A Sickening Costume Party

I went to a sickening costume party recently. It was supposed to be a Fairy Tales Night (which i was informed of). But than later on, when i attend, only 3-4 people wearing fairy tales, 5-6 people wearing other costume (such as catwoman, gladiator & others).... The rest 40++ people just wear normal shirt & jeans.

I was really not happy about this function, a lot of them i have not meet, the organizer didn't even introduce everyone who is there... I can see some people sitting around by themselves, luckily i got someone approach me and have some boring chat...

Games at that night is so stupid and childish, i almost fall asleep... yawn~ The whole party is sucks, i wish i have never go...

國王遊戲(临场) / 金澤伸明 King's Game (On the Spot) by Nobuaki Konazawa

The 3rd book of King's Game
It is more exciting and more cruel
It is out of your expectation

Basically the rules and regulations of the game is still the same
1. Every student force to participate
2. After receiving the King's instruction, it must be carry out in within 24 hours
3. You will be punish if you don't follow the order
4. Nobody is allow to pull out from the game
This time, it talks about Natsuko's version
Though the games are more cruel
But the story talks more about Natsuko's inner heart
And it did cut off much of the torturing part :( 
I really hope to read more about the cruelty side, but too bad
And there's a girl who is more cruel than Natsuko - Mai
Mai outshine every students in this book
My idol :)
Really hope to read the 4th book soon