Something fishy

Hmmm... i feel something is not right lately at my house lately. One night i woke up in the middle of night and i realize my bedroom door is wide open, i was shocked and quickly close the door silently. Well the reason being is that i always sleep nakedly, and having my cousin bro living with me lately, i will need to well behave and can only be "free" when i'm in my own room.

When the door is close, i slowly re-open my door and peep outside. My cousin's door is close and no light shine out underneath the door there, so i suppose he has sleep... But how come my door is wide open? This bother me a lot, so i ask my cousin bro the next day, he told me he was asleep during 10pm (much more earlier than me) after his basketball game... After that i has totally forgot about this incident when I happily went travelling with my family in Europe...

My cousin bro (let's call him zyx) is in charge to look over my house during my travel. When I came back from the trip, my house is ok and my dogs are in good shape as well. One thing is, my house seems to be very clean, which i'm suppose to be happy with... But just a little bit too clean... I felt that some of my things have been touched, but i'm not sure and i don't wanna ask zyx.

Something fishy going round at here and this make me remember of my bedroom door wide open incident... Am i being too suspicious?