In Love with Beijing: Tiantan + Forbidden City + Yi He Yuan

Well, last post on my Beijing trip...
On 1/9, we planned and decided to visit the Temple of Heaven Beijijng, Tiantan 天坛. Sunny day but a bit chilly coz the falls wind is blewing quite strong. The Tiantan is quite pretty actually, but sorry guys i did not snap a lot of the scenery pic, most of them have me and my friends in it...
Welcome to Tiantan

Breath taking...

Spectacular huh the building?

The inner part

We left the Tiantan and went to another important historical places, The Forbidden City! Of course before entering the Forbidden City, tons of pics were shot with the Tian An Men 天安门...
Coming back to Forbidden City is like going back home... What the hell am i talking about? Lol... Before i came to Beijing, i purposely rushed and finish the whole Beauty At War 金枝慾孽貳... so i'm a bit crazy and totally exciting :P

My emperor, i'm back!!!

太和殿 Tai He Dian

The building is so magnificent
Love it

The fiercy lion as the guardian angel

储秀宫 Chu Xiu Gong
The most famous place i think everyone know
This place is actually where Chi Xi Empress 慈禧太后 stayed

We spends hours inside the Forbidden City
Until the sun goes down...

The dinner is just delicious
We ordered the salted steam fish again
Pork and some vege

This lamb soup is kinda heaty but its simply yummy

Yi He Yuan 颐合院 is on 2/9 itinerary... Yi He Yuan is fucking big and glamorous... we spend around 5 hours to walk the whole thing... well i'm not sure whether its the "whole" thing or what... i just know i can't feel my legs after these 5 hours walk...

From the far end we can see the entrance

The entrance
Super long staircase...

Buddha statue... love this

i just love this building beside the river
its kinda lonely and sad huh?

Best scenery ever!!!

Our last day in Bejing 3/9 if free and easy... means SHOPPING TIME!!! We spend our time in Sanlitun again... I bought a nice t shirt in Chocoolate :) i just love it so much~ After that i didnt find any suitable stuff to buy... unlike my friends, they really shop till they drop...
We were back to hotel few hours later for packing... our flight is at the night and we reach KL in 4am of 4/9... a day before my birthday... There's end of my Beijing trip...

Beijing has nice modern building too
My new fav brand ;P

2 who am I - questions:


December 14, 2013 at 1:22 PM

your trip recall my memories (a lot) Forbbien city, i stay from the morning 9am to 430pm, in fact no enought time. for 頤和園, really huge, i can't cover whole LAKE, really can't feel my leg haha... I impressive with Maozidong maosoluem. Besides that, i miss the sanlitun, the building design is so unique, nice to hangout as well.


December 14, 2013 at 8:12 PM

u seems to like travel a lot too... let's go travel together :)