Justin Lo vs Gary Chaw

Guess most of you have knw abt this fighting case among these 2 celebrities, Justin Lo (HK) and Gary Chaw (Malaysia). Just watched their fight in youtube last night, silly fellas~ They were drunk and fight along at the street...

Don't they feel ashame of themselves? Both of them have certain amount of fans and supporter; both of them have certain fame in the industries; both of them can consider popular singer... But both of them acted idiotly and fight at the street like babarian...

When you reach certain stage and gained certain fame, you should behave yourself and be a good example to your supporters. Their supporters' age range might goes from 12-60yo... who knows? And the fight certainly will affect their fans; young fans might feel proud of their idol and will learn/copy their behaviour... They might think fighting is just some normal case becoz their idol also fight~

And Gary Chaw really really make a shame to us, MALAYSIAN!!! I will not ever buy his CD album~ ever~ As for Justin, haiz... although i really like his song, but hopefully he can change his behaviour... dun make a bad impression to his fans like me~ sad

Power of Love - Spidy Version

Remember Spidy? The jealous fella? The one who want to compare with me and wanna have a "perfect" bf? Ya... spidy... Yesterday is our spidy birthday, as frends, we still celebrate for him. And surprisingly, he is behaving well and act nice to everyone... listen carefully, is everyone~ :)

Of course, we forgive and forget what he has done earlier and happy for the change of attitude and behaviour. After we ask him for a several question, spidy admitted that he's in love :) wow~ power of love, he become so cheerful and friendly, no more grumpy spidy...haha. Although his lover is not the "perfect" which he request, but at least tat fella is a romantic guy whom suit spidy a lot...
See? Love really have the power to turn someone up or down... Now spidy is happy and keep on laughing like an innocent boy :) We love the brand new spidy and hope that he will be enjoying his love life and happy forever... phew~ at least we will not kena shoot next time~ muahaha

Departs Early, Arrives Late

Ya, you're right. This happened to me this morning, and i'm so pissed off right now~ departs early from my house, a 20 minutes drive to work become nearly an hour drive... Stupid stupid stupid~ and now i'm late to work~ really really geram right now...
wat's wrong with it? the same amount of car, the same day, the same period for the traffic light to change, but why? coz all those stupid drivers and stupid traffic police. ARRGGGHHHH

Alan Strikes Back

Woah~ very dramatic, Alan strike back against his ex-gf... Like the guy with the knife? haha~ hell no!!! But Alan make a police report ~ damn~~~ hahaha... aiyo... dunknw who encourage him to do so... but Alan really go and report this to the police... and he's gonna show me his police report soon :P

Hopefully the stupid ex-gf knws wat she has done wrong, and appologize...abothen~ see her in the police station then :)

The Ex-Gf is back for Revenge

Wow, discover who's sending msg/sms cursing Alan yesterday, it was his ex-gf whom he broke off with in the beginning of this year... After 9 months, she's back for revenge... Using all the unknwn numbers to do all these cursing things... But finally she called and told Alan that she never care for him, and never love him before and bla bla bla~

Lolz, if u didn't love this person anymore, why do u care or bother to come back for revenge anymore? i knw tat when they broke off, this girl cried like hell~ calling Alan non-stop until Alan cannot tahan and change a new number... Bringing all the stuff Alan gave her and throw at Alan at Alan's office... she's sick~

Aiyo, for 9 months liao la...still cannot let go meh? Although Alan is the one who dump her, but doesn't mean she can take revenge and do all this stupid cursing... And the reason Alan dump her is because she has been too jealousing... Not letting Alan to keep anythings he has with his ex-gf; not letting Alan spend times with his friends for futsal; not letting Alan spend times with cool colleagues like me~ haha...So, in the end, this jealousing and demanding woman was dump...

So now, we jst told Alan dun care abt her. Let her rot by herself, useless woman~

Birthday's Mood Spoil

Today is my ex-colleague, Alan's birthday. He is suppose to enjoy his day with good wishes from family, friends and relatives... But instead he called me and complain~ what happen?

Some bastard send him more than 20 messages/sms and curse him to have a bad day... Not even that, the bastard even curse he and his whole family to die in a horrible accident... What the Hell?!? How cruel this person is...

Although i used to curse last time, but now no more la~ coz twinkle papa, michi mama and Ant have advice me not to do so, as it is bad for karma... Ok ok, come back to the story... Even i do curse last time... but i never curse during someone's birthday, or even send msg like this... So i ask him not to delete the msg/sms... jst incase something happen, can use the msg/sms as an evidence and report to the police... this is so horrible... fyi, Alan is a nice guy who always help other friends, all the colleagues like him very much :) Maybe he jst accidentally stepped on somebody's tail... but this is too much for cursing like this... haiz~

No matter what, don't do such thing to anybody...so hurtful~ just imagine if u r the one who received this msg, i bet u r not happy either

Happy birthday Alan, hope u have a good year ahead~

當四葉草碰上劍尖時 Heart of Fencing

My first TVB drama which involve the youngster as the main cast, kinda feel like the taiwanese series... Not a bad one... guys are handsome while the gals are cute :) A total of 11 episodes, short and nice, not too draggy~ Feel young and fresh after i watch this series... although they are not very good in acting~ lolz
黃婉伶 aka 2R

愛情全保 Love Guaranteed

How long can love lasts? 1 year? 10 years? 20 years? Or forever?
How much do you trust a relationship? 100%? 80%? 60%? Or doubt about it?

Just finish watching tvb's "Love Guaranteed". A fantastic love story yet tells out how ideal love and reality crush against each other...ooo~ i love this... starring by Sunny Chan, Melissa Ng, Kenneth Ma, Cherrie Kong & Paul Chun.
Both of Sunny & Melissa are in Insurance Industry, and they came out with a new policy, "Love Guaranteed"...The policy insured a couple to be together until they get marry, and when they get marry, they are rewarded with a huge amount of money... wat a stupid idea...

I don't really think this policy can insured a couple to stay together forever... don't you think so? i'm not trying to be negative or wat... but just dun believe lo~ hahaha... So, this couple bought their policy and thought of being together forever...
Until the day of their marriage, Sunny dump Melissa in the church~ Gosh!!! See? How shock she is... :P Aiya... drama memang drama~ story goes crazy, but still got fans like me to support them~ hahaha

馬桶為何會有蓋?? The Toilet Seat's Cover

一直想不透馬桶為什麼要有個蓋, 什麼時候才用的著?

用過就沖水, 幹嘛還需要一個蓋子 ? 原來 ......
I always been wondering about the toilet seat's cover
When is it gonna be use?
We flush the loo after we use it, what for do we need the cover?

紐約大學菲利普爾諾博士指出,如果沖水時馬桶蓋打開,馬桶內的瞬間氣旋最高可以將病菌或微生物帶到 6 米高的空中,並懸浮在空氣中長達幾小時,進而落在牆壁和物品上。
Professor Philips Enor from the University of New York said that, when we flush with the cover open, the air flow inside the loo will spin in a great speed and ejaculate the germs and mico-organics up to 6m high in the air. They will flow in the air for a few hours and then stick on others stuff

Almost all the toilet in the family are share within bathing and loo. So the germs will easily stick on others stuff such as the toothbrush, cup or even towel...

Therefore, we better practice to cover up our loo when you flush!!

Tsunami at Haeundae

Went to movie with JT again last night :) JT is so cute, jst cut the hair, looking young and trendy... It was kinda surprise when I received the sms to join the movie, jst the both of us :) I have been rushing my work in a full speed yesterday, lacking of replying my msg with William & Lesly... Even drop off my gym with Winnie & Darren K. Its all for the movie~ hehe... not JT~ lolz

Tsunami at Haeundae, a Korean disaster movie, not bad... I rank it a 3 out of 5 stars due to all the technique and touching part... Although a lot of people say the whole beginning part (for almost 1 hour) has nothing related to tsunami... but hey, come on~ the movie needs to explain some relationship between some characters de ma~ right?

Then love, hate, agony, greedy are all shown by different characters... But when Tsunami came, everything change... Human beings have lost their sense of nature, and they did not sense the disaster is coming like animal, hence they lost their precious life... few scenes really caught me, tears flow from my eyes, but i was too paiseh to wipe it coz afraid JT will see it :P

Scene 1: The mother was on her phone with the ex husband and daughter while slowly drowned inside the lift...

Scene 2: A guy cut off his rope to save another person, leaving his love one on the helicopter...

Scene 3: A mother lost her life because she wanted to buy a brand new shoe for her son...

Scene 4: Couple sending off their daughter to escape and hug together for their life to end...

Damn~ i must have been drinking too much water, coz i got damn lot tears last night... and i peek at JT, secretly wiping off the tears on the face :) Jt was touched too...

Recommend you guys to watch it in cinema, coz all the effects and touching part... Although its not really a very great movie like titanic, but worth to spend a RM10 for it :) Precious your family and your love one when you can, you never know what will happen in the future...

2nd Birthday Gift?!? Lolz

Haha, lucky Leu. Never notice almost after 3 weeks later, I can still get a birthday present :) The 2nd gift of this year (Leu very cham), a gift from MayChing in my company.

Gosh, i've got 2 gifts. And both of them are greatest hits album... Do i really need to upgrade my song-list? Thanks anyway :)

Liu Bo Lin - The Invisible Man

This guy paints himself, no kidding
No trick photography, he just paints himself
Last picture is simply brilliant
Hardly to spot him

You Are Linked ?!?

Well, when someone told me "I linked you". It was an honor for me :) Seriously... If you are linked in somebody's blog, means they are interested in your blog. And surprisingly, a few bloggers linked me too~ Bloggers whom never comments for me before, but they linked me :) Hmm~

I actually found out that I was linked in some blog which i never been there before, its cool~ they were some awesome bloggers who use all their hearts to write their blog :) I m so happy and surprise when i saw it :) The feeling is like winning an Emmy Award, lolz

Thank you, Kam Siah, Terima Kasih, Xie Xie Ni, Arigatou Gozaimasu

For all your support and courage, I will write more. Thanks :)

叮叮当 - 郑秀文

大踏步 在无尽跑道
我甩一甩 衣角的烦恼
人在活着 在乎是速度
伦敦的钟楼 天黑之前 保证到

若跌倒 学跌倒 人很快就进步
望永生 就永生 你终点经已到
为你好 为我好 从此各自上路
曾经多温柔 多麽风流 不必留指模

一个人永远有型不老 推不倒
明明是 多灾的感情之路

一个人切戒要人拥抱 搞不好
明明是 多灾的感情之路

Ding Dong Ding Dong
Ding Ding Dong Ding Dong
Ding Dong Ding Dong
Ding Ding Dong Ding Dong
Ding Dong Ding Dong
Ding Ding Dong Ding Dong
伦敦的钟楼 天黑之前 保证到

若跌倒 学跌倒 人很快就进步
望永生 就永生 你终点经已到
为你好 为我好 从此各自上路
曾经多温柔 多麽风流 不必留指模

一个人永远有型不老 推不倒
明明是 多灾的感情之路

一个人切戒要人拥抱 搞不好
明明是 多灾的感情之路

Ding Dong Ding Dong
I hear the London calling
Ding Dong Ding Dong
Ding Dong Ding Dong
I hear the London calling
Ding Dong Ding Dong

潇洒的生存之道 I hear the London calling
潇洒的生存之道 I hear the London calling
潇洒的生存之道 I hear the London calling
潇洒的生存之道 I hear the London calling

A "over-friendly" taxi driver

I went out to pass something urgent to one of my client this morning. As i was not familiar with Bukit Jalil area, so i took a taxi. So the taxi driver is a young chinese guy, roughly at his early 30's. He was being friendly at first, talking to me like he's my best friend. I don't really care and answer a bit here and there while busying looking at his meter...

Then he started to ask about my family and my name, i was like "wth"~ i barely even knw u... i'm not gonna answer that~ so i just pretend to talk on my mobile. After we reach the place, i noticed it is a place which no other taxi will come in if i didn't call for it. So i ask him to wait for me, and hopefully there was no extra charge for that... Then i zoomed off to meet my client. The lady client keep on asking a lot of stupid questions which i have already answered her in my email. After half an hour, i left the office and the taxi is still there :) Lucky me~

The driver offer me to sit next to him at the front coz he said the aircond is not functioning well at the back. So i jst hop in. During the journey back to my office, he kept on asking questions and telling jokes which i don't even bother. Later on, he gave me his name card and ask me to call him out sometime, jst as friend~ :S damn!!! And when we reach, he shakes my hand pula~ and say "nice meeting you"...alamak~ wat is this? i smile and went down his car... and throw off his name card in the lobby's rubbish bin~ yuck~who wanna be your friend anyway?

愈墮落愈英雄 Cheap Killers

"Cheap Killers", what a cheap name for a movie by Wong Jing. Casted by Sunny Chan, Fong Zhong Shun, Zhow Hai Mei & Stephen Fong in 1998. This is rated as III in HK when it is on the cinema... I think most probably got all the hot sex scene and Sunny Chan showing off his penis. But the version i watched is censored version~ damn... anybody has the uncensored version?
So, the movie goes as Sunny & Fong Zhong Shun are killers who are very famous of their efficiency. Sunny is a playboy who likes to sleep around with woman. Finally, he killed one of their best friend because he wanna get his beautiful wife, Zhow Hai Mei... But Zhow Hai Mei is a woman who wanted the best out of the best; she finally chose another head of gangster and ask them to beat up Sunny Chan, and gang raped him until he become useless (in sex)...

Fong Zhong Shun is a bisexual guy, and he is deeply in love with Sunny. So he take care of Sunny when he's hurt... and even bath naked together with him~damn... haha... finally they help each other out and kill Zhow Hai Mei when she kidnap Stephen Fong...

The whole movie is so so~ not really tat good... so i'll give a 2 out of 5 for this :)

The Last House On The Left - 2009

I just watch this thriller movie last night with my sister, its awesome. I gave it a 3 out of 5 stars. This is one of the movie which i miss it on the cinema.

A brief introduction of this film, it was re-film this year, the original was in 1972. I dunknw how's the original movie goes, but it must be a good one or else the production team will not film it again... This movie was cast by Tony Goldwyn as John; Monica Potter as Emma; Sara Paxton as Mari; Garret Dillahunt as Krug & Spencer Treat Clark as Justin. I personally found that Riki Lindhome who acted as Sadie looks alike to the ANTM cycle 1 winner Adrianne Curry. :)
John and Emma are the parents of Mari, they went for a short vacation near a lake. Then Mari met up with her friend Paige; both of them later follow Justin to a hotel to take some weed. Unfortunately, Justin's father Krug is trying to run away from the police... And being public by the local newspaper on the front page, Krug and Francis (Justin's uncle) & Sadie (Krug's gf) kidnap Mari and Paige, and try to kill them....

The part of killing Paige and Mari is so excited. Until the story came when Krug's gang accidentally went into John & Emma. Justin left them hint of Mari having trouble and Krug and gang are bad people... So, its up to John and Emma to take revenge and protect themselves against these 3 people... The whole movie is kinda exciting...You simply will not wanna miss it :)

Non Productive = Relaxing 4 days

Gosh, i really really enjoy my holiday in Penang right now.. Doing nothing but jst eat and sleep, i'm so afraid to go on the weighting machine now, i think i gain weight by jst eating what my mum and dad cook for us these 4 days...
I've been lying on my bed and watching astro all day long...i ate marmie and double-decker; i ate fruits tat my father prepare; i drink justea and coke tat my mum took for me...gosh~ i'm a prince~ lolz... haha, i sleep whenever i want... doing totally nothing at all beside eat and bath :) i dun really even bother to go online, except my stupid fren call me jst now and said he's gonna beat me in one of the facebook's game~ damn!!! hahaha~ so now here am i... after complete my game, i'm here to blog :)
I still remember that my target is 500 posts this year... so i hope i can achieve the target :) thou i'm feeling kinda lazy lately... my job really got me tied up in office lately... i dun really have the mood and time to blog either...And jst to answer some of ur question, why Leu can blog up to 3-4 posts per day? No need to work meh?
Sorry to say tat, Leu is a very responsible and effecient worker... i always make sure i got my things done, or partially done before i blog... come on, i only take around 5-6 minutes to blog 1 post, the most is only 10 minutes is i need to search for the photos... i dun watse more than 10 minutes for 1 post. I dun think anybody can work 8 hours non-stop without having any break~ and blogging is my time to break :) coz i dun go to the pantry too often and i dun walk around busy chatting like other colleagues ...
Ok, watever~ jst enjoy ur long holiday guys... and get laid (this is jst for evann, coz i knw he love it~ haha)

Balik Kampung + Selamat Hari Raya

Leu is going back to hometown tonight~ finally can see my parent :) Hope those who go back hometown and drive safely and enjoy your moment with your family; those who are not going back, party all night long and get laid~ yay
Selamat Hari Raya :)

The Curse of the Fallen Angel - Part 6

Previously, little Brendan is fighting with the blue lizard. While they are fighting at each other, Brendan is about to use raindrop spell to attack the blue lizard... "Power drop as power goes, energy raise while raindrop goes" After he chant out the magic power, raindrop started to fall from the sky. Its not an ordinary raindrop, its full of heavy metal inside. Each raindrop may hurt the opponent badly if the magic user has higher level of magic. But something little Brendan just seems to forget.

When casting the raindrop spell, the powerful metal raindrop might hurt the person who cast this spell. It is because the area of this magic will spread in a distance, usually the spell caster will cast a shield to protect himself first before casting the raindrop spell. But, looks like Brendan forget about it...

The powerful metal raindrop hits and smash towards Brendan and the blue lizard, and sadly, there are no shelter for both of them to hide. The spell for for five minutes long, but this five minutes seems like a decade for Brendan. Unable to stand the pain, little Brendan went off black out.

Time passed, without any idea of how long he has been sleeping, Brendan open his eyes and found that he was in his own bedroom, lying on the bed. Master Remi was beside him, looking at him. "My boy, did I not mentioned to you that, when you cast the raindrop spell, cast a shield for yourself first" Brendan is too weak to talk, he just nod his head, but tiredness bring him back to unconscious again. Well, for the time being, this is the first time that Brendan was hurt by magic. Therefore he needs more rest to recover. What about the lizard? Where has it been then? Does it get hurt under the raindrop spell too?

Yes, it was hurt. But Master Remi save its life too... Now the lizard is recovering itself in a magic casted by Master Remi.

Pack & Move

This morning purposely reach my office 45 minutes earlier to move my place... Since my boss has left, the senior whom will becoming my new boss will take her room. And of coz, she "loves" me so much, therefore she ask me to move to her original seat... Yeah~ exactly facing her room :) How Sweet~ nvm... i'm ok... move then move la... if she wanna see my handsome face for the whole day... jst feel a bit tiring after all the packing and moving... Gosh~ I'm sweating :(

Brainless Secretary

Remember i talk about the furious secretary who has been transferred from the CEO to the CIO? Think some of you do... well, I went for a meeting yesterday to represent my department since everyone is so damn busy; and i happen to sit beside this furious secretary.

At first, she went out the meeting room for a while. Then her mobile on the table start to ring, its a sms tone. So i told her about it when she came back, i told her to silence it but she said its fine, nobody will notice it.... Well, if you don't wanna switch it off or silence it, i'm not gonna force you. Your boss is here, so if anything happen, you have to take the responsibility then~

So, her mobile keep on ringing throughout the 2 hours meeting becoz her sms keep coming in. Its kinda annoying especially i'm the one sitting beside her. And other manager keep looking at our side when the phone ring... Gosh~ At one moment, i really cannot tolerate, i just point my finger at her when the phone ring again... Or else everybody will think that it is my mobile which interupting the meeting...

Beside sms, the furious secretary even talked on the phone during meeting... i mean wth~ her boss was looking at her, but she doesn't care. If there weren't any outsider, i think the CIO already blast out the bloody words to her. Haiz~ now i knw why the CEO doesn't want her... I don't feel pity for her at all...


18stupid/funny things, how many did you do for fun?

Dig your hand(s) into the rice jar(? or whatever you keep rice in) and play with the rice (of course i mean the one uncooked)

Purposely walk on the squares(that you want to and never exceed the boundary of square) of the floor.

Use mirror or things that reflect light to reflect light and play with it like that.

Use frottage(art technique) to rub out the lines/picture of/on the notes(money)

After eating the sweet, re-wrap the paper into the original shape it had as if the sweet is still in there.

Stand on the trolley and go around like that.

Stick paper, which 'I am idiot' is written on the paper, on classmates' back.

8、拍别人左边 站在别人右边
Nudge a person on the left but stand on right hand side of that person.

Purposely step on people's shadow.

Throw someone's slippers, which were placed in front of the doorstep, downstairs.

When going down staircase, sit on the railing and slide down instead of walking.

Walk against the way the escalator is moving on the escalator.

Use highlighter as nail polish.

Turn/Flip the umbrella(in the way such that rain drops will splash) when you're using it in the rain.

Facing the mirror(alone) to dance/sing/act.

Bark like a dog when you see cat walking on the street, meow like a cat when you see a dog..

17、下雨的时候,拿起伞故意往雨大的地方走去 听雨啪啪的声音 感觉很爽
Purposely walk into the heavy rain to listen to the sound of big rain drops hitting on the umbrella.

Press the bubbles on the air bubble bag(those for reducing shock for fragile items) one by one.

Notice that i've change this since morning?
Yes, L² Evolution

A small gift for Farewell

Ok, finally yesterday is the last day for my HOD and my senior a.k.a. biatch will be my new boss starting from today~ Not going to talk abt the senior today, she's not in my topic today...

We actually bought a gift for my boss, a pearl necklace and earrings. Leu is the one who choose it, and surprisingly everyone think it is nice :) see? Leu got strong sense on this, hahaha~ watever... My boss was very happy when she received it, and we can see her eyes were watery and the nose flash a bit of reddiness. A bit of touching during that time, and she thanks us for being helpful to her in the department. As a return, she gave us some small gift for memory...

I got a black color wallet, its not branded, but luckily its not frm pasar malam...lolz... Although i'm not gonna use it anyway, but i will appreciate it :) Everyone got a small little thing as well, and everything seems so warm... And we look like a family tat time, i mean~ only tat time la... Hmm~ all da best to u bossy... hope everything goes well for u in the new company :)

How they make CAVIAR