Philippines: Manila & Cebu City

 Hey'all its been a long time after my Philippines trip, i was very busy at work and don't really have time to arrange the photos. And this Philippines trip is a sudden trip for me to get away from all those unhappy incidents which happened lately. Well, here it goes... A 5 days 4 nights trip, from Clark-Manila-Cebu-Bohol-Clark.
 This is the Clark airport, its kinda lousy and look cheap from either inside and outside.
I took a cab and went all the way from Clark airport to Manila.
 After that I went straight to see the famous Chinese Cemetry.
The cemetry is so big but very beautiful, at least in the morning.
Every tomb is build as a house & it look awesome
But i bet it look spooky as well in the night :P
 Along the street i saw this nice statue with all Philippines flag around it
 I read from an article
The Philippines flag can be either place "blue" or "red" part on top
When the "blue" stripe on top, it mean peace
When the "red" stripe on top, it mean war
 After that i took a ride on this horse-car for a ride in the garden
quite cheap
Around 200 peso, means RM8++
 Philippines is a Christian country
They have all these Christianic statue around everywhere
 I bought a ticket and went into the Fort Santiago
Its a place which they kill this Santiago guy if i'm not mistaken
 This is the statue of that guy before he was hang to death
Kinda spooky for me
And there was dungeon in Fort Santiago
The prisoners were put inside here during World War II
And when the Japs left, the prisoners were not released
Everyone die inside there
I wanted to go down and have a look but it was locked
And when i look inside it, i feel somebody watching at me from inside
So i quickly went off~ lol
 On top of the dungeon, you can see the nice view of Manila Bay
 I walk around the street after i left Fort Santiago
The buildings are fabulous, very European
Think most of them has the Spanish style
After they were being conquered by the Holland for such a long time
 Feeling hungry, i saw this Barbara's
The waiter told me they are having a buffet dinner and culture show
Ahh, this is what i need
I pay and went in...
The food is ok, but the culture show are nice :)
 After i left, the sky is dark and the street looks so europe :)
But i haven't book any hotel... i walk around carrying my backpack
Luckily i got a room and went off to have a good rest
 I decided to fly off to Cebu on the next day
This is Zest Air, its kinda cheap
 When i reach Cebu, i saw this warrior statue
The locals told me this is their hero "Lapu Lapu"
Someone who is like our Malaysian Hang Tuah
It fought against the Holland but was killed
 I saw a Guitar shop nearby and went in to have a look
 This is actually a guitar producing shop
They have all kinds of guitar
I thought of buying a small one to put as deco in my house
But it was quite expensive
Hehe, but i keep on negotiate and finally got a cheap one :P
But in the end i have to carry it around wherever i go~ damn
 In Philippines, the day gone very fast
I went to Santo Nino
A very big church in Cebu City
It was the time when all the Christian are doing their prayer
The crowd is so huge that they have a big screen on outside which filming the priest
My first time seeing such a big thing :P
 I took picture of the place when the praying end
Huge right?
 This is how it looks in the inside
So many people there
I didn't explore much as i was carrying a big bagpack
I feel clumsy to walk around though...
 There was this Fort San Pedro nearby
But it was close
 After i check in the hotel, i went to walk around again
The local cuisine - Balut
Its an egg which has the unborn chick inside
Heard that its very good for men :)
So i bought one and try
I drink the juice when i crack the egg
Its kinda nasty and smelly
After i get rid of the egg shell, i saw the chick inside~ YUCK
I have no guts to eat it, the local people around me laugh at me :(
In the end, i gave the Balut to a beggar who ask for it
 I have my dinner in this local fast food
Jollibee :)
Its something like the McD
But the service is kinda slow and the food is so so only
 ChowKing, another local fast food
The sister company of Jollibee, but i did not try it
After 2 days of walking in Manila & Cebu 
I was exhausted
I went to sleep earlier and ready to explore more of Philippines on the next day

To be continue...

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July 16, 2012 at 9:25 AM

the balut is so geli, yuck...


August 27, 2015 at 10:07 AM

Dutch??!! It's Spanish, no


August 27, 2015 at 8:57 PM

oh ya~ thanx for the correction... will amend it :)