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so sweet :)

A short getaway~ Perhentian Island + Redang Island + Lang Tengah

Finally I decided to blog a lil bit of my short getaway this time, Perhentian Island :) It is located in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, belongs to the Terengganu State. Well, we did not take the fancy way of traveling over there. Instead of being convenient by plane, we traveled all the way by bus, and the bumpy road has make my ass so pain...

After long hour of night journey, we finally reach the jetty early morning. It was an exhausted way of wait over there with nothing to do. I would suggest someone ope a mamak shop there, it definitely will bring good business, especially for all those travelers who waited at there~ 

Finally the jetty open and we been through some hoo-ha and got our way to the Perhentian Island~ The Coral View Resort is the place that we book, the room are wonderful, view is great and the small little private beach is awesome as well. But, but , but.... the restaurant attached to it is bad~ the so call owner or person in charge in that restaurant has a very bad attitude and manner. I forgive him because I won't let such bastard spoiled my mood anyway, but if for recommendation, i would suggest you walk to other stall/restaurant rather than this~
 This is how Coral View Resort looks
 See how nice the view is?

During this short trip, we went snorkeling and island hopping at Redang & Lang Tengah. Its a bit frustrated that most of my pictures got either me or my friends inside. And as I have swear to myself few years ago, no-photo-policy in my blog, I have no pictures to show u guys here :p

But overall the trip is very relaxing, a lot of nice coral to be view when snorkeling time. We saw bunch of baby sharks at the sharks point of Redang Island. We even saw big big sea turtle swimming around~ The sand is nice, i used it as a original spa hehe~
 I got this from the website
But this is totally how the sea turtle looks like over there
 This was from the website as well
I never saw so many baby sharks swimming so near me before
Last but not least
wait, this is not shit
this is sea cucumber which we saw a lot
we even took it in our hand and play with it
kinda slimy and its weird
think they look better when they are served as food hehe

When a big snake swallow another big snake

Time for another local trip~

I'm coming :)


she so cute :)

Don't Judge Me~

As what I mentioned a few post earlier, I have been doing what I want
as long as it is not illegal

Just because I'm different than you
or you all other bitches
doesn't mean that i'm bad

Don't judge me
If you wanna judge, look at the mirror
and judge your ownself

Coz u ain't God

BITCH! Don't try me~