Australia's Next Top Model - Cycle 2

Erika Heynatz is still the main host for this cycle 2, bringing her bubbly personality to live up the whole show, which is the main point to keep me watching this whole cycle. Seriously i was a bit shocked that AusNTM is more drama than the ANTM, way way much more... Not only girl is seriously sick, girl with panic attack, and there is girl sleeping with the make up artist... gosh!

Cycle 2 Winner

Eboni Stocks

I kinda like her at the beginning of the show, she has a very small face, all her eyes-nose-mouth is mash up together... Kinda cute and special to look at... But girl, when she open her mouth to talk, i feel irritated, i can't even understand the whole sentence of what she said actually... If i'm the modelling agency and designer, seriously i won't book her at all~ and all her illness drama, oh pls... save it and leave it to yourself girl... I doubt why she won!

1st Runner Up

Jessica French

Hell yeah i love this girl the most, she looks high fashion and her runway is the best among all the girl. i think at the very end of the competition, girls gang up and talk bad about her in front of the judges, this has more or less influence the judges' mind about her. The panic attack also has cause her to be kinda emotional... Its sad to know she's not winning the competition, but i hope she does well in the modelling industry~

2nd Runner Up

Simone Viljoen

This next doorsia is sweet and love her a lot. But she should be leaving her drama with her boyfriend back to her own house and should not bring it to the competition because this really spoiled her a lot. For me, i believe she can do well in future... Keep it up gal~  

3rd Runner Up

Madeleine Rose

She is the girl whom i think can be very high fashion and appear in all the runway walk in Europe and doing the Vogue cover... She looks so good after the make over and i definitely attracted to her. Well, being the pretty girl (and she knows she is), she was flirting her whole way throughout the competition lol~ Not even sleep with guys she met in the club, she wouldn't even let go of the make up artist and created the whole drama scene in the show. LOL


I really wish i have a bathtub at home
/i enjoy soaking myself in the hot water
with bubble will be perfect
I have a fren who own a fabulous villa
the bathtub is on the balcony
how cool is tat...
I want a bathtub!!!

顧又銘 寫真


17th 萬千星輝頒獎典禮 2013


The Big Bad Wolf 2013

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale
6th - 15th Dec 2013
I believe that a lot of book fans went for it
Including me :)
This is my first time there
As i have missed the book sales last year
So there is no way i'm gonna miss it this year
I went twice
And spend total of RM201.00
There were so many books to buy
But mostly on english & BM
I think only the popular book fair will have chinese books
Well its alright for me
As long as i can buy books
And for tax reduction
This is enough for me

In Love with Beijing: Tiantan + Forbidden City + Yi He Yuan

Well, last post on my Beijing trip...
On 1/9, we planned and decided to visit the Temple of Heaven Beijijng, Tiantan 天坛. Sunny day but a bit chilly coz the falls wind is blewing quite strong. The Tiantan is quite pretty actually, but sorry guys i did not snap a lot of the scenery pic, most of them have me and my friends in it...
Welcome to Tiantan

Breath taking...

Spectacular huh the building?

The inner part

We left the Tiantan and went to another important historical places, The Forbidden City! Of course before entering the Forbidden City, tons of pics were shot with the Tian An Men 天安门...
Coming back to Forbidden City is like going back home... What the hell am i talking about? Lol... Before i came to Beijing, i purposely rushed and finish the whole Beauty At War 金枝慾孽貳... so i'm a bit crazy and totally exciting :P

My emperor, i'm back!!!

太和殿 Tai He Dian

The building is so magnificent
Love it

The fiercy lion as the guardian angel

储秀宫 Chu Xiu Gong
The most famous place i think everyone know
This place is actually where Chi Xi Empress 慈禧太后 stayed

We spends hours inside the Forbidden City
Until the sun goes down...

The dinner is just delicious
We ordered the salted steam fish again
Pork and some vege

This lamb soup is kinda heaty but its simply yummy

Yi He Yuan 颐合院 is on 2/9 itinerary... Yi He Yuan is fucking big and glamorous... we spend around 5 hours to walk the whole thing... well i'm not sure whether its the "whole" thing or what... i just know i can't feel my legs after these 5 hours walk...

From the far end we can see the entrance

The entrance
Super long staircase...

Buddha statue... love this

i just love this building beside the river
its kinda lonely and sad huh?

Best scenery ever!!!

Our last day in Bejing 3/9 if free and easy... means SHOPPING TIME!!! We spend our time in Sanlitun again... I bought a nice t shirt in Chocoolate :) i just love it so much~ After that i didnt find any suitable stuff to buy... unlike my friends, they really shop till they drop...
We were back to hotel few hours later for packing... our flight is at the night and we reach KL in 4am of 4/9... a day before my birthday... There's end of my Beijing trip...

Beijing has nice modern building too
My new fav brand ;P

In Love with Beijing: YongHe Lamasery + Hutongs + Sanlitun

31/8 is Malaysia National Day and i'm still enjoying myself in Beijing lol~ Yonghe Lamsasery 雍和宫 is our first destination. Weather is a bit hot today and there were a lot of people that day... We don't really spend too much time over there and ciao earlier
Look at the structure, amazing~

Simply marvelous

The gate is kinda temple feel

So colorful huh?

Our next destination is The Hutong. I have always saw this in the magazines and tv programmes mentioning about the Hutong. Of course the design of our Lot 10's Hutong is also from here. So i will never in a million year miss this place.
We saw how people live and the environment... the place is suitable to shoot a lot of vogue's photo ;) of coz i wouldn't ever miss the chance hehe

Isn't it cute to have a sign like this?
i wish it is in chinese word though

Kinda oldern days feel right?

i love this door

Many vogue photos of moi is shoot here

We walk out and saw this cute sign on a tall wall

McDonald is in this ancient feel building
The environment is nice
But the people working inside is dumb!!!
Nobody know what is a sundae

Ramen and wantan for lunchy

My fav China yogurt
Walking out from the Hutong, we went to Yandai Byway for a walk. The whole place is very ancient feel... i feel like a rich man walking around with my concubine... lol~

Map of Yandai Byway

People everywhere!!!

i love this river so much...
it has the Hang Zhou feel huh?

No time to lose, all of us crazy shoppers travel to Sanlitun 三里屯 for some "energy" charging :p

The Uniqlo building
colorful huh?
Sorry its not open yet, these are just sticker on the glass

Adidas has it own building lol
i bought a nice blue adidas bag :)
Its the latest and its still not available in KL

The Apple

No A&F inside, all Hollister
i got myself a bagpack, kinda nice and stylish
all my bitchy friends spend like RM1000 for clothes
RM1000 per person!!! They are crazy lol~

Love this interbridge in the mall

How come we don't have so beautiful night view mall in KL?

All for this post, to be continue soon...