In Love with Beijing: Olympiad + Qianmen Street + Great Wall

Going to Beijing has been one of my dream since young, of course going to the Great Wall is definitely the biggest dream out of this. Total 4 of us departing on 28/8 1:10am with Air Asia X; but our flight was delayed because the plane was used to do some savious in Egypt or watsoever~
The flight was fucking delay for 3 hours which was very annoying... It was not really a big deal actually coz no matter its on time or delay, we will reach Beijing in the middle of night! But if this delay is 3 hours, we would have not need to booka hotel for our midnight sleep near the Beijing airport~ Its a waste of our money!!!
When the plane departed, for almost 2 hours we were tied in our seat because the weather is worst and the plane is shaking tremendously. I sat beside an Indonesian lady who all of my friends said she looks like 谢雪心!!! She was praying, closing her eyes and look so worry... And i was freaked out as well because of this, but luckily everything is ok and we reach Beijing safely.
29/8 we reached Wangfujing 王府井 where we will stationed throughout our journey in Beijing. Our hotel is "Super 8 Beijing Wangfujing" which is so convenient, very near to the train station, 7eleven nearby and a fruit shop just next to our hotel :) And i am so happy that i got to buy fruits and eat on a daily basis, good for digesting
First stop is to the Olympiad, Beijing National Stadium... Even though the Olympic in Beijing was 5 years ago (2008), but people is everywhere at there...

The Bird's Nest

 Beijing National Aquatics Center
 Look yummy? Not really~

After a few hours of hanging around the Olympiad, we went to shop/walk at the Qianmen Street. We thought there are a lot of thingy to buy but nope~ its kinda expensive... but the view is pretty enough for us to spend our night at~

 This is the Qianmen Street
 Starbucks :)
 Uniqlo, but its kinda expensive
Nice huh? in the middle of the street
We won't see this is KL

 Beijing roasted duck as dinner :P
 Oh this nice salted steam fish is so nice
 We saw the Tian An Men at night when we passed by
30/8 is the most important day of this whole trip~ BECAUSE WE ARE GOING TO THE GREAT WALL!!!!!!!!!!! lol
It is suppose to be hot, all of us were on singlets and short pants and tons of sun protection lotion/oil of course lol~ Suprisingly it is not as that hot as it get, or maybe KL is hotter than here? hmmm...
The entrance Ba Da Ling
Sounds like Petaling, hehe
 Have this yummy beef noodle before we start

Oh finally, i'm so exciting 

 Look at the view, so nice and the weather is just good
 See how far we have go :)
 No fear on the stairs
KK mountain has trained me well ;)
 Going down is a bit scary coz its kinda steep
note: i'm inside this pic lol
They have these big bears at the entrance/exit of Ba Da Ling
After the Great Wall, there's still time for us to hang out in the city. We took the train and went to the Beijing city for some shopping :) We just full of energy lol

Beijing is just as jam as KL

 Enjoying aircon and some shopping
in this Beijing Jun Tai Mall
Dinner: McD
黑白双煞 is new during that time
white is just normal bread + chicken 
black is charcoal bread + pork
Is it delicious?
Just normal~

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December 11, 2013 at 9:20 AM

Beijing, i will visit again in the future. Full with ancient feeling and many great BUILDING. Its fun!


December 11, 2013 at 2:46 PM

yea the building is so nice especially the forbidden city