Japan: Tokyo & Disney Sea

The final post about my Japan trip is at Tokyo and we visited Disney Sea as well. First of all we went to Lake Ashi for a pirate boat ride. Along the 45min ride, we saw some beautiful sceneries, but too bad i'm not gonna post them out because i'm in it :P
There are these 2 beautiful guys, whom i thought is a couple
Because they are quite....ummm... figure it by urself 
Of course there are 2 pretty girls too
They are not Japanese girls but Thai girl instead
The girl on the left even request me to take a photo with her... haha
Mount Fuji is a fabulous outdoor place which i have always wanted to visit. The temperature is 3C that time. A day before we went there, it was actually raining and a bit snowing. Luckily the snow stop so that we can managed to go up to the level 4 of the mountain. From far away, the mountain looks so magnificent, but there's actually nothing on top...:(
See? Along the way, snow are everywhere. And of course i'm a fans of haunted places, i ask my tour guide regarding the Japan's suicide forest and hotel... it was nearby the mount Fuji... scary...

The night after mount fuji, we overnight at a hot spring hotel which i have enjoy "eye-ice cream" a lot ... lol~ ok, back to my trip, the following is Ueno Park which have a lot of museum, zoo and even sakura inside...
Students everywhere

After that we enjoy our lunch
The big crab... so fresh and yummy

France Eiffel Tower, Malaysia KLCC tower, Taiwan 101 Tower, Shanghai Pearl Tower... of course, i cannot miss the Japan Tokyo Tower :) This is the view from underneath the tower.
View from the top of the tower
And the special of this tower is... there are glasses on the floor
You can see the ground/earth from on top of the tower
Scary huh?!?
The famous Asakusa Kannon Temple is full of crowd. The history of this temple is quite attractive, i'm not gonna say it here anyway, you may google it if you like to... The temple is very huge and bling bling coz they used up a lot of gold color :)

Palette Town is a nice place which separated into 2 sides. One is a shopping mall - Venus Grand which the shopping mall copy from Paris; Another side is a Toyota car showroom... plenty of Toyota car therefor exhibition and sales, really geng!!!
The fountain in Venus Grand, nice kan?
The Toyota showroom
Beside that, there are one big merry-go-round in this palette town too
At night time after we enjoy our Japanese style BBQ, we have a great shopping at this fabulous heaven - Ginza. A lot of branded here... Burberry, LV, Coach, Mikimoto, H&M, Uniqlo...

Disney is a place which i wanted to go since small. In Japan, beside having Disney Land, there are Disney Sea too. Disney Sea is only in Japan, throughout the whole world. Most of the cartoon here belongs to the Sea cartoon...
First we have a ride of the submarine in this small ship
This is the beautiful Triston Kingdom
Triston is Little Mermaid's father
Look how colorful inside the castle
There is also a show of Ariel and her friends.
Theme - Under the sea
Of course we can't miss the chance to buy my fav Donald's T Shirt :)
Aladdin, oopss... i mean Genie's castle :P
Lol, the 4D show inside is quite nice and funny
Later on we take a train ride to have a look around Disney Sea
In the weather cast center 
There are a spaceship 4D show
Its cool and i really really love it
Final stop, we have a good shopping again in Disney Sea

So, this is the end of my Japan Trip... Though its expensive, but i have no regret because it is a one good trip and experience for me. And i'm proud to say that, for this trip, i sponsor my parents to go along :)

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May 7, 2012 at 2:02 PM

that couple is not jap , its like pakistan or indian ,,..plse put chinese pics


May 9, 2012 at 9:49 AM

so rich, can sponsor your parents, i think the whole budget for 3 persons is around RM20000