Taiwan: Taipei - Jiu Fen + Shi Fen + Wu Fen Pu + 101 Tower

 The journey continues as we go to Jiu Fen
Down the hill, we saw this ocean with 2 colors, red & blue
We were told that the red part is due to the bronze which flow from the hill
 This is the previous factory which they use to get bronze
 A view from the hill
Jiu Fen as all of u know is famous of the shopping street
Along the long street, there are things/foods everywhere

 After a few hours shopping and eating non stop at Jiu Fen
We went to Shi Fen
So sorry dudes, all the pics i took is not suitable for me to blog
So i have to post the railroad instead
We wrote down our wishes on the huge chinese lamp and light it in the sky
Hopefully our dream will come true
 Along our way, we passby this Qing Tong
Which there are a lot of movies film at here before such as 那些年

The very last day, we went for another shopping spree in the famous 101
This is the tallest tower in Taiwan (of course)
And after buying all these
I'm broke
No more trip for this year :(

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