Surabaya: A Volcano Trip

Basically this is a volcano trip when we decided to book the ticket to Surabaya. The whole trip is mostly on the journey travel from one point to another point, off skirt of the Surabaya. First stop is the famous Mount Bromo. We left the hotel at local time 2am and took a 45 mins jeep to Bromo...
Look at the beautiful sunrise
After that we start to hike all our way up the Mount Bromo... It was still ok, but of coz the girls who went with us feel exhausted and decided to take the horse ride instead lol~
There is this building? on the way...
 On top of the mountain, we saw all these heat wind blew out from the mountain's mouth... so nice but look dangerously too
After this tiring Bromo trip, we travel again... On our 6 hours journey, we passby this beach... nothing special and so hot as well... And they ain't any hotties there as well~

The next volcano is Ijen, the so call blue fire mountain. We woke up 1am at the local time and have to hike fast to see these blue fire... If we arrive later than 5am, we won't be able to see any blue fire at all and it will be a waste right? This volcano is a sulfur volcano and the strong smell keeps making me to have running nose... But i think its worth it...
 Look at the blue fire? Spectacular right? 
There is actually a lake at the volcano
It is a hot spring and the water is warm of coz :) 
As the day getting brighter, we realize how dangerous the journey was... and we have been hiking it during the dark time... i'm proud of myself now :P 
Beautiful view on our way down the hill
 This souvenir is actually made of sulfur
But we did not buy any as it cannot go through custom

Another 10 hours back to the Surabaya City, its the 2nd biggest city in Indonesia... There is actually nothing special in the city, wat u can find u can mostly get it in KL... A simple tour and we are on our way back to Malaysia...
 Submarine museum, awesome!
Icon of Surabaya, Jaws fighting with Crocodile
 Finally we went to a Tobacco museum
We can see a lot of old old tobacco packing and products
of coz there are around 300++ workers there to produce the tobacco as well

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