Nepal: Chitwan + Nagarkot + Bhaktapur + Kathmandu

Namaste again, we travel to Chitwan, the national park/jungle of Nepal. We get to stay in the beautiful hotel/hut and get to have an elephant ride for 1 hour plus. Along the journey, we go up and down and saw some deers, monkeys and rhino...
Big elephants
Down the river and its so exciting...
Think its the mommy and baby

After the elephant ride in the jungle, we went to a river nearby to enjoy a nice sunset... Well, its been quite a while i did not publish any of my pic, so... here's me in the second pic doing the meditation while watching the sunset lol

Next destination, we travel to Nagarkot. An awesome awesome place, just to have a good view of the nice sunrise and a better view of the Mt Himalaya again...
Woke up damn early
And its worth everything
Even though we are in freezing cold weather
View of Mt Himalaya 1
View of Mt Himalaya 2

After the breath taking view, we travel again, phew~ Bhaktapur is what we see next... we saw a lot of stupa and square which is really special and unique. Mostly all of them are in the UNESCO
The local woman taking water
This is the largest stupa in Nepal
Pashupatinath Temple
The temple which they have the ceremony of burning the corpse
We saw a few ceremonies at there
and seriously i'm not gonna eat Xiu Yuk anymore...
Swayambhunath Temple
 We saw a local wedding
Beautiful bride
 The kid is cute huh? 
 Siva, God who incharge of the hell

Well, this will be the end of my Nepal trip. A 8 days trip and the cold weather definitely pull me away from the hot sun in Malaysia and i'm glad... People over here are quite friendly and the place is not as dirty as what the rumors said... Tips for u all if u wanna go Nepal, don't change too much USD in Malaysia, coz we can exchange the local money with our ringgit malaysia in Nepal, & the rate is much more better...

So long Nepal, its very nice and exotic place for me... Hope to come back again, but maybe 10 years later lol~

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