Journey to Kota Kinabalu

Hi all, sorry i have been dragging such a long time to blog about my kk trip. It all happened on 12th - 16th July 2013.  I have used so many months to train my stamina and slim down so much, all these hardworks are just for the preparation to hike the kk mountain.
During the flight, there's a girl sleep like a corpse lol
4 of us took the 9:30am Air Asia flight on the 12/7 and reach Kota Kinabalu International Airport on 12:05pm. We checked in at the Great Western Kinabalu Daya Hotel which located at Jalan Pantai of the KK city. Its only RM119.00 for a room with 2 single beds per night, the hotel is kinda nice and clean, but the wifi is not that strong.
We walk around the city and went into this super boring shopping mall, Suria Sabah shopping mall, oh man~ its even boring than the Malacca's Pahlawan mall!!!! And you know what? The whole place around this city is so fucking boring, and we decided to take an early dinner around 5pm on Gaya Street... Seafood Fiesta~ Yummy

My favorite fish
Main dish for the day - Crabby
Some spicy squid would be nice too
Who can resist the tiger prawn?
Even though i'm allergy towards prawn, FUCK IT
So many sinful seafood, some vege is good for the health
Of coz i won't miss these yummy ABC for sure
The next day (13/7), we departed from Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal to Manukan Island for some sun tan and ocean. But damn! I bruised my left knee while climbing on the board, silly me. I thought its nothing, but later on it does affect my performance on the hiking part.
I love beach, but too bad not much good looking ppl around
Except 4 of us lol

Look how blue is the ocean
Fishies swimming aroung happily :)
Some nice scene while we are otw back to Jesselton Terminal

After a morning of relaxing moment at Manukan Island, we met our kk travel agent around 3pm & went all our way to Kundasang. Half way we stop by to buy the local adidas shoe and walking stick. The weather started to get colder as we went higher up, and u guys know la, i slim down jor, the chilling weather really makes me shivering. We stay overnight and have steamboat dinner at Kundasang, Fairy Garden Resort.

Half way to Kundasang, we spotted this beautiful view

Early morning of 14/7, we went to Kinabalu National Park to start our journey. We took the Summit Trail; and i personnally prepared 3 energy bars, 2 (1.5litre) bottles of water, few chocolate candies and ready to go. But i'm so stupid, the 2 big bottles of water actually drag me down. And my hurtful knee has gone worst when i half way on the 1st part hiking.

Summit Trail Track
Look! How big the squirel is

Nice view, a lot of tree around

Oh God, damn tired and my knee is getting more pain. The stupid walking stick didn't really help at all... i feel my shoulder getting tired and the bottle of water really seems heavy, so i drank most of it while munching my energy bars. I started to be left behind by my gangs, but its alright, there's still many people around and i'm not the last yet.
The big steep steps

Save me !!!

My stupid knee is really dragging me and the sky become darker. Rain pours but luckily i brought along the rain coat. After 2 hours of my gang reach the Gunting Lagadan Hut (Hotel at the mid mountain), finally i drag my old ass to there. I don't remember how's the food taste like, all i remember is how freazing cold i am~

Gosh, its gonna rain :(

The local is carrying the stock up the hill
using big garbage bag as rain coat
They move fast! Love their legs' muscles

I'm so cold, the bed is cold, the floor is cold~ i slept very early that day, around 6pm if not mistaken. None of us speaks a word in the small room (the room have 2 double-decker-beds which fit 4 of us in, just nice)... i remember before i doze off to sleep, i told my gang i'm gonna give up the 2nd part of the hiking.
Fuck, i woke up by myself at 12am!!! Exactly 00:00am of 15/7~ Everyone is on and off waking up to get ready for the 2nd part of hiking. Since my mental and body is ready again, i took the challenge. But not more than half hour we start our jouney in the total dark, heavy rain came again. 2 of us left behind this time, while my knee is still making the big chaos, my friend started to feel dizzy and vomit. Unable to breath well in this high sea-level area, we do not speak but body language become so helpful. Our brotherhood relationship strengthen as we help each another during the climb. The most exciting part of coz is pulling the rope and climb up the 80 degree rocks during the rain, its so slippery!!!
Mount Kinabalu Low's Peak, i make it!!! I almost cry, but i missed the sunrise. The sun already came out and shine on my ass when i'm half way to the peak. But who cares? As long as i make it to the peak :) Finally my destination reach~
So so beautiful at the peak
 Me smiling happily, cheese!
 So many people reach the peak
Awesome right?
Dragging our ass down hill, i saw this beautiful Carson Fall
Going downhill is much more faster than climbing up, but my knee is really hurt and i'm the one who is left behind again. Luckily my camwhoring attitude helps my lonely journey lol... But this time, not much people is at the track and some area really kinda spooky, if you know what i mean... After all of us gathered and met our agent, we went back to Great Western Hotel again... Feeling exhausted for the day, we slept and left at KK on the next day (16/7) 3:45pm flight and reach KL at 6:15pm.
After the hike, massage seems nice :)
We ate the local Bak Kut Teh @ Kam Kee
But so so only

 Finally, one of my dream (To hike KK) is finally achieve, HIP HIP HOORAY

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November 22, 2013 at 10:24 PM

could've taken the mersilau entry point, the hike won't be that steep initially and more beautiful scenery


November 23, 2013 at 5:56 AM

issit? i thought Mersilau is much more difficult...