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Magical Musical 19th June 2011 @ Sunway Lagoon

On 19th June 2011, I went to this Magical Musical @ Sunway Lagoon with Amelia, LeAnne & Kent. We got this RM250 ticket, but the crowd is not that much, therefore we sneak to the VIP seats before the concert start :P
These are the 6 main performers for the shows. All of the have great voices, so amazing that just take my breath away. But the only thing is... all of them are kinda overweight~ lol
This is the pic of all the performers & dancers... see the asian guy with black singlet squad in front? He's cute~ and he has nice bod too~ while i prefer the pink color babe who has this crazy afro on her head... she dances the best !!!
This is how the stage look-alike. The starting is disaster when they have this local performers doing all sorts of stupid performance which i found is ridiculous... After the show starts, everything turn over... they performed those songs and music from GLEE, DREAM GIRLS, MOULIN ROUGE, SATURDAY FEVER, MAMA MIA & others moderns songs....
We did not take any clear pic for the show as we r too concentrate on the show and we did not move from our seats until the break in the middle of the show. Overall the show is good~ but if its in Genting, the cold weather will be better :)

TVB Naked Issue

Crazy Neighbour

WTF !!! I got this really annoying neighbour whom i can't tahan anymore....

1. Before they move in, they started their renovation on Nov 2010. Every morning the renovation start at 9am, including weekend and ended at 11pm~ so damn noisy... finally everything was done in end of Feb 2011.

2. After the house done on Feb 2011, the owner ask me to visit and keep bragging how expensive his materials and furniture is... By the way, he's an interior designer. But sorry, i feel that his house is very ugly and so not convenient, coz he added on a lot of things which will block his way.

3. The owner's wife and the wife 3 sisters stay at there whom are very very noisy. The 3 girls shout every morning at 530am when they going to school~ i feel like slapping their face

4. They got a pair of very annoying Chi Tsu which bark all the times, until one time i cant tahan and use water to splash them~ lol, evil me :)

5. The mother-in-law is a very cheap woman. Have u ever see an old lady climb out from her own daughter's gate door? Crazy !!!

6. I remember on March, they already argue with the next door uncle. The uncle whom they argue, i, personally think he is very nice and polite old man. I'm not sure what's the issue, but i think its the crazy family's fault. Even the lawyer's family who live beside me also complain about this crazy family

7. Once, i saw the 3 girls throw rocks at my puppy, which i immediately loss my temper and scold the hell out of them. From that time onwards, i dont speak to anyone of them anymore. And i have move my puppy to another side.

8. Now the crazy family starts another round of renovation again~ wth ?!? i peep through and saw they renovate the whole living room and their bed rooms too~ shit man... the noise start again~

p/s: can i curse them to hell?

插曲 - 郑秀文

如果滿足 如可滿足
而我極痛 而你未痛

如果我哭 如真要哭
純粹動作 未料有風

愈去隱藏 愈要破壞
如我愉快 完美狀態
如果了解 心中不快
人太倦了 請你諒解

明知揭盅 仍加插曲
如繼續痛 求再別碰
離開退縮 澄清接觸
尋我脈膊 為甚快速

再追逐 公演過目
來回場合 總要被曲解

重唱 *,*

Its the timing

A lot of things really depends on timing. When A came few months ago, A think that he's the prince but not until B appears.

Things change, B quickly win the points that A has been lacking and unwilling to give. When A figure something is not right, A quickly change something and hope miracle will happen. But the thing is, A is still too self-center.

Its all about timing, A or B ? Gosh...