Top Ten

Today, i write this is without any purpose...

Jst simply wanna write the 10th articles on 31/10/08. Stupid huh?
Wanna listed down my top ten favourites....
Top Ten favourite celebrities:
1) Sammi Cheng Sau Man
2) Celine Dion
3) Tyra Banks
4) Raymond Lam Fung
5) Adrian Brody
6) Ryan Reynolds
7) Lisa Kudrow
8) Takenouchi Yutaka
9) Christina Aguilera
10) Kwong Sang Yu

Top Ten favourite movies:
1) Lord of The Rings series
2) Scary Movies series
3) Chronicles of Narnia series
4) The Indiana Jones series
5) Boys Don't Cry
6) Nightmare on The Elm Street series
7) I Know What You Did Last Summer series
8) Saw series
9) Final Destinations series
10) American Pie series

Top Ten favourite travelling spots:
1) Egypt
2) Dubai
3) Barcelona
4) Rome
5) Paris Milan
6) Mauritius
7) Hawaii
8) New Zealand
9) Holland
10) Hong Kong

Top Ten favourite animals:
1) Dog
2) Seahorse
3) Squirell
4) Small turtle
5) Penguin
6) Deer
7) Dolphin
8) Snake
9) Hamster
10) Giraffe

Top Ten favourite cartoon characters:
1) Doraemon
2) Snoopy
3) Donald Duck
4) Ranma
5) Cinderella
6) Road Runner
7) Woody-wood pecker
8) Kung Fu Panda
9) The Incredibles
10) X-Men

I'm worried

Work, work, work ...
When you reached certain age,
work become one of the thing that you need to worry about
Some people is complaining that they are overloaded with jobs,
and too little salary
Some people is complaining that the company didn't pay attention to them,
affraid that they are not well-groom by the company
Well, for me
i also want to complain.
i wanna complain coz i feel so uncertain in this job
I've make a big decision a month ago,
its risky, but i have to do it anyway
Now, i'm almost nothing to do
just waiting that to arrive
Am i making the right decision?
But what has been done, cannot be change anymore

DanceMania vs 名模 Danny H

一向来我都很仰慕那些会跳舞的人, 尤其是Danny。
拿了一个星期True Fitness的Free Trial, 所以就去上Danny 的DanceMania Class。
星期三, 22/10/2008 的19:45pm~20:45pm, 期待了很久。。。
终于, 终于。。。登登登登!!!
看了看Schedule, OMG ~ Danny H ?!? (名字好有模特儿的感觉) :p
香港名模 - Ana R vs 马来西亚名模 – Danny H ~ muahahaha 。。。。
问一问四周的人, 大家都对Danny 的名字好熟悉, 认为他是一个好Trainer。突然之间, 我觉得认识Danny 是一件光荣的事!!!
Danny 来了, 匆匆忙忙打了个招呼就进了洗手间。。。 等了十分钟, 还是不见他出来。于是我就进去找他咯。
原来他在哪儿练习待会儿的舞步, 好专业哦 !!!
求了很久, 名模都不肯让我拍一拍他的近照。。。

[Fabulous image removed by Author]

这是我左眼见到鬼 version。

[Fabulous image removed by Author]

Paiseh leh~ 后面的Uncle, 不小心拍到你在换衣喔!!!

终于, 名模敌不过我的苦苦哀求, 合照来了!

名模的个人写真~ Danny H


在Class里边, Danny 真的好专业, 舞也跳得很好, 超好!!!
虽然到最后我还是学不了多少, 不过就觉得很爽, 很好玩~
好想再上Danny的class, 不过就只有这一次机会而已咯。
Danny Koko, 你快点来California Fitness 来教Class 啦 ~

So many things happen in this morning

As from my title, you can see that i'm really frustrated with what had happen this morning.
First of all, i woke up late because my alarm clock's battery went out. Luckily i can still make it on time. When i'm in lrt, a pretty girl stand beside me. Looking glamour and with quite a thick make up, she's holding her train ticket in one hand.
Suddenly i heard "CIBAI". Gosh !!! She's scolding bad word just because her ticket drop on the floor. Sumore its not in a soft volumne. Everybody turn and stare at her~ alamak ! You so pretty why don't you take care of your behaviour? You can either say "Aiya" , "Damn" or even "Shit"... those words will be better than "Cibai" la~
Later on a few foreigners came in and stand next to me. Walao-e~ they really stinks like smelly cat... I really hate it, can't tahan anymore... feel like i'm gonna suffocate in that 'auroma'~
Then once again, i heard "Cibai"... One of the foreigner steps on that pretty-but-rude-girl's foot. She just stare at him angrily like he has killed her father...
Along my way walking frm Hangtuah to my company...i was nearly knocked down by some stupid motocyclist who didn't obey the rules~ Without saying sorry, he just went off like that. Feeling like throwing my bag at him, and feels like shouting that "Cibai" word too... but luckily i didn't...coz i dun wanna be like that girl in the train....
And when i reach my office...there goes again... i cannot start my pc because something went wrong...have to call the IT person to come and fix it...aiyo~ y like that?
Spoil my mood for the whole day dy.... Thought of writing a blog about one of my friend who is a supermodel~ haiz...never mind la~ write it tomorrow la

p/s: coming up tomorrow, danceMania vs Supermodel Danny H~ Lolz ;P


Someone ask me: "How many relationships you've been into?"
I look at that person, and silence.
Someone: "Huh? Cannot answer? Too many leh?"
Once again, I remain silence.
Someone: "Hey tell la~"
Me: "Why must I tell you?"
Someone: "I want to know ma~"
Me: "For what?"
Someone: "I want to know lo~ that's all"
Once again, I just diam diam ...
Someone: "Tell la~ tell la~ tell la~" irritating...
Why do u want to know about my love life?
It has nothing to do with you la~

West Port Klang

[Fabulous image removed by Author]
This is the first time i went to visit a port.
It is very huge, or should i say "gigantic"?
Here are some photos to share with you ...

Blond at Nandos

Is this Nandos latest advertisement?
haha... a bit silly...but its something new in Malaysia

~ Daily Routine ~

Daily Routine:-

6:10am - Alarm clock rings like hell
6:11am - Continue to sleep~
6:30am - Unwillingly force myself to wake up
6:45am - Crawl into toilet to make business and bath
7:00am - Come out from toilet and get dress
7:15am - Well prepared & ready to go out
7:16am - Think again, Aiya~ too early la... have a seat first
7:30am - Quickly rush to LRT station
8:15am - Reach Office
8:16am - On PC & make coffee
8:20am - Check mail & play facebook
8:30am - Pretend to start working !!!

11:45am - Start to feel tired
11:50am - Hoping lunch time will come sooner
12:30pm - Lunch time
13:25pm - Slowly walk back to office
13:30pm - Work again !!!

16:30pm - Feeling tired again
16:45pm - Feel like going back home
17:00pm - Go toilet
17:20pm - Check mail again
17:29pm - Shut down PC
17:30pm - Happily going back home

Haiz...feel so boring for this !!! Need something to energized me me !!!


War & the Beauty
The politic of the old Ching Dynasty is very mysterious and scary, especially the fights between the empress and ladies of the emperor.
They fight for their destiny, love, wealth and also power as well.
Fight in the politic has been happening long long time ago before we're born.
It never stop, it never !
As what we can see from our company, fights have been happening everywhere. Whether it is in front, through email or even back-stabbing.
I'm gonna transfer to another department soon.
Am i jumping from one politic to another politic?
Well, we'll see
~ I'm gonna strike back ~

This is fun ~~~

[All images removed by Author]