I think you're the father of one of my kids...

A guy goes to the supermarket
and notices an attractive woman waving at him.
She says hello.
He's rather taken aback
because he can't place where he knows her from.
So he says, 'Do you know me?'
To which she replies, 'I think you're the father of one of my kids.'

Now his mind travels back
to the only time he has ever been unfaithful to his wife and says,
'Are you the stripper I made love to on the pool table
at that Bachelor party with all my buddies watching
while your partner whipped my butt with wet celery?'

She looks into his eyes and says calmly,
'No, I'm your son's teacher.'

The Tunnel Test

A car is about to go through a tunnel.
Imagine that you are driving this car.
What will you want to see after you come out of the tunnel?

A. Ocean
B. Snow Landscape
C. Small Town
D. Mountains
E. More Tunnels

Answer 1st before u see the answer . . .

Pick an answer and scroll down

A. Ocean
You tend to spend money rather than save.
When you see something you want,
you will buy it without thinking it through.
You have a good sense of your needs vs. wants,
but because of your showy nature,
you frequently end up buying something that
is more expensive than you need!

B. Snow Landscape
You are a romantic and a dreamer.
You often feel theneed to save money,
but you are quite forgetful and have a tendency
of losing your wallet and valuables.
Instead of wasting energy on trying to make a fortune,
you should be really focusing on money management.

C.Small Town
You are a clear headed introvert.
You know the importance and value of saving money
and will continue to do so throughout your life.
You are never wasteful,
and therefore leisure activites are never a high priority.
Because of your conservatism,
sometimes you miss out on money making opportunities.
Don't forget you need to risk some money
to make even more money!

D. Mountains
You are good at saving money.
Although you don't like cutting expenses,
you always seems to have achunk of money ready for use.
You also know how to spend money.
You have the nerve to spend alarge amount of money,
if it's neccesary.

E. More Tunnels
You have a strong sense of money and talent in making money.
You will risk some money for the chance to earn a big reward.
You may become rich through the stock market or the lottery.
In the meantime,
your spending won't be small,
and if you try to savemoney,
you can be very well off.

One day with the Bloggers

Wat r u doing on the day of saving our earth? 2030pm - 2130pm, lights are advise to be switch off so tat we can save the electricity indirectly save our earth? Well, i did switch off the lights, but i immediate switched on the lights on 2130pm sharp!!! hahah~ aiyo, really can't live a day without light....

Before that, i went out in the early morning around 10am to gym... Met Albert there and chatted a bit about wat to do on the night, all that asshole jst tell me he is gonna on all the lights coz he wanna ruin the earth~ lolz... Then go lunch with Leister to his favourite curry mee in Alo before we strike our ass to LowYatt to search for something... It's quite pack at there and we manage to squeeze through the crowd into one spare-parts shops... He bought a laptop cooler while i get a casing for my external hardisc...

After i greet goodbye with Leister, straight ahead have to rush to Pavilion to meet up with the bloggers... I was suppose to appear as a surprise to meet up with Sanze...but stupid Lesly's maxis has a dumb connection at there, so i have to call Sanze..and everything wrecked up... When i reach Nando's, i saw a new fren, Dong-Zhu at there too...quite surprise to see him :) And there was Sze Thien too... We went to buy our movie ticket before we have some drinks in Starbucks.
Having some nice green tea latte while knowing each other better... And eventually me, Sze Thien & Sanze did something which we think its cool but a shock to the other 2 guys... Cannot disclose at here... hahaha~ And Ms Sanze complain tat i critizise her so much and luckily Sze Thien was on my side~ muahahaha... It's been such a long time i didnt have such a good time since the sad incident happened a few weeks ago... I think everyone has a good time b4 we hit the cinema...
We went for "The International". Sze Thien was the 1st one to fell asleep... Then Sanze and Lesly...Me and Dong-Zhu managed to finish the whole movie without falling asleep... And Ms Sanze complain the movie is lousy and boring except the part which they are shooting each other in a beautiful white museum... But i'll still give 2 out of 5 stars for this movie... Coz this movie talks abt crime and dirty money laundering stuff... so not a favourite-to-watch-list kind of movie... And in the end, we greet everybody a goodbye and head home... And as wat i have mentioned, thanx guys... for accompaning me :)

What do u want from a BoyFriend?

A few years ago, there's a rules for choosing your perfect guy to be your boyfriend, which is the 5Cs... I think u guy knw abt it = Career, Condominium, Cash, Car & Credit Card.... but is 5Cs still a popular guidelines? Ya, maybe you can find these 5Cs frm some older guys, but seldom on a young guy unless they r filthy rich with family business...Or is it 5Hs for some of the young gals? Handsome, Humor, Humble, Honest & Horny... But all these Hs doesnt really match with the economic criteria nowadays... U want bread or love? But i think some ppl with certain age or experience will not choose the 5Hs guy, maybe they will go for the 5Bs guys instead... wat is 5Bs? Brain, Body, Business, Bungalow & BMW...Hmmm.... got money and yet physical outlook and brilliant thinking too... I think this certainly attract alot of butteflies and bees to these guys...
So..u wanna become 5Cs? 5Hs? or 5Bs? Or wat kind of Bf u would like to have then?


這個有點無厘頭 but 好笑
關於蚯蚓的再生能力, 我已經忘記是什麼時候學到的知識了
對於這項神奇的能力 流傳著這麼一個故事....

某天 放無薪假的蚯蚓爸爸閒的發慌 於是....


蚯蚓媽媽十分擔憂家裡的經濟狀況 心裡悶到發慌
忽然間 她想到一個可賺錢又可解悶的好主意....


也證明了蚯蚓家族 有著不亞於蟑螂家族的生命力!
但 某天.... 蚯蚓家的大兒子卻死了....
這.... 到底是為什麼??

蚯蚓家族悲痛欲絕 但這也讓他們更加謹慎的使用這能力
誰料 他竟也死了..... 這“揪竟”是為什麼??

故事發展到這 如果您認為事件就此結束 一切都只是老梗 那您就錯了
人生無常 白雲蒼狗 命運捉弄人
就在事件後不久 蚯蚓一家竟都死了....
這“揪竟”是無薪假的糾結? 還是喪子心痛的糾葛?
亦或是離去靈魂的糾纏呢? 讓我們看下去.....

一切的一切 都只為了個“貪”字啊....
呼~~~呼~~~ 最近好冷啊~~
哈哈... 不錯吧!!

最後~~ 其實故事裡的蚯蚓夫妻死的有點冤旺說....

Ah Mei's Concert - 20 March 2009

Finally i got my photos from my friend, almost after one week only i can post this... hehehe~ I went to Taiwan Pop Diva's concert on last friday night, after my company kena fire...hehehe... i was able to go back home earlier and take a nice shower before i head to the concert... I went to the concert with Ryan, my best friend from Penang. I chose LRT but not driving coz i m afraid the traffic will be quite jam after the concert... So i reach there at 7pm to meet Ryan...

This is the scene which i can view from the RM138 ticket

The concert starts at 830pm sharp and almost ends at 12am...It is damn worth...and u can feel the power of Ah Mei's voice... This is my 2nd time to her concert, the 1st time was in 2003, at tat time i still didnt knw her songs much... This time, there's lyrics on the big screen board, all the fans sing along with her... She was so touched and drop some tears (dunknw whether its true or she's acting)~ But her strong vocal really brought excitement and heat to the crowd...For one moment, i was so touched by her love songs' lyrics, and it make me thinks of my previous love life as well~
Rock n' Roll Ah Mei (grabbed frm website)

This is wat i have shot ~ so much different frm the website :(

Victoria's Secret

Ah Mei fooling around with 4 hunks on her big bed

Oh come on~ let's have orgy
I didnt quite remember the songs tat she sang...but i think its something like these:
The sky started to rain again at the end of the concert...We were so high, almost everyone stands up and dance...especially me and Ryan, we're waving our hands, shouting and sang so loud...the gals sitting in front and behind of us feels our passion, and they sang along and dance too~ everyone is so happy except the 2 couples sitting beside us...One of them, the guy was like scared to loss his gf, hugging his gf so tight for the whole concert...The another couple is the guy who won malaysia's "I want to be Model" contest champion...He is quite tall, but like a tree, jst stand at there expressionless... :P
Overall, this is a best concert...I will wanna go to Ah Mei's concert again if possible :)

I'm Addicted to Black Coffee

I've promised to write abt Ah Mei's concert ...but my fren, as usual~ hasn't send me the photos yet...therefore i will write it next time...today i'm gonna write abt one of my bad habbit...which is - "drinking too much black coffee"...
Today when i was making my black coffee after lunch time...the tea lady approached me...She was famous of gossiping in the company as she's too free and has nothing to do at all~she said tat she noticed me making black coffee everyday after lunch hour... and its not good to drink too much black coffee... Then i realised~ yeah~ its true !!!
I was so shocked... since when i was addicted to black coffee ?!? Since when??? i jst cant remember when it is... i used to tell my parents tat coffee contains too much caffein which is not good for our health...but what the fuck am i doing now?!? i drink it everyday now...and sometime twice per day~ oh fuck !!!
Maybe i was too sleepy after lunch time and i need coffee to make me feel refresh~ but i knw this is a lame excuse and i cant forgive myself...i should stop all this coffee thingy...i should~ but jst let me drink one more today :P

Fire is on ~ run for ur life !!!

There was rain almost through out the the whole noon time on last friday...I was so worried the rain will continue for the whole day as i'm going to Ah Mei's concert at the night time...But luckily the rain stop around 3pm something...Happily, i was rushing some works so i can finish all my things before i go for the concert...I make some calls to the lower ground department and nobody pick up the phone and i jst simply ignore it...
Then my HOD called, she told us there's a fire in the lower ground...we have to take our valuable belongings and go down now...and quickly, the 4 of us (within our dept), we clean our things and we totally forgotten to inform the others... :P Then finally an AGM come out and announce it to everyone... But i can see from everyone's expression, they are like lacking of energy, slowly packing their things... I was out of the floor and head for the staircase, feeling kind of weird becoz i'm the only 1 who is using the staircase...
I walked all my way down from 12th floor and care-less abt my other colleagues... its not really my business if they didnt treat the fire case seriously... when i reached the ground floor, quite a number of ppl is already there...i saw my HOD waving at me so i walked towards her... She didnt ask much but whether we got help her to take her belongings or not... So i jst passed her the purse and wondered around to see what has actually happened...
There was a small fire burning somewhere at the lower ground area...3 fire bridgage car were here to stop the fire...i dare not took out my phone to take pictures as one of the GM was standing beside me... Feeling boring, i walked towards a crowd and busying chatting with them... Around 4pm something, we were asked to gather in front of Pavilion... I thought i can sneak inside to do some window-shopping...but too bad, there's a head-count session, so everybody need to stay at there...so boring...
Wondering wat time will this end coz i still need to rush all my work b4 i can go for my concert...then i got a great news... Office hour will be end !!! We jst need to go back and take all our things and switch off our PC... tats a good news for me... :) happily chatting while walking... i went back to my place in the office, shut down my PC and head back home to prepare for Ah Mei's concert at the night....i will post this at my next post~
But 1 thing i have discover from this incident... our company staff really doesnt care-much abt this...everybody treat this like nobody business...even me, i dont care much...haiz~ wat the hell am i thinking about? maybe jst becoz of all the sad and bad things that has been happenning previously still surrounded me... i really have to learn how to be happy...

ANTM - Cycle 10

This is the cycle which i think is the best beside cycle 2...Coz all the gals are so good and talented...although at the first i think that some of the gals look ugly, but after their make-over, they really shocked me with their chic and high-fashion look...Really have to give tyra a big clap for this cycle's make-over.

Cycle 10 Winner
Whitney Thompson
She's the ever 1st full figure antm winner...And i've learned frm this cycle that, they r not supposed to be called plus size model but full figure model... Although she's bit big but she definitely shot beautiful and high quality photos...

Anya Kop
The 1st runner up in this cycle. She reminds me a lot of Amanda in cycle 3. Both gals look kind of classic and european yet they shot marvelous photos. I thought tat Anya would win in this cycle coz she won quite a lot of the challenges and she's pretty like an exotic vampire to me :)

Fatima Siad
She looks a bit like supermodel Iman...before she got her make-over, i think that she looks ugly...but really 180 degrees change...and she has a sad old baskground story to cover her ass. But she's quite hardworking and do a lot of practises at their loft...but i think she needs to shave her armpit clean :P lolz~

Katarzyna Dolinska
Pretty Polish girl who look so special but weak personality. She really doesnt talk much during the competition... and i think this is becoz of the "personality" problem, the judges kicked her out

Claire Unabia
Another shock moment for me when i saw Claire's make-over. I think she looks terrible fugly with her hair, but boom- a high fashion look turn out to be so stunning and strong...But her one-only-pose make her a failure in this competition

Marvita Washington
She's out in the early cycle, but i jst simply like her after her make-over...Looking so cool and strong, she's the woman of my heart :P