Mirror Mirror On the Wall

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the fugliest of them all~ muahahaha...
Silly me, this is not snow white , this is the fucking devil spirit...

Ok ok, back to the topic. Let's talk about mirror this time. It is believe that mirror is one of the passage for spiritual things to come to the human's world from their own world... You can see ghostly thing sometime in the mirror, or maybe it jst a reflection? But a lot of ppl more scare if they see their pretty face got pimples...lolz~

Fengshui master once told me that mirror cannot be placed in a corner which not much ppl pass by... or certain place... i think should be east-north if i'm not mistaken... coz east-north is believe to be the place where the spiritual things come out frm...

how true is it? i dunknw... but please dun buy any old/antique/2nd hand cupboard with mirror at it...beware


Since i have talk so much about ghost in this period, i think i should talk something about pontianak, the malaysia ghost...

I dun really knw wat is a pontianak, i try to ask few of my malay colleagues, but everyone tell me a different thing, sien only~ ok ok, frm wat i knw, i think pontianak is someone who obsessed by bomoh to harm ppl... and during night time, the head will fly off together with the intestine to eat those unborn child or suck the blood of a pregnant lady...
So usually in malay kampung, the villagers refuse to hang their clothes out during night time... they believe when the pontianak fly, the blood will kena their clothes and it is not a good sign... some will fence up their living area... so tat the pontianak cannot fly in...

ok ok, the exciting part is here. I got a fren, janie who's really adventurous... she went to a kampung in kelantan area before... during night time, she heard a girl yell for help... janie's friend (nurul) warn her not to look, but she insists... Janie told me she saw the pontianak's intestine was stuck at the fence...very geli la.. then she closed the door and wait until morning... They saw black juicy things on the floor, and Nurul call her kampung bomoh and do something with it...

how true is it? i dunknw... but malay seems to be scare of this pontianak~

The long corridor

Have u notice something? When u open your main door, it shouldn't face a corridor like the photo above... based on the fengshui master, it is knwn tat the house/place which at the end of the corridor will easily attracted spiritual things...

So, whenever u buy a hse or stay in a hotel, try to avoid this kind of place...or else u will feel the spiritual things around u...or u will get sick easily...

how true is this? i dunknw...but i always try to avoid this....

The unforgetful Camp Fire

I joined a uniform society when i was in high school...Then i always remember this camp fire when i was in form 2. Usually the senior will refer to the weather forecast before we set our date coz the camp fire is an outdoor programme...But that particular year, heavy rain falls...We were force to have our camp fire in the canteen... luckily my school's canteen is huge enough to fit all the members and guests from other schools as well...

Me and friend were appointed to be on duty around 9pm to guard at a classroom ...while both of us are bullshitting something, we saw lights shine in a classroom... we were shocked!!! that classroom is in the 2nd floor, and the whole building is locked...coz the headmaster said the building is gonna collapse soon, so nobody is allow to go nearby...and who's there? we can saw ppl moving around frm the window...and we quickly report this to a school guard who happened to passed by... and he jst told us to ignore it and walked away... WTH~ both of us are damn afraid... and we saw a black figure standing at the window, is it staring at us? fuck~ we quickly turn and ran into the classroom... when we came out again, the light is off...

The whole camp fire didnt ran smoothly... got a senior kena food poisoning and was send to hospital.. and some guests were injured when they are doing some performance...And after the camp fire ends that night... few senior walked their way to the back of the school to get their motorcycle...

The rain is still on... and they saw a girl in red standing nearby their motorcycle under the rain... All the seniors yell like pussy and ran their way out of the school...they didnt go back that night to pick up their motorcycle...until the next morning...

How true is it? i believe its true...as for the lights tat i have saw, i was sure something is not right...but the girl in red? i didnt see it. and i definitely no idea at all~

How to check a haunted house?

Ok, i have posted quite a number of ghostly things dy...let see how can we knw whether a house is haunted or not...I got this info frm a Hong Kong tv programme...

Usually when an agent bring us to see a house/apartment, dont go during rainy day. It is becoz our senses will be not that sensitive during that time...coz whenever there's spiritual things nearby, we usually feel cold and shivered. But during rainy day, u might jst think it is becoz of the weather...

Do you ever notice that whenever we walk, we move our right foot first? same as when we're entering a house. But if u wanna check whether this house is clean or not... try to step in the house with your left foot while your right foot is still out of the house... This mean you are positioning yourself at the door frame... Jst a few seconds... try to sense it... If you feel dizzy or uncomfortable or even cold, means that house is not clean...

Another method will be bringing in kid or animals... usually kids and animals have much stronger senses than human adults... they will immediately feel scare/cry/run away(animal) if they feel the house is not clean...

how true is it? i dunknw...but at least a small tips for u guys who wanna buy a new place... :)

Banana Devil 芭蕉精

Ever wonder there's a sexy and beautiful devil hiding in the banana tree? We call it 芭蕉精...i dunknw wat they call it in english...so jst call it banana devil...lolz...

Ok, usually at places with a lot of banana trees, it doesnt mean each and every one of them got evil in it... the one with a wet tree trunks, and with banana flower, mostly can hide banana devil in it... they are female devil who will seduce man to have sex and suck off their "Qi"... how to call out a banana devil?!?

First, cut off a small piece of banana leave and wrap it in a red cloth... Second, use a scissors and stab into the tree trunk. Use a red rope to tie on the scissors; and tie another end at ur own leg... sit at nearby and cover your eyes with the red cloth which have the banana leave inside... think of seeing the banana devil or having sex with them...then they will appear...

how true is it? i dunknw... but isnt it kinda weird to have sex with a demon? lolz~

Mysterious Figure - Kajang Highway

I was with my ex, K, 5 years ago...we're on our way back to Kajang...when we're half way on our way, K stop the car and pull me out. I thought K is gonna dump me at the highway, lolz... but no, K pulled me and run away from the car...

We ran quite far away before i struggle off and stop...
L: What happen?
K is still breathing hard...
L: What is it baby?
K: I saw something behind...
L: What?

As i look back at the car, i saw a head at the back of the car... but i can't really confirm whether it is a head or wat...coz its kinda dark and we're so far away... I told K i wanna go back and have a look but K pulled me back... It was 4am, come on...i'm fucking cold and i dun wanna stand there whole night... at last, we saw a motorcyclist. The indian guy stopped by and ask whether we need help or not... after we told him about it, the indian guy warned us not to stay at here too long as there's a lot of fatal incident happened at there b4...

Nothing we can do much, I took K's hand and promise i will take care of it... we walk towards the car, the mysterious figure was gone...i swear it is gone...coz frm the black thing which i saw jst now was no more at there...then we hopped in the car and drove away...

how true is it? i dunknw...but i knw i saw some black thing like a head... but is it shadow? is it becoz of dark? i'm really not sure...

Cinema's toilet

This is another real case in one of Penang's shopping mall... of coz, not gonna disclosed any name as well... ok, my friend's sister, Mary got this problem...

Mary was watching one block buster in the cinema, but she was in her period that time...i think she wear a sanitary pad...but she feel her pad is wet and when to the toilet...her period has wet the pad i think...dun ask me abt why she cant control or wat...coz i really feel paiseh to ask her abt this when she told me...

ok, so she was in the toilet... then she took off the pad and clean herself...while she was half way back to her seat...she feel uncomfortable, and she remember she forgotten to throw the pad into the dustbin... feeling awkward, she went back to the toilet to clear up her mess... The toilet was so quiet and nobody was there except her... she went to the cubicle that she used, but she heard something inside...but the door was not locked!!!

So she pushed the door open...and she was shocked~ she saw a white dress woman, crawling on the floor and sucking the blood on the pad...she was looking at Mary...FUCK~ i feel goosebumps when i heard this... then quickly,. Mary speed out frm the toilet and ask for help, but when she was back to the toilet with a security guard, there was no one in the cubicle except her pad on the floor...

She was sicked after that day until her parents bring her to see some bomoh for help...i saw MAry when she was sick, of coz i was not there when they meet the bomoh...

how true is this? i believe it, coz Mary is not those girls who lie...

Haunted apartment

I heard about this haunted apartment frm one of my ex...its actually not about Phoenix Plaza... but one of the apartment nearby... i'm not gonna enclose which apartment it is, or else i will kena sue~ :P

The story goes like this... A lady around 27-30yo always work till very late... She usually reach her apartment around 12-1am... The lady stay in 11th floor... but when she's in the elevator, she heard something weird... It was fine when the elevator goes from ground floor to 8th floor...but when it passed through 9th floor... she heard noises behind the door... noised of ppl moaning of pain, noises of steel chain and noises of beating and shouting... But when the elevator reach 10th floor, noise gone...This keeps happening everytime...

One day, she was home quite late...around 3am~ she was fucking scare. So she call her mother to come down and fetch her up...Then there she was, in the elevator with her mother... when the elevator passed 9th floor, she heard the noises again~

"Ma, u heard the noise or not?"
"No wo~"
"Got la, u hear la..."
But when she reach her own floor, she walk to her own unit, and didnt saw her mother...while turning back to look for her mother...her handphone ring...it was her mother...
"Ma, where r u?"
"I'm downstair lo...waiting for u...where r u?"

scary huh?!?
there's actually another version...
jst when the mother and daughter in the elevator...

"Ma, u heard the noise or not?"
"No wo~"
"Got la, u hear la..."
The mother keep silence...the lady turn and look at the mother...
"Do i really look like your mother?" it was not her mother!!!

How true is it? i dunknw...maybe u can try by yourself...

Let's sing~

I think most of you heard about this before...a ghost appeared in one of a karaoke at Low Yatt Plaza. But actually i think this is a rumour frm HK, but dunknw why it become Malaysia's version pula~ :P

Ok ok, come back to the topic... There's 6 person singing in one room, but when they are making their payment, the cashier claimed that they have to pay for 7 person. Of coz, those 6 argue with the cashier until the cctv video was played out...And 1,2,3,4,5,6...7... there's 7 of them~ god... everybody freaked out...coz there's only 6 of them...and the last one is sitting at the corner for the whole night...without moving...

Karaoke is one of the place which can gather spiritual things easily, coz there's no natural sun shines into the place...and the room has full aircond all the time...and they like to sit/appear in the dark corner...

how true is it? i dunknw... try to go and sing during the ghost festival...and tell me whether u feel anything or not...lolz~

You took my seat !!!

Cinema is one of the places that gather spiritual things...its becoz inside the cinema hall, the natural sunlight cannot shine in...and the place is always much more cooler than outside's temperature...

Sometime when we wanna buy tickets, we see that the whole cinema hall is fully sold out, a full house...but some cinema, they left seats for the spiritual things...they might appear in a human form and sit beside u during the movie...you might be shock, u thought there's nobody sitting beside u, but suddenly a man/woman sitting beside u a few second later...u might think u didnt notice he/she came in, and continue ur movie...well~ they might be those spiritual things...

mostly those ghost in the cinema are not evil spirit...they r jst there to watch movie...unless that cinema was burn down before, and got ppl dead in it before...then tat u need to becareful abt....so, dun simply sit at those seat, u might sit on them~

ooppss...tgv and gsc is gonna scold me for writing this...hahaha

how true is it? i believe there's spirit in the cinema...jst dunknw which one is them only...

Water on the floor

Ever wonder why is there water in da house? There's always a spot of water on the floor...but when u check, the piping system is fine, and nobody spill any water...hmmm~ mysterious huh?

This might be the water-ghost...haha~ dunknw whether i translate it correct or not...watever la...water-ghost which i mentioned are those ppl who drown in sea, swimming pool or river... they will usually follow ppl that went there...

And water will form on the floor...some of them are fierce and wanna find a replacement while some r jst wondering around...

how true is it? i dunknw...i jst saw coffee on the floor...and i knw its my grandpa who spill it when he have coffee....lolz~

Ghost of the Japanese Army

Still remember World War II ?

I think most of u might not have the idea of how terrible and horrible it is, coz we're not born in that era...coz we're damn young~ lolz!!!

Ok ok, cut the crap... now, my high school in my hometown was known to have the ghost of the Japanese Army.... Its true~ a lot of students and my frends heard abt ths story... During the world war II, Japanese Army used our high school to become their base. And the headmaster and some students at that time fight against them. Unfortunately, they were execute in the school field or hang to dead at the tree... All of us really respect them coz they r heroes to us...

But when the WWII almost end, some of the Japanese Army kill themselves with their samurai knife coz they failed to conquered Malaysia... And their evil spirit were here... Many many years later... students still can hear the marching sound during midnight time... And some even see their evil spirit occurred in the 3 big mirrors near the school hall~

How true is it? i believe this is true...

Shoe Counting

Never ever count the shoe when u r in a hotel or places where u r not familiar with...Especially in a haunted places... Usually we are not encourage to arrange our shoe properly and in order...

Sooner or later it will definitely attract one of u to count the shoe...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

At this moment u might lost track and count again...

1, 2, 3, 4, ...

Then u will notice extra 1 pair of shoe...fuck!!!! whose?

Usually when u r counting the shoes, the spiritual stuff will get excited and place their own shoe at there too...coz they want u to knw that they exist too!!! and they will count the shoe together with u :)

how true is it? i dunknw... but usually i jst throw my shoe aside in the hotel

I'm looking at u

Ok, my ex, Anne live near my apartment back in my hometown. I was 18 years old by then, so sometime i will sneak to her hse when her parents are not around~ lolz... i think i dun need to mention wat i do right?

So one night, she told me something tat freak me out~ She told me while she was sleeping the night before, she saw a man standing out from the window and stare at her...

Fuck!!! she's living in the 13th floor... how come got man standing out there? And that man was wearing in a yellow clothes... So both of us rush out of her room and talk to her parents...

The next day, the parents ask around the neighbourhood whether there's anything bad happened b4, coz they jst move in only for 1 yeAR... and it turn out, there's a guy jump down frm the 14th floor before... and that guy is a down-syndrome guy, and he was playing along the balcony and accidentally fall frm there...

is tat the guy who dead which appear outside anne's room? jst wondering...but no prove at all...

how true is it? i didnt see it...anne will never lie to me at that time... so we jst pray and hope tat the spirit will never appear to scare her again... But the spirit does appeared another 2 or 3 times then not until now...

p/s: Anne is now working in KL, and she's here too...but we're no more together

Sex at Holy Places

Do you knw that you are not suppose to have sex in holy places? Holy places are like school, church, temple, mosque or watever places that need to be respect for heroes or nenek moyang...

Sometimes, there will be good sprit around there. When they see u have sex or masturbate at there, then they will teach u a lesson. When u r in a bad luck~ haha...u will got it frm them... Or, if there's god or goddess at there... they will portrait u as someone who does not respect them... then they will not protect u frm evil spirit anymore... worst, u might go to hell after u die...

Another thing is, if u seduce a monk, nun or priest, it is a bad things to do so...so dun ever try it...or we'll see u in hell next time :P

As we knw our jerry boy have do something notty b4 in those holy places...haha~ hopefully he will be fine and healthy...Let's pray for him

How true is it? i dunknw...maybe somebody wanna try? haha~ but not for me

Suicide in red

i saw this when i was watching one HK program. There's a girl suicide in all red. Red lipstick, red dress and red shoe. She chose to jump from the top of a building where she live.

This girl was full with grudge. She wanna get back and hunt her bf coz the bf dump her and be with another girl... Before she jump, she throw the money for death people and make evil curse... She even left a letter and state that she will come back to hunt her bf and the bitch who steal her bf away...

Usually we knw tat, people who suicide in red will definitely become an evil spirit which can harm human beings... and they r quite dangerous in a sense of way...

how true is it? i dunknw...and i dun wan to knw :P

Coins on the floor

Have u ever pick up any coins frm floor before? Of coz, the coins tat i mention is not the one tat u drop~ lolz...

Ok, i heard this frm some frens who knw fengshui. Usually when somebody who's doing those so-call-not-proper-business, they will invite some fengshui master to do some fengshui-changes for them... They will transfer the bad luck or bad things into the coins...then they will throw the coins out into the floor... Whoever pick them will got the bad luck transfer to them~

The person who pick it will either get sick, get damn bad luck or follow by some spiritual things...

How true is it? i dunknw... but if there's a RM100 on the floor~ i will definitely pick it ~ hahaha...

Do You See Your Name?

During the ghost festival, 3 best friends (Kelvin, Thomas & Cedric) thought of playing a game, a very stupid yet dangerous game... 3 of them dress in white color shirt and pants and they went to a graveyard near their school...

They decided to go into the big graveyard and have a look... cold wind blew along them the whole way, the moon light is not that bright that night... Then they decide their game. They will each go into different side of the graveyard and write down 50 names that they see on the gravestone. Who fail to do so will have to run naked around the school during recess time... damn!!!

So each of them go deep into the graveyard... The moon light dim and wind become much more icy cold...they shivered as they approach each gravestone... Jst when each of them have around 10 names on their paper... rain started to fall~ damn... nobody wanna run naked in the school... so they speed up and copy as many names as possible...

Kelvin finish his job and run as fast as possible to the entrance side where there's a small hut which he can stay away from the rain... He wait and wait for the other 2, but they were late...damn late... where r them? Kelvin started to feel scare... Then he when he decided to look for them, Thomas is back... Both of them walk towards where Cedric has gone to~

They found Cedric sitting on the ground, looking blankly... Kelvin call him but no respond... When he give him a push, Cedric jst fall on the floor, body is stiff and cold... Cedric is dead !!! and the paper was on his chest. Kelvin grab it and scanned through quickly, and he saw Cedric's name is on the list... damn!!!

"What should we do?" Kelvin turn and ask Thomas. "I dont knw...becoz i have my name on the list as well~" Thomas' pale face flash an evil smile towards Kelvin...


The next morning, 3 bodies of male teenagers were found dead in the graveyard...

Don't touch the wall

Okay, i heard this from some old people... do not touch the wall while walking in an alley...especially in the night time...at somewhere u r not familiar with... or at somewhere which believes has some spiritual stuff~

Why? coz it is believe that ghost or spiritual stuff stand beside the wall at the dark alley... if u touch against the wall, u might "accidentally" kena them~ or they purposely let u touch them...then they will be very much enjoy to see u scream and run like hell out of there~

How true is it? i dunknw... maybe u can try tonight~

I Dare You !!!

Ghost on the cupboard

I heard this long time ago when i was studying in tarc. This is a rumors which spread among our class, but i heard that some mentioned it is frm UM...but who care?

So the story goes like this. U guys knw tat there's this TBR, Taman Bunga Raya which is next to the Tarc in Setapak area... a lot of students are staying at there... so there was this junior who move in to this new room. And he got 2 other roommates who were in the final year.
In his first night at there, he couldnt sleep at all~ maybe he feel homesick or watever, he jst couldnt sleep... sometime in the midnight, he heard some knocking sound... "tot tot tot" "tot tot tot"... he felt weird and he open his eye...

He got shocked when he saw a small figure sitting on top of a wodden cupboard... A guy, a malay guy... Staring at him... "Fuck" he knw that was something dirty, so he pretend to sleep... The thing that sitting on the cupboard kept swinging his leg towards the cupboard and make out the "tot tot tot" sound... then the junior heard...

"Satu tidur, dua tidur, tiga tak tidur.... hahaha"

The laughing sound is so eeerrriiieee... the poor junior cannot tahan anymore and he scream out loud... His yell woke the other 2 guys... when the light was on, there's nothing on the cupboard... the junior felt scared and moved out on the next day without even taking back his deposit...

How true is this? i dunknw... but make sure u put something on top of ur cupboard...to prevent something sit on top of it~

Welcome to Ghost Festival

The ghost door will be open at midnight later...are you ready? Our city will become so busy and pack...are you ready?

Dont play a fool of yourself during this period
Dont say something tat you shouldnt

Go home earlier and dont stay out late
Tmw onwards, Leu will present a series of ghost and mysterious post to all of u...
beware~ dun read my blog if u r scare
beware~ go and pee 1st b4 u read
beware~ sleep b4 12am~ muahahaha~

Company Health Check

Due to the H1N1 problem, my company effectively invite the NKF (National Kidney Foundation Malaysia) to come and do some health check for all staff who are interested...So these are my results:

Height: 176cm (same as usual)
Weight: 75kg (still maintaining, but the ideal is 65-70kg)
BMI: 24.2 (under healthy range, >24.9 is overweight)
Waist: 89cm = 35" (shit!!!)
Blood Glucose: 6.2mmol (normal should be <5.6)
Blood Cholesterol: 5.81mmol (normal should be <5.81)

Recommendation from doctors:
1. Maintain regular exercise (which i do)
2. Reduce salty food
3. Cut off seafood (Can take fish with scale)
4. Reduce fat & oily food
5. No fast food (Dont ask me out for KFC anymore)
6. Reduce red meat (bye bye pork & beef)
7. Max 3 egg york per week (shit!!!)
8. Eat more oatmeal
9. More green vege & fruits
10. No ikan bilis and nasi lemak

Gosh~ i so wanna slim down badly !!!

Happy Birthday Sammi :)

A super star was born in 19th August 1972, who is she? She's my idola~ Sammi Cheng !!!

I've been listening to her song since 1997...its been more than 10 years :) Although i didnt join any of her fans club, but i always support her by buying her CD, watch her movie in the cinema... I really really really ... (x infinity) love her...

Although u guys might think i'm crazy...but i'm not...

You're always the best :)

Love Mi
Love Leu

H1N1 in company

Oh my, after so long...finally i talk about H1N1...coz somebody in my company confirmed to get infected... A manager in one of the technical department...

So i got a sms frm the risk management team about this, but work will be remain normal today~ >.< i thought can skip work de....yerrr... nvm la...

In the sms, stated that mask will be distributed to all the staff by today...i dun wanna wear it...coz the air we breathe will not be circulate well in the air... and will definitely got pimples if we need to wear the mask for such a long hour...

p/s: hope u get well Ms Geng

Not everyone got the Apple - Part 9

Its about time that the snakey queen come out and ruin the ancient kingdom...but where has she went for all these while? Snakey queen has glided into the King's castle and stole some precious potion...This potion will increase the snake power...

Snakey queen then transform into a gigantic evil snake...She roared and attack the whole city...Even the icy ice queen, sausage maiden, eunuch can't fight her off... Snakey queen laugh and laugh... She spilt out evil fire to burn down houses and huts... she wants everything to be damage in the ancient kingdom...

Finally, the king is out to save the kingdom. The king was known as the son of the Sun, he has the power to kill this snakey queen...The king asked the snake to surrender before he attack, but the snakey refuse, she believe she can rules the kingdom... Without any hesitation, the king call out his fire dragon from the center of the earth... The dragon is a gift from the Sun, it flew high and attack the gigantic snake... The snake never expect that the dragon has the most burning flame ever...it burns the snake and burn it alive,...

The snakey queen yell and beg for mercy, but no point for the king to stop it... coz once the dragon is called from the earth, it has to kill before it return... therefore, the snakey queen was killed... the ancient kingdom return to it peace...but how long does the peace gonna last? And the damage that snakey queen cause, has ruined a lot of the apple famrs....

No Water Supply in Labuan

Do you guys knw that there is no water supply in most places of Labuan since June 2009? And this will be continue until september...and whether the water supply will be continue or not in september, it is still a doubt...

Labuan island has been out of water supply, but i think no media or anything else reported it... please correct me if i'm wrong... but i dont think the government did anything to help ppl at there... i got 1 frend study at there, and he's been suffering...
So, i ask my fren...

L: No water, then how do you drink?
F: I buy water frm shops or 7eleven everyday lo~
L: Wow, quite expensive wo~
F: Yala...no subsidiary frm the govn also :(
L: Then how do u bath? Don't tell me u didnt bath since June
F: Got la...have to go to school lo~
L: School tangki?
F: Yes, but the water is very dirty
L: Yuck!!! but...is the water enough for everybody?
F: Of coz not enough la...and only can bath once for a day
L: Oh my...

My friend is not feeling well now coz lack of water...and he's kinda sick too...i pity him...why cant our govn do anything? i really feel disappointing about this...

Why you shouldn't add your boss to Facebook

Back from Genting

Just came back from Genting yesterday, ya...u r right...one day off yesterday... Feel like its been a long time since there's no any public holiday...so have to take 1 day off~ haha...lame excuse issit? :P

Well, actually its Alex's birthday, and he got a "free" room for us in The First World Hotel... So, together with David and Mike, 4 soh lou drive up to Genting on Sunday morning... The weather is nice and cold up there especially on Monday...maybe becoz it jst rain...And becoz all of us are "adult" now...so nobody actually wanna accompany me to play in the theme park, lolz~ therefore, we're in casino for all the time...

Hehe, those "rich" friends of mine have "donated" quite lot of money to Uncle Lim...how generous of them...I specially enjoy the time when 4 of us sitting at the coffee bean on Sunday night...icy cold wind make me shivering for the whole night...but kinda syiok...hahaha

When we're driving down the hill on Monday noon, we decided to make a visit to the temple "Feng Lai Xian Jing". But too bad, heavy rain fall again...haiz...But overall its an OK trip...if Alex didnt brag too much how "filthy rich" he is... :P

Why you have to leave office on time?

Moral of the story:
In these days of cost cutting, leave office early!!

S.O.S. (Rescue Me) - Rihanna

Damn~ someone pulling my heart

Lalala lalala la la lala la Ohhh
You know... I never felt like this before
Lalala lalala la la lala la Ohhh
Feels like.. so real

[Verse 1]
I'm obsessive when just one thought of you comes up
I'm aggressive just one thought of closing up
You got me stressing, incessantly pressing the issue
'Cause every moment gone you know I miss you
I'm the question and you're of course the answer
Just hold me close boy 'cause I'm your tiny dancer
You make me shaken up, never mistaken
But I can't control myself, got me calling out for help

S.O.S. please someone help me.
It's not healthy... for me to feel this way
Y.O.U. are making this hard,
I can't take it, see it don't feel right
S.O.S. please someone help me
It's not healthy... for me to feel this way
Y.O.U. are making this hard
You got me tossin' and turnin' and can't sleep at night

This time please someone come and rescue me
'Cause you on my mind it's got me losing it
I'm lost, you got me lookin' for the rest of me
Love is testing me but still I'm losing it
This time please someone come and rescue me
'Cause you on my mind, it's got me losing it
I'm lost, you got me looking for the rest of me,
Got the best of me, so now I'm losing it

[Verse 2]
Just your presence and I second guess my sanity
Yes it's a lesson, it's unfair, you stole my vanity
My tummy's up in knots so when I see you I get so hot
My common sense is out the door, can't seem to find the lock
Take on me (uh huh) you know inside you feel it right
[CD version:]Take me on I'm put desire up in your arms tonight
[Video version:]Take me on, I could just die up in your arms tonight.
I'm out with you, you got me head over heels
Boy you keep me hanging on the way you make me feel

S.O.S. please someone help me.
It's not healthy... for me to feel this way
Y.O.U. are making (Y.O.U.) this hard,
You got me tossin' and turnin' and can't sleep at night

This time please someone come and rescue me
'Cause you on my mind, it's got me losing it('Cause you on my mind)
I'm lost, you got me lookin' for the rest of me
Love is testing me but still I'm losing it
This time please someone come and rescue me(someone come and rescue me)
'Cause you on my mind got me losing it
I'm lost, you got me looking for the rest of me,
Got the best of me, so now I'm losing it

Boy, you know you got me feeling open
And boy, your loves enough with words unspoken
I said boy I'm telling you, you got me open
I don't know what to do it's true
I'm going crazy over you,
I'm begging

S.O.S. please somebody help me.
It's not healthy... for me to feel this way
Y.O.U. are making this hard (are you making this hard for me, baby?),
You got me tossin' and turnin' and can't sleep at night

This time please someone come and rescue me (someone rescue me)
'Cause you on my mind, it's got me losing it
I'm lost, you got me lookin' for the rest of me
Love is testing me but still I'm losing it
This time please someone come and rescue me
'Cause you on my mind got me losing it ('cause any time)
I'm lost you, got me looking for the rest of me,
Got the best of me (best of me), I'm losing it

Lala lala lala lala Ohhh
Ohh ohh lala lala lala lala
Oh oh










"儿子.....你在干吗? 都失火了还不出来......"




"我看不清太远的东西," 病人对眼科医生说。
"请跟我来," 医生把病人带到外面,用手指着天上的太阳,








都会伸出一只脚,用力顶着树,以免树倒下来压到自己 。

Everyday the same

Some of u might think doing the same thing everyday is good, which means u r stable now, and nothing much change.

But i wanna change, i hate doing the same thing everyday...

As i have thought about my plan for changes... i really have to sit down and plan the steps and action for it...

The Curse of The Fallen Angel - Part 5

Little Brendan is not concentrating today, he's been thinking of the blue lizard at the bush. Where is it now? Will it still be there when i'm back? Where does it live? Where did it come from? How come he can attach me? Billions of questions pop out in his small little head...

"Brendan, brendan..." Master Remi is calling
"Yes master"
"What are you wondering about? Can't you concentrate?"
"I'm sorry"
"I'm going to leave you here, practise the magic that i teach you just now"
"Yes master"

As Master Remi left, Brendan sneak away... He make his way back to the bushes...
"Here lizard lizard..." He seek high and low for the blue and greeny lizard, but it was no where to be found. Kid will always be kid, he does not have much patient on it. He stop his search and went to his room for a nap...

The sky get dark as the sun gone down and the moon come out from nowhere... stars blinking in the sky. Little Brendan is sleeping soundly in his room and having some good dream... but some noise outside the window wakes him up. He open his eyes and saw some bluee light glowing outside the window... Is it the lizard? Excitingly, he runs out of the room.

It is the lizard, looking at him. A look of challenge. Little Brendan runs to the kitchen and take out some vegetables... "Here lizard lizard" The lizard does not bother about it and scratching its foot on the ground... Hmmm~ what does it want then?

Out of any signal, Brendan shoot water from his finger and attack the lizard... The lizard has a sensitive feel, it move and avoid the attack... Within a second, the blue lizard shoot out water from his mouth to attack Brendan. This time, Brendan is well prepared, he moves fast and get away with it... "Haha, you can't get me" Brendan laugh out proudly... Suddenly, Brendan saw the lizrd shoot out 3 shots of water from it mouth at once...

Open his eyes wide in horror, Brendan got all 3 attacks... Bruises appear immediately. This time Brendan thought that he see the lizard smile at him... Can a lizard smile? Getting angry, Brendan use the raindrop spell to attack the lizard...But he has forgotten about something...

What has Brendan forgot about?

Next Level

I have talk about this to a few friends...Its about time for me to bring my life to another stage... There's sometime we want something but we cannot get it... It might be that we've not reach the level to get that thing...or we might not be the one to get it...

To upgrade and increase ur level is a must in this world right now... i dun wanna stop in the same place forever... this might be a comfort zone, but how comfort and how long u can stay within? i doubt abt it...

i always believe there's a lot of space for us to improve...no matter how good u r... how great u r... there's always be someone out there who is better and can beat us down...right?

So, i always hope tat the one i love, my family and my buddies will improve themselves with me...i think its not a hard thing to do so...right? or maybe i'm requesting too much?

I love u, my papa, my mama and my sista~ i wish everyday will be a good day to y'all~ and also to my buddies out there~ remember... no matter how old u r, its never too late to change and to improve... of coz it would be better if we do it on an earlier stage...but bringing urself to the next level will always the better thing :)

Nilai Trip = Eating Festival + 1 sour face

Today trip to Nilai is a bit better... as usual, i reach bukit jalil station at 830am and wait for my boss and colleague. And i got to drive, hehehe... so i speed up the small myvi and drive all the way down to Nilai...

Expected (but not for them), we reached 1 hour earlier... coz i m a good driver :P We went for breakfast in some malay stall :) the food is quite good... While waiting for our time to meet up the 1st client, we discussed abt our things... chat chat chat until the time...

The 1st client is ok....we talk and laugh... then we proceed to another client nearby... at 1st when we talk to the CFO, everything is ok, until the COO came in...he's a sour man... ask all those stupid questions...but maybe he doesnt knw abt it...but he ask it in a tidious way...gosh~

So our visit to Nilai is done for the day...and we speed our way to McD to makan makan again... since my boss is gonna treat us, i order an extra sundae~ yay...i love sundae so much :) yum yum

Senawang trip - Tired + Hot

Damn~ Today i went to Senawang with my boss and another colleague to meet up a client. So i have to wait for my boss at bukit jalil station at 830am~ dunknw whether i havent been using the train for a long time...i'm not use to it at all~

It's so freaking hot...the journey is damn tiring as well~ gosh... tmw still need to go Nilai...somebody help me~

15 miscall 12 messages

Yesterday when i went home, feel kinda "gan cheong"~ coz i wanna find where my hp is... and there it was... on my pillow ~

When i have a look, damn !!! 15 miscall and 12 messages... and surprisingly, the one who ask for my number (let's name someone as N) gave me 3 messages and 5 miscall~

haha... a bit happy~ but...

Later around 9pm++, N called me out for dinner and i did !!! gosh ~

p/s: darren, i will follow wat u said~ let it flow smooth and slow :P

CK perfumes

Went for a quickie at Lot 10 last Friday, and i got some nice CK perfume on sales
CK in 2 u ~ i bought a couple one, and share with San San~ she got the girl while i get the guy... Only RM152.50 per bottle :)
Then CK man on the second purchase... only RM99~ hehe~ of coz i cannot let this slip away frm me, so i bought it as well~

Now my wallet very empty :( lolz...any part time~ hahaha

A glance

I caught a glance yesterday
Someone looking at me
Why do you look at me?

Gosh~ my face blush
I look back
Someone still staring...

I walk faster
Trying to avoid
And stuck in the lift with someone

That person approach and say "HI"
"HI" i feel uncomfortable
A big broad smile frm the cute face

I never knw i will feel shy~
"You wanna dinner together?" i was invited!!!

"Nope, i'm in a hurry"
Why did i reject?

"Can i have ur number?"
So i give
:) haha~ i feel happy

Finally someone ask for my phone number
After all these while~
Lucky me !!!

A day without handphone

Damn!!! i forgot to bring my handphone to work today... feeling so uncomfortable :( Do u ever got this feeling? i knw joanna tang sure felt this way b4~ haha...

Hopefully no important call for me today~

My Topic for Ghost Festival 鬼节

I think most of u guys didnt notice that the ghost festival is coming soon~ how excited r u?

Date: 20th August - 18th September 2009

One idea pop out of my mind suddenly... i'm gonna write all about ghost,death, superstitious, mysterious which i ever know, experience, heard, watch or read frm anywhere during tat period... hope to scare ur butt off~ muahahahaha....

p/s: headache to find so many stuff like this...hehehe

How to increase your Sex Appeal

As a human being, we are same as animals. We use our sex appeal to attract the person that you like, no matter its a male or female... Sex appeal is definitely a good weapon to make u a winner :)

Of coz for me, i rank my own sex appeal and for those who can attract me in my own way...
1st will be the face. :) i admit i still like pretty faces... and i think pretty face is the fatal attraction~ lolz... and of coz flawless skin has to come together with a good face to make it into a good package. And i rate my face for a 60 out of 100. Coz my nose is not tall enough and my skin is not smooth enough...damn~ i'm really gonna have to go for some facial treatment soon...
Second will be your body... Ever wonder why a handsome guy be with an ugly girl? maybe she has a big boobs... who knw? so i think body is still important... U dun need to be too macho nor too slim... but an average bod will jst be fine to attract others... of coz, if i can get a lover with a hot bod, it will be a bonus for me :)
Odor will come in 3rd... no matter how hot u r, u will get ruined by ur smelly odor... especially for those who sweat a lot, try to use a deodorant... u will smell better... or always got a perfume with u whenever u go...at least u can use the perfume to cover up your bad odor...
How you dress can also affects your sex appeal... exposing more of your body part not necessary make ur sex appeal increase... the msot important is to dress smart and nice. Dun wear those clothes which is too tight~ if u have muscular body, it will be fine, or else u will look like a dumpling... trust me !!!Guys who dress smartly can also show ur sense of fashion, and it definitely will increase ur sex appeal...
Finally will be ur butt. I think a lot of girls do look at guy's butt... of coz they will not see the naked butt... but they expect guys also have some curve in the butt area when they r in their pants... One of my gf told me she would like to spank my ass if she has the chance...lolz~ i'm happy, coz at least i still have a nice butt :P

Sauna in Office

Today i finally get the feeling wat KeenYee has mentioned in his earlier post...Sauna in the office...>.<

The aircond's generator has some problem... so part of the 12th floor's aircond cannot be function. And so happen tat i m in that part of the floor... damn la~
I really feel like stripping myself to naked... and somemore telekom side got prob...so our office phone can't make external call~ wat is this... lolz~ i'm so hot right now...i can feel that my shirt is all wet...damn!!!

G.I.Joe - The Rise of Cobra

When to Pavilion with Bobby boy yesterday for his pre-birthday-celebration. We decided to watch "overheard" at 1st...but in the end we got "G.I.Joe" instead :) This movie is kinda cool~ coz i have been watching the cartoon since i was small... Never knw tat the movie will be so good as well~ i give a 5 out of 5
The main actor Duke, Channing Tatum is gonna wet your pants~ lolz... Stunning face and excellent body never change. As a supermodel, Channing can act well... a small scar on his face definitely will not spoil his gorgeo-ness~ :)
Sexy Sienna Miller as Ana Lewis is perfect enough... i prefer her black hair more than the blond color :) She looks stunning and irresistible...hmmm~ i can feel a strong sex-appeal from this sexy kitten :)
Korean top actor Lee Byung Hun as Storm Shadow. This might be the 1st Holloywood movie for Lee if i'm not mistaken. Of coz, he's another character that will wet ur pant :P Seems like korean actor and actress starting to get into the hollywood film. We should give support to all these asian celebrities :)
Another gorgeous Rachel Nichols as Scarlet. Damn~ she has the most pretty eyes tat i ever see :) i love her red hair too... and her body figure...phew~ i have already wet my undies~ hahahha
Marlon Wayans as Ripcord... this is the 1st time i ever see his "serious" movie beside "the white chicks". his acting is good as well... i love the scene when he flew the jet from moscow to washington...damn cool man~
Ray Park as snake eyes. Well, he didnt show his real face at all in this movie...the only thing that attracted me in this character is during the childhood time... The fight between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes when they r kids are very violence... jst imagine 2 kids, around 10 years old beating each other up...cruel~
Dennis Quaid as the General Hawk. I dun really understand why he was in wheel chair and another scene he can walk...can anybody explain?lolz~

p/s: dun miss this film :)

Did u shave?

Yesterday while going for shower after gym, i saw something scary... There was this indian took off his towel at the shower room. It was actually nothing, coz a lot of people "purposely" like to strip naked infront of others... but wat scare me is i thought i saw a big black spider at his private area...

I almost laugh out when i realized this is his public hair...lolz~ alamak... its scary...its like a bush~ please la... at least shave a bit or trim it... u knw wat ? i vomit when i was in my cubicle while showering....lolz~

The Other Side of Midnight - Marie France Pisier (1977)

The Other Side of Midnight by Marie-France Pisier. How much should i rate this film? I think most probably a 2 out of 5. The story line is ok, but a bit long winded throughout the whole film. Its about a girl wanna become a superstar and become famous...
This is the lovely Marie-France when she was young in the film... She acted as Noelle Page who is a french and become a famous celebrity during the World War II. But no matter how many sugar daddy she has, she cannot forget the 1st guy she has in her life... She spend damn lot of money to investigate the guy she loves. And try to kill the wife of that guy... Susan Sarandon is one of the actress in this film too... never noticed that she has a beautiful body when she's young :P haha~

But in the end, Noelle was charge for murdering Susan Sarandon. And the sugar daddy said he will forgive wat she did and try to save her out from the jail if she admitted killing the wife in mistake. But after Marie-France admitted guilty, the court decided to execute her. And it was a trick from the sugar daddy actually, to kill Marie-France for betraying his love...

Not a bad story during the year of 1977, but really really a bit long winded lo~ i will fall asleep if the actresses didn't strip naked at all in the film~ lolz