One Vietnam Coffee Coming Up :)

PQ is so sweet
He bought me Coffee from Vietnam
The coffee smell's good
Ichiban !!!
Serve me right
Coz i'm super duper addicted to coffee

One Vietnam coffee coming up :)

Shoe come Shoe go

My red gym shoe finally bid me farewell after these year of accompanying me. I love its cheeky reddish color, it make me look like uncle McDonald :) haha~ I used to call him Mr Red
it used to be so glam (imagine its new) ...
but its time for him to go~ :(

Look ~ Chinese word
All the cracks
it has been leaking this white powdery thingy

I couldn't let my ugly bare foot expose in the gym right? So i decided to bring Mr Blue home with me from Tangs :P I have bought it long ago with lesly, but it has been under my bed for a few months~ haha
Mr Blue is as striking as Mr RedI feel more bouncy wearing Mr Blue

Jst another silly entry :)

Occupied Saturday

Thanks to the silly malay kindergarden nearby, they woke me up on early saturday with their stupid song, just loud enough to wake me up~ It was only 8am, i still have plenty of time b4 i meet William & Cheryl. So i give myself a nice early morning wank :P Watching TVB drama and sipping a nice cuppa nescafe in the living room, i feel so good to have the house all by my own :)

Received a msg frm Cyrus, asking me to pass him a document in Lot 10. So i met up with him before i go Pavilion. Our appointment is at Zang Toi Restaurant, and i lost my way. Of coz la, i didnt go over ladies dept, how do i knw leh? :P My 1st time to meet Cheryl, i think she's cute and funny. I love the place, kinda european style ~ and ooopppss.. william, your turtle is still with me la~ After the lunch, I went for the movie with Kelvin. And silly him, bought the ticket of "Just Another Pandora's Box 越光寶盒"~ the most yucky movie i have ever watched in the century. It totally spoiled my mood, i dont even wanna spend my time with the person who bought this ticket. Coz i told him i wanna watch Alice, and this is what he got for me~

Being as cruel as i can, i dump him and walk alone in the crowded mall. I give a call to my bff Darren, apparently he's still busy with his work. Then i know my bffbf is nearby~ lolz~ so i went over to starbucks and kacau him instead :P Poor Dick, he can't concentrate on what he's doing and decided to give up and talk to me instead~ hehe. We then spend some time walking around before he went for his darling.

I drive all my way back home and dapao my dinner. But i dropped my hse keys into a hole at my car hand-break there~ I started tol get frust when i cant find a screwdriver to open up that things~ so i decided to look for my luck in 711, but luckily i met Chris. I just know him from a friend a day before, and i am so so so lucky !!! He brought me to his friend's studio and get me the screwdriver~ phew~ everything is settle. He thought of buying me dinner, but i rejected coz i wanna eat my chicken rice ~

After some dinner and drama, i fall asleep on the couch. But i was once again disturb from my sleep. Damien calls, and he gatal-gatal wanna go MP again~ i was so lazy to drive but since he offer to treat me~ so i mah dunknw paiseh and go lo~ And i saw the camwhore aunty KY there :) As usual, we hooked up on the roof top while busying scanning ppl around us. No luck for me coz i didnt find anyone interesting again~ But lucky Damien, he got to bring someone home tat night~ :)

Ok, i went for mamak by myself near my hse. And surprisingly i saw Bert and a good looking hunk name Calvin. Wow, he got a nice body too~ And of coz la~ Bert will not waste his chance to perli my belly while i'm having my supper in 4am~ haha~ we chatted till 530am and decided to go home for a sleep~

:) its been a long time i didnt spend my time like this~ and i feel so tired on the whole sunday~ haiz... old ppl should get more rest...

- Something Spooky -

I went back to my company yesterday after my dinner coz i have left my car keys. Praying hard the door is not lock, i was blessed by the God :) My bitchy boss is still in the office at 9pm~ So i took my keys and left.

I went to the gents before i go for the lift. This was the time when i feel something spooky. I thought i saw someone from the mirror's reflection, but then i was not sure as i didn't switch on all the lights in there. So, while i peeing happily off, i caught something moving through the mirror's reflection with the corner of my eye~

Then i saw a shadowish thingy in one of the toilet cubicle. Is it human or ghost? Hmm~ if its human, then what's for he's hiding at here? I kept quiet and pretend i see nothing and leave after i wash my hand. When i closed the toilet's door, i heard footsteps inside. Eww~ i didn't open the door to find out and dont ask me why~

But if its ghost, i just hope it will appear in the office to scare off my bitchy boss~ But this morning, the bitch still come to work as usual~ cheh~

When You Are Different

Making friends is not an issue for me, i can chit-chat and make fun with different group of people. But whether i wanna consider them as my close friends, that's another story... U know la~ close friends are those who really really u can talk to, those who has the same ideas & thoughts, those who can share and help you whenever u need them to~

The situation come to the same in my company. I treat everyone as colleagues, but i believe colleagues can become friends :) I have friends in the marketing side, HR side, finance side & auditor side... But in my own dept, they are jst my colleagues. Really, i will never ever consider them as my friends~

They are those who plays the office politics, they are nasty, they are evil. Back-stabbing and making rumors are what they are good at. When i first joined this dept, they waved to me and indirectly asked me to join their gang. Though they are the "vip" in company, but i rejected. I never attend any of their invitations, so they accept the fact and started to treat me in different way~ I mean, come on~ i still treat them like how i treat other colleagues, but they jst dont seems to accept it~ ok fine. Now i have to go~ Coz no matter how hard u work, how commit u are~ the top management will never know, coz when the report goes up from the company hierarchy, they tend to steal your spotlight and outcast you.

Well, i learnt my lesson. Hopefully i will do better in the new company. Since i tender, i would need to serve 3 months notice before i ciao~ and my bitchy boss treat me like a cow now~ dump all the things for me to do... i'm fine with it... jst have to bear with it~

Back to work !!!

I Want to Get Drunk !!!

Last Saturday i went to MP with Damien, Ivan & Steve. Gosh, it was like a century ago since the last time i went clubbing. MP changed a lot, when i mentioned it, those 3 bastards laughed at me and said the renovation was done long time ago~ :S

And i was shocked too when Damien paid the drink with card!!! hey, i don't knw they accept card now~ oh my~ i'm really so so so outdated~ We have a bottle of Jack Daniel's and took a seat on the roof top. Damien being the old Damien, still did not change, crack a lot of cold jokes and smokes like a factory; Ivan was being quiet as he's not really good in english and those 2 were busying chatting in english~ aiyo ; Steve is new to me, a very good looking guy who is the same age as me~

So they are talking about finding a soulmate and i dont really like this topic, so i excuse myself and walk around. The whole place is so packed!!! Tall, short, fat, skinny, muscular, boyish, man, sissy, talkative, quiet, old, young... you name it, you got it. But surprisingly, i don't find anyone of them attractive to me. I took my drink and stand in a corner looking at the crowd, i feel empty~ I don't know why, but i jst feel empty. I saw a lots of kissing and hugging. A slut even went so 'high' and put his hand into another guy's pant~ then there's this mat salleh came near me and squeeze my butt :S yerr... i saw his face already wanna vomit, so i quickly flee away~ *flee pula*

Feel a bit guilty for leaving Ivan back there with nothing to talk, i went back there. But Ivan was not there, maybe he went around for his hunt :) So i jst sit there, drink drink & drink. No matter how much i drink, my mind is still clear. I want to get drunk~ God, jst let me relax for a night, can i? But no, i did not!!! And stupid Damien has drunk~ So being the driver, i send them home. I look so calm, even the police at road block didn't suspect. Phew, i was being lucky, we met 3 road blocks along the way, and none of them suspect that i drink.

Anybody wanna find me for a drink?

Not everyone got the Apple - Part 12

The evil queen has finally went over to meet the Kasha King for arrangement. With her beautiful appearance, the queen seduced the Kasha King of having an affair with her. The bond stated when the Kasha took over the ancient kingdom, the Moon's gang will be protected and they shall be given all the portion of apples. Kasha King agreed.

Being as idiot as the king can be, lots of loyal eldest included the icy ice maiden advice the king that the queen is going to betray him. But the king was so stubborn and did not listen to any of them. He even put some of them in jail. Feeling dissapointed and sad, icy ice maiden just remain silence and went back and pray the war will not come.

In the meanwhile, the Moon's gang become more rampant and grab others' apples as much as they can. The ancient kingdom has become a mess!!! Everyone is worried, but nobody knows that the Kasha will attack as all the eldest are being warn by the queen to keep quiet. Sam the pianist is also worry about his own apples, what should he do?

Eyeing for A Bachelor

First of all, everybody please put your hands together for my sister. She just has her Master Graduation on last Sunday, i'm so proud of her :) Dad & Mum were here too, and of coz, I m there to support and shoot photo with them la~

I reached Nikko Hotel on 1:30pm and was looking for a car park then i spotted this hot hot hot guy came down from a car. Wow, i could not describe... maybe kevin cheng + utt ~ oh my... Then finally i found an empty space for my car, when i went for the lift, he was there :) He flashed me a smile and nodded, so damn polite. But after i do the same, a pretty pretty hot girl came and they hold hands together and i was like -.- '''

Ok, forgot about him. My sis once told me that those who study with her are all working adult :) So i was busying eyeing for some quality bachelor :P So i went to the hall and my sister was busying collecting her stuff for the photo session. . Then i stand aside and guard the flowers and bags... In within the wait, my sensor ping me and told me there's 2 same species around me. One is a graduate and another one is the photographer~ The graduate is kinda a "dai gao sui" and look at me with his hamsap eye~ eww... the photographer quite ok de~ fair skin and quite stylish overall :)

So when its our time for the photo session, the photographer served us and he passed me a name card after that. Aiya... too bad la~ i think i drop his name card somewhere and no where to be find :S So long for the bachelor hunt :P

3rd Hit - Sammi Cheng Malaysia "Love Mi" Concert 19th March 2010

After waiting for a few months, long neck giraffe aka Leu finally saw his goddess back into Malaysia. I have missed out the previous HK concert and this year i really wanna concentrate on the concert. To avoid of repeating the same mistake of what i do in the 2004 concert, i DO NOT bring any camera to the concert, so i can really really sit down and enjoy :) So along this, Leu, Ryan and Mei were again met in Arena at 19/3/2010 :)

3rd hit of my dream 2010 *wink :)

Of coz Mi blasted us off with the opening , everthing go so smooth till i feel something wrong. It seems like the background music and vocal is getting bit louder than her own vocal. But its still ok for me until Sammi herself compained about her mic's prob which makes her non-stop has to adjust it during her dance. Arrggghhh~ WTF !!! i will kill those who prepared this :(
Mi almost brought all her concert's clothes, this really make me surprise. For this time, i purposely avoid to see her HK dvd concert, because i want surprise, and i think i got it :) I like her 1st clothe the most, really hot and fashionable :) MC Chan is one of the guest performer, though he makes good music, but i dont think he can be a good performer~ well, this need talent :P haha~

During the concert, we saw 4 aunties (around 35++yo) in front with all the neon light and dance wildly... wah~ really high wo :) I wish i can join them. Of coz, i also met the legendary super duper mi's fans Immas and managed to say hi and bye. But too bad, can't meet lenglui Canny in person. And my friend MF was there too~ surpringly :P And i think i saw one of the blogger, foxy darren too~ not sure whether its him or not... super lengchai :)

I was touched when Mi sang "回來我身邊", i feel my tears rolling down. It makes me think of my previous relationship, will the one i love came back to me? haha, i dont wanna think about it. I thought everything will be fine, but then "上一次流淚" make me cannot tahan again, my eyes were red again~ in the end "唯獨你是不可取替" make me really cannot tahan and my tears flow out like hell. Luckily when Ryan passed me the tissue, he didnt notice it :P

There was no "encho" that night, might be affected by the spoilt mic and system, Mi just went backstage no matter how hard we shout for her. Till light came on, an audience was frustrated and throw empty bottle on the stage, but luckily there was no one on stage anymore. And this brought Mi out, she came and told us the concert has end and dont throw bottle again~ haha~ cute :) Overall, i love Mi. Concert is still superb although there's some flaw in between.
Songs rundown in the concert
1 Chotto等等
2 叮叮噹
3 默契
4 不來的季節
5 值得
6 娃娃看天下
7 長恨歌
8 Medley: I will Survive + Can’t Take My Eyes off You
+ Designer music + Conga
9 罪與罰
10 信者得愛
11 回來我身邊
12 恰似你的溫柔
13 不要驚動愛情
14 Medley: 獨家試唱 + 星「秀」傳說 + 煞科 + 叮噹
15 親密關係 16 Last Christmas (陳奐仁 合唱)
16 Medley: 上一次流淚 + 終身美麗 + 不拖不欠 + 落錯車
17 唯獨你是不可取替

The Day I Tender

Yesterday was kinda nervous
i finally make my decision and tender.
This pimple near my nose straight ahead pop out~
Think the nervousness has been worried me for few weeks
I jst hope the bitch accept my letter and smile
But no, she has to give me some hard time
But well, its over.
I don't even wanna listen to your counter offer when you mentioned.

Finally, I'm free from the freak bitch :)

Fabulous Gaga

Who's fucking hot?
Gaga for now

Continue from paparazzi mv
evil gaga poisoned her bf and was send to jailSee? Still walk her way gracefully in the jail
Look at her glasses
Cigarettes on it~ Smoke your ass off
Hello hello baby you call, i can't hear a thing
look what she used on her hair
Transparent apron
Blue phone on her head~
Gaga totally outshine Beyonce
haiz~ beyonce was once my fav
now she looks like a background dancer

maybe its time for Beyonce to go (tyra's antm tone)

Under The Sacred Tudung

What's the use of wearing a so-call "sacred" tudung?

Yea, a lot of them in my company
You never know what is underneath all these tudung
- Devil -

p/s: no offense to any muslim
jst to express those in my office

TVB <有营煮妇> Ghost Appearance

Read this from Sam's blog regarding the appearance of spiritual in one of the tvb drama. Episode 7 of 有营煮妇, 32 minutes and 17 second. I was quite surprise as i didn't notice about it after i watched the whole series... So, as curious as i'm, i got this episode from a friend and found this. See? I circled it in red~ The "ghost" appeared from 17" till 20". Is it real? Feel like just a reflection of a poster. But according to HK's newspaper report, there's no such poster wo~ so? believe it or not?

Wisdom Teeth

Went for my dental appointment this morning, i asked the doc when can i take off my braces, and she said i have to wait for my wisdom teeth to grow~ huh?!? I'm already 28 wo~ takkan the wisdom teeth will grow anymore right?

The doc refer to my report and give me a surprise look (though she's wearing a mask, but her eyes were wide open)~ "Eh, i tak perasan u sudah umur 28. ok ok, i check with Dr Maria 1st" fyi, Dr Maria is the orthodontics who has been following my case since years ago~ and this new malay doc is just following up for her.

So she went to the next room and talk, then Dr Maria came in.
Hi boy, long time no see...
Morning doc, u look pretty with that dress :)
Oh really? :) Thanks...
So when can i take off this braces?
Well, i thought to wait for ur wisdom teeth to grow 1st ... but seems like they are not coz u already 28... oh my god boy, how come i never know u r already 28?
Huh?!? Last time i did told u right?
Haha, i m forgetful. Anyway, we will arrange you for another appointment 6 months later ok? Then if everything is ok, we might consider to take off those braces. Coz the longer u wear it, the stronger its gonna hold you teeth.

So i'm not gonna have my wisdom teeth~ lucky :)

23 Facts about L²

Ok, i knw nobody tag me to do this... but i syok sendiri and do this anyway~ this is the 23 facts that u might know / not know about me~

01. I am not pure chinese, guess a lot of you think i am 100% pure chinese right? haha~ but i'm not :P~ and don't think i wanna reveal the real mix & match gen thingy ~

02. I met an accident before and got a big scar on my tummy and my lower jaw. I have try lots of lots of products to get rid of the scar and it did. The one at my tummy has gone but the one at my lower jaw stays forever~

03. I lost my 'first time' when i was 17 with my class monitor :P

04. Doraemon is always my favourite coz he has all the fascinating equipment. I just wish he can get me something and turn me normal.

05. I can sense the appearance of spiritual stuffs many years ago. I never see them but i can feel them, after i told my mum abt it, she brought me to a monk and after all the chanting things, the 6th sense went away~

06. I hate it when others criticsize abt asian having a caucasian as their lover. fyi, 2 of my exes are from Portugal and South America.

07. I try bareback with one of my ex before, but i still feel comfortable with the rubber on...

08. Reason i left my first job is because my boss molest me in his car. I thought of making a police report but in the end i change my mind and spit on his face :)

09. I love role-playing :)

10. I tried to learn black magic before but i failed. Coz all the materials are so difficult to get... example: heart of a black pregnant cat... how to get wo? disgusting !!!

11. I have this easy-fat-gen from my mother side, no matter how hard i try, i can't really loose all those fats away, unless i go on full-hardcore-no-meal-just-drink-diet !!!

12. Kam Yung is my favourite all these while. I read all his novels 3-5 times~ :) Btw, i read sweet valley too~ haha... girlish right?

13. At once, i throw all my clothes with red and purple color after i heard one sifu said. He told me i am a hot tempered guy (i never deny) , and these 2 color of clothes will just add more anger in me~ how silly i was back then.

14. My favourite sitcom will still be FRIENDS~ Reality show will be SURVIVOR & ANTM...

15. Sammi Cheng has been my queen since 1997, i never changed my heart for her even though i love other female singers too~ see? i'm so loyal to her~

16. Uniforms turn me on :)

17. I love to sleep naked and cuddle on bed during rainy night.

18. Whenever i have flu, i feel super hungry and i dont know why... i can swallow the whole cow and i still feel hungry... so i gained weight everytime i have flu~ :S

19. I hate fakers especially those who surrounded me... ish~ feel like giving them a big good slap

20. I am a total loser in directions and IT stuff~ But for directions, i'm trying hard... but IT... haiz... Will~ save me !!!

21. I always wanted to be 180cm, but only difference of 4cm, idiot Simone Teh refered me as "the short one" in front of everyone~

22. This blog has change a lots of name, from "Leumas" to "My Evolution" to "Leu Evolution" to "L² Evolution"... Why? I just wanna change, thats all~

23. I hate Valentine Day !!!

三好 Become 七好 ?!?

Read this from a blog regarding working in a corporate world:-

If you wanna have promotion in your company,
存好心, 说好话, 做好事!

不过哩, 我仲有其他"四好"哦:
擦好鞋, 吹好水, 食好蛇, 做好戏!
哈哈哈哈哈.... 一共"七好"!

Fascinating or wat? hahaha~

Mi, I'm Coming !!!

Love Mi Malaysia Concert Coming soon
1 week countdown
i'm gonna see u on 19th March

Love You
Love Mi
Love Forever

Once again, I am Crown as The Boring King

Once upon a time, Leu was crown as the boring king coz he always stick at his own room. Dramas & movies were his only friends, no matter how his lover seduce him, Leu still stand on his own ground and continue with his homey-boy style of life... Therefore, everyone call him the Boring King.

Until 2 years ago, Leu started to go out party again and this nick was taken out from his as a reward. But now, Leu, once again is crown as the Boring King. Why? Can't i just stay at home and do what i like? Friends do call me out, but i am so lazy to dress up and drive. FYI, i'm a lazy asshole who like nothing but just rest at home. I feel so tired after the fucking hectic work. Though the work might not be much, but all those technicals probs and regulations are driving me crazy everyday... I just hope to leave my mind go blank during weekend... And because of this, i was called The Boring King.

Example 1:
Colleagues ask me out for shopping and steamboat and i rejected for 3 time. Then i was not invited to the next one, they dont even bother to ask me anymore. haha~

Example 2:
My sister ask me to went over her place so she can cook for me. but Sunway wo~ yerr... lazy to drive... so she went on complaining to mom and say her brother is a lone ranger and a boring guy, thats why i cant get a gf till now~

Example 3:
Ex uni-mates ask me out for yumcha, but 11pm wo~ though its saturday night but lazy la... i am already in my "most relax" condition, which is naked in my room... yerr... need to dress up and gel my hair again? no way !!!

Example 4:
When my ex is with me, both of us just lay on the bed and watch drama till my ex became bored and complained~ maybe i'm not really a good lover, thats why i'm alone now...

Ok ok... maybe i m really that boring... who want a old-fucking-boring-homey guy as bf? Umm~ i can cook~ hahahaha....

Because You Are Not Young Anymore !!!

Was having this conversation with a bunch of bitches.
Leu=L, Friend=F

F1: You know Burberry is having sales this month?
L: Yea, in KLCC~
F2: Yalo, let's go...
F3: Don't want la~ no money
L: Me too
F1: Me three~ hehe
F4: Not funny lo~
F1: :S
F3: I hope i can get some rich guy, then i will go lo~
L: Haha, good idea wo~
F4: But by the time u get the rich guy, you don't need to go for sales items la~
F2: True also
F3: But i don't think i can get, i'm fat and not good looking

At that time, semua orang diam sahaja and stare at F3
What the hell~ you have better look than all of us, yet 6 pax some more~
Obviously, he's trying to show off again~

F1: Say it again then i will bite off your nipples
F3: Yerr...
F4: Yala... but i think most of the uncles love younger guy, easier to handle...

And again, everybody diam and look at F4
Definitely F4 is the youngest among us... so he continues...

F4: You see, me as 25yo already find myself old dy~
F1: We are not old also ma~
F4: But u guys are 30++ liao wo~ Whats for the uncle spend on old thing~
F2: Cibai, what old thing? #$%@$%
F3: i think i still have market de... i have 6 pax ma~ (now he didnt say he's fat anymore)
F4: Why our Leu gor gor so quiet?
L: Listen to u guys bitching lo~
F4: Yea... how old r u now wo?
L: 27++
F1: 28 then 28 la~ still wat 27++?
L: Celaka...
F2: Yea F4, u see? Leu only 28, can become your competitor in the market also
F4: No use la, 28. Can't fight with me la~ Because you are not young anymore !!!

On that moment, i heard the broken sound of my heart~
Am i gonna become an uncle soon? NO~~~~~

Every Story Deserves An Ending

I know i have been dragging these 2 stories that i have written previously "Not Everyone Got The Apple" & "The Curse Of The Fallen Angel"... Its not that i'm out of idea of what, but just simply lazy lo~ haha~ until recently someone call me and ask me whether it is ended? Or i wont write it anymore?

Haha, really paiseh, i dont knw that this fellow is actually following this. Make me feel happy only :) So i told him: "I thought no one ever read it, so i decided to stop." That fellow cursed me and ask me to give an ending for the stories that i started. Hehe, really celaka la~ cursing me somemore and ask me to write these stories for him :P

Well, as promised, i will give an ending to both of them. But maybe for "The fallen angel" will not be so fast... As i have plan to write it longer... so bear with me la~ how silly, talk as if i'm a pro~ :P
Ok, enough for the grumbling... stay tuned then~

Hush Hush - Pussycat Dolls

Oooooh ooooh
I never needed you to be strong
I never needed you for pointin' out my wrongs
i never needed pain
i never needed strength
My love for you was strong enough you should've known.

I never needed you for judgment
I never needed you to question what i spent
I never ask for help
I take care of myself
I don't know why you think you got a hold on me.

And it's a little late for conversations
There isn't anything that you can do.
And my eyes hurt
hands shiver
so look at me
listen to me

I don't want to
Stay another minute
I don't want you
To say a single word
Hush Hush
Hush Hush
There is no other way
I get the final say

I don't want to
Do this any longer
I don't want you
There's nothing left to say
Hush Hush
Hush Hush
I've already spoken
Our love is broken
Baby Hush Hush

I never needed your corrections
On everything from how i act to what i say
i never needed words
i never needed hurt
i never needed you to be there everyday

I'm sorry for the way i let go
Of everything i wanted when you came along
But i am never beaten
broken, not defeated
I know next to you is not where i belong

And it's a little late for explanations
There isn't anything that you can do
And my eyes hurt
hands shiver
so you will listen when i say baby

I don't want to
Stay another minute
I don't want you
To say a single word
Hush Hush
Hush Hush
There is no other way
I get the final say

I don't want to
Do this any longer
I don't want you
There's nothing left to say
Hush Hush
Hush Hush
I've already spoken
Our love is broken
Baby Hush Hush

No more words
No more lies
No more crying
ooh ooh
No more pain
No more hurt
No more tryin'

Oh Oh Yeah

I don't want to
Stay another minute
I don't want you
To say a single word
Hush Hush
Hush Hush
There is no other way
I get the final say

I don't want to
Do this any longer
I don't want you
There's nothing left to say
Hush Hush
Hush Hush
I've already spoken
Our love is broken
Baby Hush Hush

Yeah Oh
Hush Hush
Hush Hush
I've already spoken
Our love is broken

Not everyone got the Apple - Part 11

Days passed by, a lot of elders were disappeared. Nobody knows what happened except for the Moon's gang. And out of curiousity, what is the Moon's gang? And what is the disappearance have to do with the gang?

The moon gang was form by the evil queen who manipulates the king's decision in this ancient kingdom. The king only listen to his queen and the evil eunuch who's brain-wash him everyday. The queen feel like she's the moon during the night who rules over the kingdom, therefore she form the moon's gang. Surprisingly Tigra is one of her sidekick.

The queen always wanted to become the king but yet there's still some elders who she can't kill have continue and repeating remind the king to aware of the queen. Until one fine day, the queen make her decision, she will be the only controller in this kingdom. She wanna kill the king, but the king is powerful with his authority too. To smoothen her plan, the queen has make an evil agreement with the nasty emperor from the Kasha Kingdom not far away.

Eventually the plan was, with the help of attack from Kasha, the queen will arrange an assassin to kill the king during the war and she will become the king and then will bond an agreement with Kasha for the future peace. But will the Kasha king betray after his attack? And who will get the final apple? We will wait and see.

DBKL's Tornado

I almost forgot to update this irritating things which happened since last week. Coz i was over-joy by the good news recently and i kinda forgot about it until yesterday night.

I was clearing my phone's sms and realized DBKL has send me total of 80 msg since 1st March. Can you imagine how disturbing it is when he didn't even received any of my reply at all.

Continue with last Wednesday, i went to gym and i saw him. Immediately like magnet or wat-so-ever, DBKL form a disgusting tornado and swept around me. Yikes! So i pretend i didn't wear contact lens and glasses and i can't see him. DBKL walk here and there while smiling the ugliest smile to me ever! I still pretend i cant see a thing and continue with my workout and play with my hp while waiting for my 2 bff~ But fuck, i didn't see them that day. So i decided to leave. Luckily DBKL did not realize me leaving and i was safe at last~

Then almost few hours in a roll, this DBKL sms me and ask me out, wtf~ is it sms free nowadays? I didn't reply at all.

Until yesterday, when the irritating occurs while i was clearing the sms. I drop him a msg and said "I love overweight-fat people :)"

Well, will he gained weight on that? haha~

Love Love Love

Read this from a blog, here the story goes...

Once a lady, when having a conversation with her lover, asked:

Lady: Why do you like me? Why do you love me?
Man: I can’t tell the reason but I really like you...

Lady: You can’t even tell me the reason. How can you say you like me? How can you say you love me?
Man: I really don’t know the reason, but I can prove that I love U.

Lady: Proof? No! I want you to tell me the reason. friend’s boyfriend can tell her why he loves her but not you!
Man: Ok..ok!!! Erm... because you are beautiful, because your voice is sweet,because you are caring,because you are loving,because you are thoughtful,because of your smile,because of your every movements.

The lady felt very satisfied with the man’s answer. Unfortunately, a few days later, the Lady met with an accident and went in comma.The Guy then placed a letter by her side,

Here is the content:


Because of your sweet voice that I love you...Now can you talk? No! Therefore I cannot love you.
Because of your care and concern that I like you..Now that you cannot show them, therefore I cannot love you.
Because of your smile,because of your every movements that I love you..
Now can you smile? Now can you move?No, therefore I cannot love you...
If love needs a reason, like now, there is no reason for me to love you anymore.
Does love need a reason?


Therefore, I still LOVE YOU...

***AND, I like this...

~True love never dies for it is lust that fades away. Love bonds for a lifetime but lust just pushes away
~Immature love says: ’I love you because I need you.’ Mature love says ’I need you because I love you.’
~Fate Determines Who Comes Into Our Lives, But Heart Determines Who Stays...’

10 Things I want to do

1. Bungee Jump. I wanna scream my lungs out! Scream out all my anger and disappointment, scream out everything that has been bothering me. And it would be nice to have the feeling of suicide~ which i will never do it...

2. Lying naked on beach. Expose my body to the mother nature, getting a sun tan would be a very good idea... but where the hell i can find a beach in malaysia without any people?

3. Gang fight. Seriously, i never in my life fight/beat/get-beat by anyone. I always wanted to try but all my friends are goody-goody-nerdy guy. And nobody actually has the intention to fight with me... of coz la~ once i start an argument, u will see how horrible i am. Don't believe? Ask Lesly, he seen it before real life :) Who wanna join me in gang fight? I wanna have the feeling of punching somebody's nose and hear the bone-cracking sound...

4. Plastic Surgery. I still believe beautiful people attract more attention. And stop telling me about how important the inner beauty is, coz i never say it is not important!!! I realize that in korea, you can actually have the surgery to do the fake 6 pax, nice huh? :) And i so wanna make my skin flawless. Other things on my face shall remain unchanged, coz i still like my small sepet eyes~ :)

5. Making my own porn. I always have the intention to do one of my own. Haha~ but i never try to~ don't wanna be 2nd paris hilton~

6. Travel alone. It will be so cool to travel alone, to the place i never been but of coz the citizens have to speak the language that i do. But i think i will fucking freak out anyway~ haha... i'm a pussy :P

7. Ghost hunting. As i grow older, i have become more a pussy than a cock. Don't get me wrong, i still enjoy to fuck. But i m not dare to explore the haunted places like what i used to do when i was young... i might scream like a bitch and ran with my hands swinging in sky if i heard something creepy~

8. Grow a mustache. Recently i m trying to, but lots of lots of ppl told me i look like a hamsap lou~ aiyer. really celaka~ i have this problem of mustache thingy, i dont really can grow it. I do have, but its like little a bit here and there... and it look messy if i dont shave it daily. So i really have to shave it... Do u guys know where to buy a fake mustache?

9. Sweet scent. Do you know actually most of my ex have one thing in common? They actually have the same sweet scent, either from their mouth or body. Its so weird. Whenever i sense that, it actually turn me on... Its so hard to explain, i have ask what they eat before, but none of them have eat the same things... It is so hard to trace it... and i want to have that scent too~

10. Fuck my boss. Haha, yes. I wanna do it. I wanna screw her on bed~ i want her to scream "more, more"~ fuck u bitch!!!

Well, this is my first tagging thingy. I wanna pass this to "Will I Am"; "SK thamby" ; "Stacey aka RubbishFish" ; "Heaven King" ; "Danny Gaga" & whoever who feel like doing it~ :)

Letter to DS

Dear DS,

I don't know whether you're still reading my blog or not, i just feel like writing this for you. But if you missed this, then sorry la~ i will not write it physically for you.

The first day when we met, i feel my life becoming different. You're so caring and you feed me love spoon by spoon till i can't take it anymore. I will always remember the first date we went out, you actually brought me to a "shrimp-fishing-pond" which has been changed to a leisure place long time ago... At that time, i was about to make jokes of your sohai-ness but then when i look at your innocent expression, i just kept quiet. We started to date each others for dinner, and i was willing to skip my gym every time till Winnie call me an asshole for flying her airplanes!

2nd Nov 2009, the date i may remember now, but i hope its not forever. Coz its the date i become your bf, but you told me i'm just your bf, not lover. I thought this is how people like you who studied in US will say this, but no... i didn't interpret the meaning beneath it. I never really figure out that one may have many bf but only 1 lover

The first movie we watched in cinema is "2012", you told me you're expecting some love film but too bad, maybe our relationship might end up just like the disaster in the film. Prediction? Perhaps... Loving you is the period that i enjoy the most, but "thank you" is what i get.

You might not realized sometime you grumble a lot like an old nanny, but i enjoyed it. You enjoy farting in front of me, and we will laugh and you will get a punch from me. You like things to be in order and clean but you never wanted to wash your glasses and mugs. You likes your gold fish but you always try to find a way to get rid of my huang rong.

I thought you will be my last, but this is not gonna happen. Remember once when you get angry and i wait for you in front of your house 4 hours long? I never realized that i'm really doing this. It sounds silly but i did it. I never know that by asking where are you will make me look like a control freak. But u didn't realized you are also doing this too~

I make a big move when we were together, will i regret? I really don't know. I always hope that i have never make that move, but since i did, i will have to bear with it. Struggling to forgot about our love, you sure do a better job than me. My feeling was so tie up until recently. I know whatever it is, this has end and that's it.

Please let me be a bit selfish and live on my own life...

Love Dies

I got it !!!

Okay, continue from yesterday's entry
Who is Gloria?
Is it Leu's new girlfriend?

No No No

She's the HR from another company

U knw wat i mean~ :)



Thanx for the Call

Just when i feel hopeless and meaningless
Your call makes my day
I love you Gloria

The Gym DBKL

There's this DBKL in our Lot 10 Celebs who go after every guy, finally i am one of his target. Haha, i knw i m bad for calling him DBKL, but i m not the first one who name him 1st~ ok watever, when i first saw this DBKL, it was way ago when we're in stand-chart cali, and i knw what DBKL has been doing in the shower room~

So that day when i was talking to my new bff in lot 10, DBKL joined in our conversation and not long later when i went to locker room and ready to go, DBKL was there. I was quite surprise when DBKL started a conversation with me which i hope it will not happen~

DBKL: Hi, where do u live?
Leu: Cheras lo~
DBKL: Cheras so big, which part?
Leu: Ummm~ *luckily my colleague call, safe by the ring :) *
DBKL: I have been wanting to take your number long time ago, but i was shy~
Leu: Huh?!? *shy? i dont think so
DBKL: Can i have ur number? *pass me his hp
Leu: Okay~ *thought of giving a fake one but luckily i didnt, coz he miscall me on spot :P
DBKL: Maybe we can go out sometime
Leu: See how lo~
DBKL: What abt tmw?
Leu: Oh... not free wo
DBKL: Then Thursday leh? Coz i'm not free on Wednesday
Leu: Oh, i'm only free on Wednesday *hehe, i lie :P
DBKL: Ok, i'll arrange my schedule so we can meet on Wednesday
Leu: Huh?!? No need la... i think i m not free on Wednesday wo~
DBKL: But u jst say u r free on Wednesday
Leu: Oh !!! *Die, i'm speechless
Leu: Confirm again ok?

And ever since this monday, i have received total of 30 sms frm this DBKL, but i only replied 5 msg in total~ haha.... and today is Wednesday~ i have received 5 miscall since 9am this morning. 3 of them i have missed out coz i was rushing something, 2 of them... i purposely ignore de~ :P But i think i will bump into DBKL if i go to gym today... but i really wanna go gym wo~ how?!?

And while i was writing this entry, another msg come in. "Tonight how?"
I think i will jst reply "tonight not free, have to gym" :P

Wish me luck ya guy~ though i m single, but i dont want DBKL, i cant erase my memory of what i knw he's been doing in the shower room~ geli !!!

We don't have anything at all !!!

Other departments are cheering in joy and drinking champaign.
Other departments thank their bosses after receive angpow.
Other departments happily separate their gift.
Other departments eat the cookies like pig.

My department earn the most premium in the headquater.
My department has the biggest return for the whole company.
My department serve the largest clients and partners.
My departments work hardest like asses.

But when come to the fun part
other departments have it but not us

my bitchy boss is a divorcee.
so she doesn't wanna give angpow.
but other unmarried bosses give angpows.

other bosses buy lots of food for their staff to eat
other bosses brought their staff out for lou sang session
my boss keep quiet
not even a slice of gardenia bread for us

i don't hope for her to give us anything
but another 3 malay staffs didnt think like that
they expect all these
keep on mumbling and mumbling

see? in a company
it doesnt really matter how good your performance is
it doesnt really matter how much premium you earn
it only comes to the boss which you are under of

My lonely single bed

After all the gathering & outing with friends and bloggers, in the end i still feel empty and lonely when i sleep on my single bed. Friends might not notice that actually there's soul-less inside of me during the gathering becoz i still make jokes and talk like nothing happen.

The single bed seems like a huge king size to me!!! So i place all my clothes and my lappy with me while i sleep, but... i still feel empty inside... and every morning i wake up like a zombie and work work work. maybe i still need some time to cure which i thought i have recovered!