Happy 2013

I've not been a good blogger coz i have stop blogging at here since Oct... 
so as my movie blog too in these 2 weeks as i am very very busy with work...

Since the earth still stood still and the human beings are still living
i think the God wants us to continue to suffer... right? Lol

Well, i'm here to wish everyone
HAPPY 2013 :)

A Sickening Costume Party

I went to a sickening costume party recently. It was supposed to be a Fairy Tales Night (which i was informed of). But than later on, when i attend, only 3-4 people wearing fairy tales, 5-6 people wearing other costume (such as catwoman, gladiator & others).... The rest 40++ people just wear normal shirt & jeans.

I was really not happy about this function, a lot of them i have not meet, the organizer didn't even introduce everyone who is there... I can see some people sitting around by themselves, luckily i got someone approach me and have some boring chat...

Games at that night is so stupid and childish, i almost fall asleep... yawn~ The whole party is sucks, i wish i have never go...

國王遊戲(临场) / 金澤伸明 King's Game (On the Spot) by Nobuaki Konazawa

The 3rd book of King's Game
It is more exciting and more cruel
It is out of your expectation

Basically the rules and regulations of the game is still the same
1. Every student force to participate
2. After receiving the King's instruction, it must be carry out in within 24 hours
3. You will be punish if you don't follow the order
4. Nobody is allow to pull out from the game
This time, it talks about Natsuko's version
Though the games are more cruel
But the story talks more about Natsuko's inner heart
And it did cut off much of the torturing part :( 
I really hope to read more about the cruelty side, but too bad
And there's a girl who is more cruel than Natsuko - Mai
Mai outshine every students in this book
My idol :)
Really hope to read the 4th book soon

國王遊戲(终极) / 金澤伸明 King's Game (Finale) by Nobuaki Konazawa

I used around 1 week to finish the 1st book
But i only used 4 days to finish this 2nd book

Basically the rules and regulations of the game is still the same
1. Every student force to participate
2. After receiving the King's instruction, it must be carry out in within 24 hours
3. You will be punish if you don't follow the order
4. Nobody is allow to pull out from the game

This time Konazawa will face his ultimate rival - Natsuko
Both of them experience in the King's game before
Both of them did not survive in the 2nd book
Nobody survive in this 2nd book

Though the story is nice
But i don't like the ending

Taiwan: Taipei - Jiu Fen + Shi Fen + Wu Fen Pu + 101 Tower

 The journey continues as we go to Jiu Fen
Down the hill, we saw this ocean with 2 colors, red & blue
We were told that the red part is due to the bronze which flow from the hill
 This is the previous factory which they use to get bronze
 A view from the hill
Jiu Fen as all of u know is famous of the shopping street
Along the long street, there are things/foods everywhere

 After a few hours shopping and eating non stop at Jiu Fen
We went to Shi Fen
So sorry dudes, all the pics i took is not suitable for me to blog
So i have to post the railroad instead
We wrote down our wishes on the huge chinese lamp and light it in the sky
Hopefully our dream will come true
 Along our way, we passby this Qing Tong
Which there are a lot of movies film at here before such as 那些年

The very last day, we went for another shopping spree in the famous 101
This is the tallest tower in Taiwan (of course)
And after buying all these
I'm broke
No more trip for this year :(

Taiwan: Taipei - Yang Ming Park + Shi Lin + Gu Gong + Dan Shui + Xin Bei Tou + Ye Liu

 Hi everyone, sorry for taking such a long time to update my Taipei Trip
I was kinda busy recently and my new puppy is giving me a big headache
Well, come back to the trip
The trip suppose to be 2nd - 7th August
But thanx to the typhoon, my flight was delayed for 12 hours

We stay in Xi Men Ding
It is my first time to Taipei
I rely on my fren to arrange all the accomodation
And it seems like a good choice to stay in Xi Men Ding
Very convenience
 First station, Yang Ming Park
We took a bus up there, and fuck it rains during our journey
We spend some money to buy the ugly yellow raincoat 
But suddenly the rain stop
 Yang Ming Park is very beautiful
There's multiple stop on different part
We stop at a few and enjoy the nice natural environment
 There's a spring at one of the scenery
Nice kan? Look like heaven~
 This part is my favorite
I feel like i'm in New Zealand :P

 After that, we took the bus down to Shi Lin night market
Of course i wouldn't miss the chance to taste all the local food
But umm... they are not my cup of tea seriously
I'm a guy who like spicy food
Most of their food is a bit sweet for me
And not salty enough
So i'm kinda disappointed about it
 Beside the foods, there are a lot of game station
Look at these youngsters
They are catching the gold fish~ :)
 And there were some sex stalls
Hehe, i bought the egg :P

 The next day we went to the Gu Gong
Sorry guys, i noticed that most of the pics have our face in it
So i decided not to post much on this place
We went here because of the famous
"Xiu Bai Chai" & "Dong Bo Rou"
They are good and look so real
The rest of the antiques are so damn cool

 Next destination - Dan Shui
And again, most of the pics have our face in it as well :P
But have a look at this guy, he is so cool
Not like our Bukit Bintang gold man, this guy move and his eyes are close all the time
Dan Shui is near to the beach, the whole place is full of tourist
Either local or from oversea, it is packed!!!
Of course we enjoy the local food again

 After a whole day of walking in Dan Shui, we are tired
So we decided to travel to Xin Bei Tou to enjoy the hotspring
There are so many hotspring shop at there
We chose one with reasonable price
I used the public pool and ....

 The 3rd day, Ye Liu is our first stop
Everyone should know that the Queen's head is famous in Ye Liu
It is so windy that day, but luckily it is not that hot
Maybe the typhoon just over, so the weather is just nice :)
We que up to take photo with the Queen's head and it is so cool
I really love Ye Liu
But too bad there are too many China man there
And they are so fucking noisy

 Next to the Queen's head, there are an Ocean World aquarium
The aquarium is not that big, not as good as our klcc's
But, since we got free entrance ticket... we just have a walk inside
The whole journey in the aquarium only takes us 45mins 
Well, that's all for this post
Will post more in the next post~ stay tune!!!

國王遊戲 / 金澤伸明 King's Game by Nobuaki Konazawa

One of the highschool in Japan, every student in one class received a sms
All of them has to participate in the King's game
Rules are simple, once you receive the King's instruction
無論命令為何,一定要在24小 時內達成使命,
Whatever the order is, it must be complete in within 24 hours
Or else there will be punishment, nobody is allow to pull out from the game
To continue living, everyone must follow the order
Therefore, when every kind of unexpected
泯滅人性且慘無人道 的簡訊命令傳達時,
Ridiculous and crazy orders are given
A scary game begins...

Rules of the game
1. Every student force to participate
2. After receiving the King's instruction, it must be carry out in within 24 hours
3. You will be punish if you don't follow the order
4. Nobody is allow to pull out from the game
After reading this book, i feel its the parody of the old Jap film - Battle Royale 大逃杀. Of course, Battle Royale is control by human being while this is control by some demonic power. How would i rate this? I'll have to give a 7/10 for this. Its because the whole story is kinda predictable and the way of the killing is too simple... cannot satisfy a slasher's heart of mine~ lol

Oppa Gangnam Style & its parodies~

 Lol, i know everyone heard of this & its franchise parodies...
You may find it irritating...
If you have heart-attack, pls dont watch...

Original version

Nelly Furtado version - cool

8e-news version - Yikes! Petaling street :P

One Fm version - too short

Malaysia version - Are they promoting Tesco? Lol

 KL version - I like it, very creative

Hakka version - this is from Api? lol

Sabah version - Hilarious... skinny version?

Taiwan version - Hokkien Kanasai

Chang Family version - I love this, its like a family project~ lol

Thai version - Y no ah gua?!?

Chicago version - Ok ok only

K Town version - English version nice :)

Girl version - She's from London, and she do it all by herself

Singapore version 1 - The worst

Singapore version 2 - some part is not welly shoot

Singapore version 3 - Oh, got one lengchai inside :)

Condom version - =.='''

TVB 花旦系列 8: 徐子珊 Kate Tsui

Kate Tsui,1979年6月19日,籍貫廣東博羅,香港演員及歌手,曾就讀沙田蘇浙公學,其後轉校至港澳信義會慕德中學就讀中學六年級,兩個月後往海外升學,畢業於美國加州大學戴維斯分校日文系。 因拍攝《溏心風暴之家好月圓》角色需求而學習葡萄牙語。



2009年,徐子珊簽約恆藝亞洲唱片公司,在9月推出個人首張EP《Kiss Me Kate》,成為影視歌三棲藝人。恆藝亞洲唱片公司於2010年因公司重組結束唱片部門 。
從小對舞蹈有濃厚的興趣,4歲開始學跳芭蕾舞,11歲時因右腳踝受傷而被迫放棄,14歲轉跳Hip Hop和Jazz,立志做一個舞蹈表演藝術家。中學六年級時到美國加州大學戴維斯分校日語係就讀,輔修西班牙語和市場營銷。

大學畢業後回港,自學普通話和拼音輸入法,做過翻譯和市場統籌等工作,曾在九龍灣的寫字樓上班。 2003年底曾參演歐錦棠​​和羅敏莊主演的音樂劇《細鳳》。 2004年參選港姐,獲得2004年度香港小姐冠軍、修身美態獎、最上鏡小姐及國際親善小姐四項大獎。其後簽約TVB無綫電視、主要演出劇集,受無線力捧,成當家花旦。
2005年首度參與電視劇演出,於奇幻潮之我愛你I Love You中與謝天華飾演夫妻,隨後陸續於多部劇集參與演出。在潘嘉德監製、林峰鄧萃雯主演的《女人唔易做》中擔任第三女主角,飾演鄧萃雯的妹妹海璇,此劇收視大好,引發全城話題,並奪得2006年TVB萬千星輝頒獎典禮的“最佳劇集獎”。






無線電視香港小姐競選 冠軍、最上鏡小姐、國際親善小姐、修身美態獎
無線電視國際華裔小姐競選 美態傾城小姐
無線電視萬千星輝頒獎典禮 飛躍進步女藝員
香港電影金像獎 最佳新演員
香港電影導演會 2007年度新演員獎(金獎)
無線電視2009勁歌金曲優秀選第一回 新人薦場飆星獎
無線電視2009勁歌金曲優秀選第三回 歌曲獎:Hit Me
新城勁爆頒獎禮2009 新城勁爆新人王(女歌手)
2009年度叱咤樂壇流行榜頒獎典禮 叱咤樂壇生力軍女歌手(銀獎)
2009年度十大勁歌金曲頒獎典禮 最受歡迎新人獎(金獎)
第三十二屆十大中文金曲 最有前途新人獎(金獎)
SINA Music樂壇民意指數頒獎禮2009 我最喜愛女新人(銅獎)
2009年度雪碧中國原創音樂流行榜頒獎典禮 最優秀新人獎(港台地區)
2009年度IFPI唱片銷量頒獎典禮 最暢銷本地新人
星和無線電視大奬2011 我最喜歡電視女角色- 高麗芯
星和無線電視大奬2011 最佳活力大獎
MY AOD我的最愛頒獎典禮2011 我的最愛十五大電視角色- 凌倩兒(Ada)
星和無綫電視大獎2012 魅力體態獎
星和無線電視大奬2012 我最愛TVB電視女角色 - (《潛行狙擊》(姚可可))

奇幻潮之我愛你 as Joanna
識法代言人 as 邵美華(Ada)
女人唔易做 as 海璇(Ida)
突圍行動 as 殷向晴
學警出更 as 文靜
舞動全城 as 楊詩曼(Victoria)
千謊百計 as 藍屏
甜言蜜語 as 唐棠
溏心風暴之家好月圓 as 路嘉美(Camie)
少年四大名捕 as 桑芷妍
幕後大老爺 as 趙玉卿/小寒
美麗高解像 as 高青雯
情人眼裏高一D as 謝安腓
情越雙白線 as 高麗芯
仁心解碼 as 莫敏兒(Mandy)
你們我們他們 as June
洪武三十二 as 沈千三/楚楚
團圓 as 萬家富(Peace)
潛行狙擊 as 姚可可(Paris)
法證先鋒III as 凌倩兒(Ada)
拳王 as 卓敏(客串)
雷霆掃毒 as 陳家碧
戀愛季節 as 夏志欣(Summer)
仁心解碼II as 莫敏兒(Mandy、客串)


跟蹤 as 何家寶(豬女)
合約情人 as Rachel
大搜查之女 as 陳鳳珍(Miss Chan)
金錢帝國 as 阿梅(老四)
矮仔多情 as 刀疤珊
錦衣衛 as 脫脫
72家租客 as 波波
抱抱俏佳人 as Remmy
我愛HK開心萬歲 as 孖妹(青年)
Laughing Gor之潛罪犯 as 姚可可(Paris)
神兽巴打 as  賴喬

喜羊羊與灰太狼之牛氣衝天(粵語版) as 美羊羊
十月圍城(粵語版) as 方紅(李宇春飾)
越光寶盒(粵語版) as 療傷少女(許晚秋飾)
喜羊羊與灰太狼之兔年頂呱呱(粵語版) as 懶羊羊
喜羊羊與灰太狼之開心闖龍年(粵語版) as 美羊羊
Kiss Me Kate(2009年9月10日) 

 2011年:半圓(TVB電視劇《團圓》插曲)(收錄於《LOVE TV 情歌精選 3》)


    2009年:Cheer Up!(與容祖兒、倉木麻衣、林俊傑、張敬軒、泳兒、陳偉霆、G.E.M.合唱)
    2009年:Hit Me(Hard Mix)



徐子珊《讀心術》、《Hit Me》、《血拼》


節目 主持(無綫電視)




 黄宗泽 & 小仪
吴卓羲 & 马国明