Malaysia: Kuala Selangor & Sekinchan

At 22nd March, a group of 4 old man decided to go for a day trip in our lovely Kuala Selangor :P We start the relaxing journey after breakfast. First we went to the Bukit Malawati which we can see a lot of these black fur monkey with long tails. One cute thing is, the baby is gold in color instead...
The mommy and baby
They are quite tame
But they definitely will grab the food from your hand
We then bought a RM5 ticket and hop on to this colorful train and have a short tour up the Bukit Malawati. Though its short, but for me its ok...
Althingburgh Fort
A few big canyon at the wall
This fort is build during the Dutch time i believe
The former ruler of Siak, Muhammad Ali
he aided Van Braam in overruning the town during this period
Lotsa lotsa monkeys there

Hop on the train, we went to the aquarium "Fresh Water Fish Park". The place is very quiet, too quiet instead! Not much people at there except us... The pond is so dirty and u can't even see the fish inside; some aquarium got the gold fish inside instead of the "name species"; the only thing that really worth to see is the nice pigeon and the peacock.
This pigeon look like she's wearing a fur!
Edgy!!! Lol
The prettiest species we seen at this place~
And all these dump dump fish... haiz
To be honest, this place is so big 
and i truly believe they can make this aquarium better
so that it can attract more visitor

After our seafood lunch, which is not really that delicious, we saw this nice temple nearby and decided to stop by and pray for some rain... hehe.. So all of u please thanks me ya coz i m the one who call for the rain 
Nice structure

Finally the beautiful padi field which i have wanted to come for so so so many years... You can't believe how many pictures we took at here, but of coz i'm too shy to post them out here haha... 

The nice Sekinchan padi field, everything look so green here... We ran around the place like small kids, which its a shameful things to do so... but who cares? We shout and jump like we were 20 years younger lol~ It is so enjoy to be here, but of coz the hot weather that day make us all sweaty and sticky after it.

A little further from here is the nice Sekinchan beach, which the TVB drama crew has came here earlier on to do the shooting. A lot of people here... not bad... hopefully this place can grow bigger and become one of the visitor spot~
The charming tree
Chairs hanging down from tree branch
It is like a swing... cute
 This is the famous signboard
"I Love Sekinchan"
 Kids playing kites, nice!!!
 The beach, but the ocean is nasty
Tree houses everywhere

The below 2 pictures, i grab them from the website coz we were so lazy to take any photo anymore. After our so call "tea" at old town, we went to our final spot "Taman Kelip Kelip" to see the fireflies before our dinner. The place is quite quiet and the tourist are silence except us 4... lol~ i noticed that the caucasian lady sitting in the same boat with us feel annoyed at us~ hey come on, we are having fun ma...

The lake side doesn't really have that much of fireflies as shown below, it has decrease a lot since the last time i came here, i think more than 10 years ago... But its still very nice and just to share with all of u tat Malaysia does have a lot of nice places which we should support our own country too! 

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia :)

Love u all

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