Taiwan: Taipei - Yang Ming Park + Shi Lin + Gu Gong + Dan Shui + Xin Bei Tou + Ye Liu

 Hi everyone, sorry for taking such a long time to update my Taipei Trip
I was kinda busy recently and my new puppy is giving me a big headache
Well, come back to the trip
The trip suppose to be 2nd - 7th August
But thanx to the typhoon, my flight was delayed for 12 hours

We stay in Xi Men Ding
It is my first time to Taipei
I rely on my fren to arrange all the accomodation
And it seems like a good choice to stay in Xi Men Ding
Very convenience
 First station, Yang Ming Park
We took a bus up there, and fuck it rains during our journey
We spend some money to buy the ugly yellow raincoat 
But suddenly the rain stop
 Yang Ming Park is very beautiful
There's multiple stop on different part
We stop at a few and enjoy the nice natural environment
 There's a spring at one of the scenery
Nice kan? Look like heaven~
 This part is my favorite
I feel like i'm in New Zealand :P

 After that, we took the bus down to Shi Lin night market
Of course i wouldn't miss the chance to taste all the local food
But umm... they are not my cup of tea seriously
I'm a guy who like spicy food
Most of their food is a bit sweet for me
And not salty enough
So i'm kinda disappointed about it
 Beside the foods, there are a lot of game station
Look at these youngsters
They are catching the gold fish~ :)
 And there were some sex stalls
Hehe, i bought the egg :P

 The next day we went to the Gu Gong
Sorry guys, i noticed that most of the pics have our face in it
So i decided not to post much on this place
We went here because of the famous
"Xiu Bai Chai" & "Dong Bo Rou"
They are good and look so real
The rest of the antiques are so damn cool

 Next destination - Dan Shui
And again, most of the pics have our face in it as well :P
But have a look at this guy, he is so cool
Not like our Bukit Bintang gold man, this guy move and his eyes are close all the time
Dan Shui is near to the beach, the whole place is full of tourist
Either local or from oversea, it is packed!!!
Of course we enjoy the local food again

 After a whole day of walking in Dan Shui, we are tired
So we decided to travel to Xin Bei Tou to enjoy the hotspring
There are so many hotspring shop at there
We chose one with reasonable price
I used the public pool and ....

 The 3rd day, Ye Liu is our first stop
Everyone should know that the Queen's head is famous in Ye Liu
It is so windy that day, but luckily it is not that hot
Maybe the typhoon just over, so the weather is just nice :)
We que up to take photo with the Queen's head and it is so cool
I really love Ye Liu
But too bad there are too many China man there
And they are so fucking noisy

 Next to the Queen's head, there are an Ocean World aquarium
The aquarium is not that big, not as good as our klcc's
But, since we got free entrance ticket... we just have a walk inside
The whole journey in the aquarium only takes us 45mins 
Well, that's all for this post
Will post more in the next post~ stay tune!!!

3 who am I - questions:


September 19, 2012 at 10:51 AM

Ye Liu is fun because it feels like I am on another planet


September 23, 2012 at 6:08 PM

another planet? such as? Mars?


September 24, 2012 at 11:36 AM

taiwan is a nice place to re-visit