Time to Show Off

Every time when there's an award ceremony,
it's time to for the actress to show off.
They will get the best dress that not only suits them,
but make them the center of attention
as well as catching all the spot-light.
Just got these photos with some friends of the TVB awards
I vote 郭羡妮 (Sonija) the best!!!
Look at her boobs, so attractive and nice
Her figure is so fit and perfect too...
she just stole my breath away
钟嘉欣 (Linda) is the 2nd one who got my vote :)
I love her dress,
especially that part which come from her neck to her wrist.
This make her looks so wild & sexy...
杨怡 (Tavia) was out of my expectation~
I was shocked !!!
She looks go glamorous,
i never thought that she can look so nice
I always think that
she's suitable of the neighbour-girl's type
But, wow !!!
I like 徐子珊 (Kate) as well...
She goes with something simple but glamorous
Well done...especially her body-figure
Blink blink goldie 杨思琦 (Shirley) look good too !!!
But not sharp enough to steal any spot-light
from the previous girls that i've mentioned
Winner of the best actress 米雪 (Michelle)
look elegant with the blue dress
Wanna congrats her~ love your acting skills.
胡定欣 (Nancy) comes with a fancy & colourful dress.
She looks cute and nice~
But i wonder whether she used a push-up bra for this :p
The host for the night 郑裕玲 (Dodo) looks good in purple
Still keep her best for so many years :) good job !!!
My idol, 李司棋 (Louise)
won another grand prize again this year
Although a bit plum, but she still look good
李诗韵 (Selena) looks nice with her dress...
But...should she get a better hair-stylist ???
陈法拉 (Farah) look ok~ just ok ...
佘诗曼 (Charmaine) look damn plain~
She also didn't put any special make-up or hair style

Copy cat 胡杏儿 (Myolie) come with a tuxedo
Look at her pose, bow and hairstyle....
Does it look similiar???
Of coz !!! Sammi Cheng already wore this at the academy awards b4...
Why Myolie has to copy others??? doesn't she has her own-style???
She's sucks~ just like her acting.
That's why she never won the best actress

Last but not the least, Lisa~
Aiyo...come on la~
U dun have any other better clothes to wear meh???
I feel pity for her
She look like... dunknw how to say la...
One word~ WORST

Time for a Recap

One of my new friend is curious how i look b4...

Let's recap it....

This is during my uni's time, when i got my hair damn long...
My look as a model for my uni's fashion show...
Later on, i cut my hair... A lot of people said i put on make up on this pic...but no lo, my skin is damn good at that time...
Went to a sea-cruise with my parents & Sister. My sister is holding the camera :P
I cut my hair short coz everybody say i look sissy.
With Pinky & Boonhiong in this pic

As the vice chairperson in one of the uni's activity.
I'm sitting in-front
I saw Zhong Sheng Zhong in front of 7-eleven
Doing blood donation in uni.
Went to KLCC Aquarium. Playing with the star fish :)
With my assignment group to Malacca for celebration.
Clara, ReAnne & Serene. Miss out Steve coz he didn't attend.
With my best friend ~Harn~ at the pool side.
That time i was so thin only :(
Last day in my uni's life, i really miss all my best friends...
Serene, Clara, ReAnne, Evans & Steve... Love all of you !!!
Went to Shanghai + JiangNan with my family.
This is taken in Hang Zhou

Pretend to be the emperor :)
In Shanghai
My ever 1st colleague in my 1st company -- Alan

Went Cameroon with my ex-colleague -- Windie

Happy birthday to Ravee~~~ Alan & Tinu in this pic as well

Finally, my graduation time

This one is taken in studio, so got make up lo
Hair grow longer again

Company trip at the beginning of 2008 in Bangkok & Pattaya

Represent my company with Foo, Elaine & Janie to the Shell Card Treasure Hunt
And my latest look, i think u guys saw it in my previous post.
I do change a lot on my hair-style
Wat do u think ?

Finally ~

Finally ...
The post template is back again
I really dunknw what happened...
I didn't press anything or set anything at all
It just comes and goes like that ...
Just like most of our relationship
...Comes and Goes...
i think most of u understand what i mean
Let it be

Can anyone help me ???

Been having trouble since my previous blog...
i lost the post template in my posting site...
i can't make any changes in my fonts & color...
i can't post any picture and video...
what happen ???
can anyone help me ?!?


[Fabulous image removed by Author]

This is my colleague in HR dept, Fariz.
He took over my place in purchasing a few months ago.
Before he came in our company, he has long hair like mine.
But on the 1st day at his work, both of us cut our hair.
A lot of people say that we look alike, like twins wo~
Twins of different races.
Now his hair grow longer while i cut my hair shorter.
Do we still look alike ?!?
Wat do u think?

I need a gym-mate

I've joined california fitness for 4 months dy...
but i'm not getting the result that i expected.
One of the fatal reason is that i cannot control my eating habbit...
Second reason is i don't have motivation, i think i need a gym-mate.
Although i went with my 2 female colleagues now,
but they always lengan-lengan...
No movivation from them la~
So i think i prefer a male gym-mate
I'm not greedy...jst want something like this will do

Anybody care to join me?

Sorry, 我就是巴閉 ... 你吹咩 ?!?

話說我的公司有一个Malay Auntie超级串.
本來和我沒關系, 但她唔知[死]字怎樣寫, 夠gutsy在我面前玩嘢.

不要以為我總是笑容滿面, 便可以欺負我.
結果我反咬她一口, 就推她下十八層地獄...
事後, 失敗的臭婆娘說我巴閉, 唔畀面她.
Excuse me, you're nothing in-front of me.
So, shut the fuck up!!!
我一只手指就可以送你上西天, 不知所胃...
Sorry, 我就是巴閉 ... 你吹咩 ?!?

蘭花劫 - 完結

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