My Sex Partners

X: You have regular sex partner?
L²: Yes
X: Cool, how many of them?
L²: I lost count...
X: Usually you on 121 or group?
L²: Depends
X: Can i join you next time?
L²: Don't think so... 
X: Why? i'm not qualified enough?
L²: Sorry, i dont share my external hardisc...
X: Huh?
L²: Oh sorry, i should clarify that my sex partners are my porn....
X: @#!$%@

Finally i lost weight

Lol, since i ever blog from 2008... 
i've been on and off blogged about how i wanna lost weight
How i gonna do this, do that, bla bla bla
But things doesn't work out at all

Until the whole last year 
Which the most terrible things turn out to become true
Which is my weight has hit 80kg...
Not only that, it goes all its way to 87kg!!!

What the fuck!!!
I immediately sense the urgency of get rid of these fats
But usual la~ i'm lazy and finding excuses for myself
Until this Feb i realize things cannot be drag anymore...

Well, i learn this slimming technique from a friend
it is not healthy at all
But no worry, i'm not taking any drugs or medicine for this
i just use some very very extreme method to lose all the weight
and when i lost my first 10kg in a month
i was so damn happy... 
But i continue...

Now i'm only 70kg :)
Cheers for me friends
No worry, i have try to maintain a healthy lifestyle here
Now i have lose mt fatty tummy
Most of my muscles which i have build up previously are gone too
Ok, now its time to hit the gym again

Hopefully i can train my body
To the slim fit way that i always wanted

Love u all~

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