I'm so outdated....

I'm so so so outdated...
i bought my new Asus lappie,
but i dunknw how to function it

I'm in Penang now...
Ready to attend my best frend wedding

And becoming the best man tomorrow...

Anyone good in lappie stuff?

Yes, I have deleted...

Some bloggers asked me why they couldn't find some of my previous post... Yes, i have deleted them... All those related to my family, such as my cousin's wedding and others were deleted. After the disturbance from the asshole, i really feel insecure to reveal too much of my private life which includes my family. Its my duty to protect them, if anyone of them get hurt verbally or physically becoz of me.. i will feel guilty...
When i start to write this blog, i never thought i will have other bloggers to come and read it. Unless those who are my fren b4 i blog such as Danny, Tagnan, DarrenK, DarrenT & Fry. Of coz, i got to know some close bloggers such as lesly, twinkle & eleanor... Cool buddies such as jerrykiat, anton, fable, tony, sanze, SK, Chris, KeenYee, jackie, willy & yanny... But some came and attack me. I did nothing to them but this is wat i get.
So, i have set my own deadline. I will never post any too private things abt my life and my family. Thought of sharing, but second thought.. maybe no... But definitely i will post some useful things that will benefit y'all~

Things are not getting right ~

Things are so not getting in the right place lately... is this what we call life? Sucks !!! Things gone so wrong lately... and a lot of my stuff just happen to be broken... First of all is my belt, i wear it everyday to my work... and one day it just putus like that... i dunknw why, but the belt has been with me for more than 7 years, and its time to say byebye, so i bought a Polo's with almost RM80... Although its not fabulous, but still can be use la~
Then my sport shoe, it was sacrifice when i go hiking in Sapa Vietnam... then my contact lense, i just so so so accidentally rip it into half~ And now is my working shoe...wat the hell~ Arrgghhh~ and all my body shampoo, shampoo, facial cleansing almost finish all together... aiyo...
All these need money. Don't mention about all my insurances which is gonna expired and waiting for my payment... Bonus bonus, where r u?!?
Feel like slaping Ms Dickinson's face now

Marriage Woes

Man: Is there any way for long life?
Dr: Get married.
Man: Will it help?
Dr: No, but the thought of long life will never come.

Why do couples hold hands during their wedding?
It's a formality just like two boxers shaking hands before the fight begins!

Wife: Darling today is our anniversary, what should we do?
Husband: Let us stand in silence for 2 minutes.

It's funny when people discuss Love Marriage vs Arranged.
It's like asking someone, if suicide is better or being murdered.

It is difficult to understand GOD. He makes such beautiful things as women and then he turns them into Wives.

If u r married please ignore this msg,
for everyone else: Happy Independence Day

Before marriage, a man will lie awake all night thinking about something you say.
After marriage, he'll fall asleep before you finish.

There's a way of transferring funds that is even faster than electronic banking.
It's called marriage.

Girlfriends r like chocolates, taste good anytime.
Lovers r like PIZZAS, Hot n spicy, eaten frequently.
Husbands r like Dal RICE, eaten when there's no choice.

Man receives telegram: Wife dead-should be buried or cremated?
Man: Don't take any chances. Burn the body and bury the ash.

Q: Why dogs don't marry?
A: Because they are already leading a dog's life!

There was this guy who told his woman that he loved her so much that he would go through hell for her. They got married and now he is going thru hell.

Fact of life: One woman brings you into this world crying & the other ensures you continue to do so for the rest of your life!

Q: Why doesn't law permit a man to marry a second woman?
A: Because as per law you cannot be punished twice for the same offence!

Here comes the Ultimate One :)

Prospective husband: Do you have a book called 'Man, The Master of Women'?
Salesgirl: The fiction department is on the other side, sir.

Top 10 Most Expensive Accidents in History

Throughout history, humans have always been prone to accidents. Some, such as the exotic car crashes seen on my post here can be very expensive. But that's trivial compared to the truly expensive accidents. An accident is what i defines as "an undesirable or unfortunate happening that occurs unintentionally and usually results in harm, injury, damage or loss". All these accidents are measured in dollars.

This includes property damage and expenses incurred related to the accident such as cleanup and industry losses. Many of these accidents involve casualties which obviously cannot be measured in dollar terms. Each life lost is priceless and is not factored into the equation. Deliberate actions such as war or terrorism and natural disasters do not qualify as accidents and therefore are not included in this list.

# 10. Titanic - $150 Million

The sinking of the Titanic is possibly the most famous accident in the world. But it barely makes our list of top 10 most expensive. On April 15, 1912, the Titanic sank on its maiden voyage and was considered to be the most luxurious ocean liner ever built. Over 1,500 people lost their lives when the ship ran into an iceberg and sunk in frigid waters. The ship cost $7 million to build ($150 million in today ' s dollars).

# 9. Tanker Truck vs Bridge - $358 Million

On August 26, 2004, a car collided with a tanker truck containing 32,000 liters of fuel on the Wiehltal Bridge in Germany .. The tanker crashed through the guardrail and fell 90 feet off the A4 Autobahn resulting in a huge explosion and fire which destroyed the load-bearing ability of the bridge. Temporary repairs cost $40 million and the cost to replace the bridge is estimated at $318 Million.

# 8. MetroLink Crash - $500 Million
On September 12, 2008, in what was one of the worst train crashes in California history, 25 people were killed when a Metrolink commuter train crashed head-on into a Union Pacific freight train in Los Angeles . It is thought that the Metrolink train may have run through a red signal while the conductor was busy text messaging. Wrongful death lawsuits are expected to cause $500 million in losses for Metrolink.

# 7. B-2 Bomber Crash - $1.4 Billion

Here we have our first billion dollar accident (and we ' re only #7 on the list). This B-2 stealth bomber crashed shortly after taking off from an air base in Guam on February 23, 2008. Investigators blamed distorted data in the flight control computers caused by moisture in the system. This resulted in the aircraft making a sudden nose-up move which made the B-2 stall and crash. This was 1 of only 21 ever built and was the most expensive aviation accident in history. Both pilots were able to eject to safety.

# 6. Exxon Valdez - $2.5 Billion

The Exxon Valdez oil spill was not a large one in relation to the world ' s biggest oil spills, but it was a costly one due to the remote location of Prince William Sound (accessible only by helicopter and boat). On March 24, 1989, 10.8 million gallons of oil was spilled when the ship ' s master, Joseph Hazelwood, left the controls and the ship crashed into a Reef. The cleanup cost Exxon $2.5 billion.

# 5. Piper Alpha Oil Rig - $3.4 Billion

The world ' s worst off-shore oil disaster. At one time, it was the world ' s single largest oil producer, spewing out 317,000 barrels of oil per day. On July 6, 1988, as part of routine maintenance, technicians removed and checked safety valves which were essential in preventing dangerous build-up of liquid gas. There were 100 identical safety valves which were checked. Unfortunately, the technicians made a mistake and forgot to replace one of them. At 10 PM that same night, a technician pressed a start button for the liquid gas pumps and the world ' s most expensive oil rig accident was set in motion.Within 2 hours, the 300 foot platform was engulfed in flames. It eventually collapsed, killing 167 workers and resulting in $3.4 Billion in damages.

# 4. Challenger Explosion - $5.5 Billion

The Space Shuttle Challenger was destroyed 73 seconds after takeoff due on January 28, 1986 due to a faulty O-ring. It failed to seal one of the joints, allowing pressurized gas to reach the outside. This in turn caused the external tank to dump its payload of liquid hydrogen causing a massive explosion. The cost of replacing the Space Shuttle was $2 billion in 1986 ($4.5 billion in today ' s dollars). The cost of investigation, problem correction, and replacement of lost equipment cost $450 million from 1986-1987 ($1 Billion in today ' s dollars).

# 3. Prestige Oil Spill - $12 Billion

On November 13, 2002, the Prestige oil tanker was carrying 77,000 tons of heavy fuel oil when one of its twelve tanks burst during a storm off Galicia , Spain . Fearing that the ship would sink, the captain called for help from Spanish rescue workers, expecting them to take the ship into harbour. However, pressure from local authorities forced the captain to steer the ship away from the coast. The captain tried to get help from the French and Portuguese authorities, but they too ordered the ship away from their shores. The storm eventually took its toll on the ship resulting in the tanker splitting in half and releasing 20 million gallons oil into the sea. According to a report by the Pontevedra Economist Board, the total cleanup cost $12 billion.

# 2. Space Shuttle Columbia - $13 Billion

The Space Shuttle Columbia was the first space worthy shuttle in NASA ' s orbital fleet. It was destroyed during re-entry over Texas on February 1, 2003 after a hole was punctured in one of the wings during launch 16 days earlier. The original cost of the shuttle was $2 Billion in 1978. That comes out to $6.3 Billion in today ' s dollars. $500 million was spent on the investigation, making it the costliest aircraft accident investigation in history. The search and recovery of debris cost $300 million. In the end, the total cost of the accident (not including replacement of the shuttle) came out to $13 Billion according to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

# 1. Chernobyl - $200 Billion

On April 26, 1986, the world witnessed the costliest accident in history. The Chernobyl disaster has been called the biggest socio-economic catastrophe in peacetime history. 50% of the area of Ukraine is in some way contaminated. Over 200,000 people had to be evacuated and resettled while 1.7 million people were directly affected by the disaster.. The death toll attributed to Chernobyl , including people who died from cancer years later, is estimated at 125,000. The total costs including cleanup, resettlement, and compensation to victims has been estimated to be roughly $200 Billion. The cost of a new steel shelter for the Chernobyl nuclear plant will cost $2 billion alone. The accident was officially attributed to power plant operators who violated plant procedures and were ignorant of the safety requirements needed.

Pick up your shit again !!!

Haiz, being the new guy in a department is not really a good thing. For a few time, ummm...no... for a lot of times, when my senior cannot settle anything or she's too busy (afraid?) to deal with some clients, she will ask me to settle it. Of coz i need to discuss with her b4 i send out the emails to avoid any mistake. But come on, some of them are your clients... although i'm damn free, but i use my lunch time to finish my work so i can leave the office on time. And i believe that i do my things fast, so please dun assume i have nothing to do, but just to help out on ur matters... Haiz, cleaning up others' shit is not really a pleasant thing to do.

25 Health Benefits of Lemons

1. Lemon being a citrus fruit, fights against infection. It helps in production of WBC's and antibodies in blood which attacks the invading microorganism and prevents infection.

2. Lemon is an antioxidant which deactivates the free radicals preventing many dangerous diseases like stroke, cardiovascular diseases and cancers.

3. Lemon lowers blood pressure and increases the levels of HDL (good cholesterol).

4. Lemon is found to be anti-carcinogenic which lower the rates of colon, prostate, and breast cancer. They prevent faulty metabolism in the cell, which can predispose a cell to becoming carcinogenic. Also blocks the formation of nitrosamines in the gut.

5. Lemon juice is said to give a glow to the skin.

6. A few drops of lemon juice in hot water are believed to clear the digestive system and purify liver as well.

7. The skin of lemon dried under the sun and then ground to make powder can be applied to the hair for a few minutes before bath which relieves head ache and cools the body.

8. Applying lemon juice to acne dries the existing ones and prevents from getting more.

9. Lemon juice acts as a natural hair lightner and skin bleach which reduces the pigment melanin and prevents the risk of chemical allergic reactions which is common with hair dyes and bleaches.

10. Lemon juice is given to relieve gingivitis, stomatitis, and inflammation of the tongue.

11. Lemon juice is given to prevent common cold.

12. Lemon juice is given to prevent or treat urinary tract infection and gonorrhea.

13. Lemon juice is applied to the sites of bites and stings of certain insects to relieve its poison and pain.

14. Lemon juice relieves colic pain and gastric problems.

15. Lemon juice soothes the dry skin when applied with little glycerin.

16. Lemon juice used for marinating seafood or meat kills bacteria and other organisms present in them, thereby prevents many gastro-intestinal tract infections.

17. Lemon juice with a pinch of salt (warm) every morning lowers cholesterol levels and brings down your weight.

18. Lemon juice is the best drink to prevent dehydration and shock in case of diarrhea.

19. Lemon juice can also be used as a mouthwash. It removes plaque, whitens the teeth and strengthens the enamel.

20. A table spoon on thick lemon syrup everyday relieves asthma.

21. Lemon juice relieves chilblains and itchy skin.

22. Gargling lemon juice relieves throat infection and also used as a treatment for diphtheria.

23. Lemon juice is an excellent treatment for dandruff and greasy hair.

24. Lemon applies over the face removes wrinkles and keeps you young.

25. Lemon juice helps to prevent and cure osteoarthritis.

Lemon is not usually allergic or toxic to many, so why don't you try its Natural benefits first and then go on to medical treatment.

My new Laptop

Finally i bought my new laptop. Just to make myself to be happy for no other reason. Asus N50Vn-B1B model... Quite nice and elegant... Cost me around RM 3200... Unlike most of the laptop with black outlook and interior, it has the color of bronze which make it look more classy. With 320GB and 2+1 ram, i think its more than enuf for me :)
And finally i will bring my old laptop back for my mum to use it. Coz she was complaining that she doesn't have a laptop to play her yahoo game & online... See? My mum in her age of 50++ still so in... hahaha~ But i wanna thanx my parents for all the supports that they give all these while...

When Gorgeous dog met Charming snake

What will happen when the innocent gorgeous dog meet the charming but poisonous snake? What will happen? Can they get together? One in M while another in S. Can fate pull them together?
Look at the dog, he's feeling so good with the snake accompaniment :) While the snake twirl twirl & twirl around the dog... both attach so close together for this moment. Issit gonna be visible? Who knows? Maybe only the God can tell
But when the dog and snake get married. This is gonna be their child ~ Ewww... so fuckingh ugly !!!!

I don't mean to attack ...

As for those who know me, I'm not someone who attack people without any purpose or mean... or should i say, i seldom attack people by verbally or physically... I admit i do attack, but, when someone try to attack me, i will fight back.
I dunwanna be some stupid asshole who just stand there and let people attack me. If i can, i will try to avoid, but if not then otherwise. But if u purposely come and disturb me, u just wait... i will come and haunt u back one day...

ANTM - Cycle 11

ANTM Cycle 11 - I found the complete set of dvds in Time square when i went shopping with my frends, and without aby doubts, i just bought it. :) The quality is damn good....

Cycle 11 Winner
Mckey Sullivan: She is damn pretty enough to win for the title. She reminds me of Yoanna, the cycle 2 winner. Both of them have very cemetrical face and classic feel. McKey learns a lot in the competition, from a girl who doesnt knw how to pose to excellent. As a boxer, she has beautiful figure which make her so sexy...

Samantha Potter: She also reminds me of Katie from cycle 2 after she got her make-over. Looking very commercial, she was critic that she cant pose for vouge stuff. Samantha works hard on her ass and proove to the judges that they were wrong. Continue to strike, she makes it to final 2, but her cover girl shot is not as good as McKey, in the end, she can only let McKey took the title away from her.

Marjorie Conrad: She got 4th place in this cycle. Coming from France, she got all this akward feel and weird pose of the hunchback thingy... She was full of negative thinking throughout all the competition, but her akward pose make her stay... Overall she's quite pretty, but i dont like it when they cut her haird extra short

Analeigh Tipton: 3rd place in this cycle, well, i didnt really think she can make it so far... Maybe the broke down of Elina & Marjorie saves her ass... Analeigh is quite ok, but not those typical beutiful gal... but come on, modelling needs weird and special things right? As a ice skater, she's quite well in posing and stuff...

Sheena Sakai: 6th place in this cycle. She's a mix of Japanese and Korean. Although she's not as pretty as Gina in cycle 6, not as tough as April in cycle 2, but she's definitely the best Asian gal i love the most among all these cycle. She's hot and sexy, brave to said that her boobs are fake. So wat? its nobody business, right?

Elina Ivanova: 5th place. She's a lesbian who comes from Europe. She loves Clark who is very beutiful but not a good model :P The judges claims that she's too controlling in all the situation. Its weird, takkan she needs to cry in the whole cycle? cant she be strong and just be herself? Sometime, i just doubt the reason for wat the judges gave...