunch nearby and chatted. From the conversation, Sharon seems happy and love her bf a lot... but it seems like the couple has been playing some group sex around. And yeah, both of them ask me to join their fun session, i was like OMG !!! Are you kidding me?

Politely i rejected though its seems fun and exciting... but Sharon is my friend, its weird if i have sex with her or even get naked in front of her right? Hmmm... why am i getting all these kind of invitation?

OMG !!! BLUE is back !!!

BLUE is back
with new attitude and NAKED !!!

Ish, this is a big news
the previous "goody boy" british boyband is back in action
1st move is to shot naked in Attitude magazine
goshAlign CenterBoyband members:
Lee Ryan
Simon Webbe
Duncan James
Antony Costa
shit, Duncan is damn hot