My Dreams in 2010

1 more day to go before 2010 & its about time to set another 20 new dreams. Previously i just hit 8 out of 20 in 2009, failure~ This time, must work hard on it~

01. Fix my crown (i hate my crown, seriously need to fix a new one... roughly around 3k)

02. Buy a new handphone (i've been using my old nokia since my study times, should 4 years dy, and now the battery really sot sot dy~)

03. Buy my own house in selangor area (dream house has to be double storey terrace house)

04. Buy a new camera (i always wanted this to shot my own naked photo :P)

05. Cut down from taking high cholesterol, high sugar, caffeine foods (fyi, i have heart attack disease) & cut down on shrimps and crabs (skin allergic)

06. Climb on to Kota Kinabalu mountain (Anyone wanna go?)

07. Save up to RM10k (really have to)

08. Have my own dog (i love puppy)

09. Get a better job (higher salary :P)

10. 6 pax (can i?)

11. Read more books (knowledge is good ~)

12. Travel to Guilin with my family (mummy wanna go there)

13. Attend Mi's world tour concert in Malaysia

14. Visit to Redang Island (paiseh, i never been there b4)

15. Learn French (DS is teaching me some now)

16. Able to clear all my credit card debts (issit possible?)

17. Have my own photo album (if i manage slim down and tone up)

18. Buy the nice Lacoste bag (RM550++ kinda expensive)

19. Control my own emotion (include EQ, temper)

20. Travel to HongKong (Anyone?!?)
And finally HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of u :)

My 2nd Last Entry

Hey all bloggers, my fellow babes and supporters :) I truly feel honor and happy to see all of ya comments at here....No matter its good or bad, it do directly or indirectly affect my thoughts and ways of behaving.

I have thought about this whole year of blogging, it make me feel like a daily routine and i enjoy it :) But writing 3 entries per day seems a bit too much for some people, well~ i always wanna write watever i want and i care less for others to think about me for not doing my job... :P Coz i knw wat i m doing and how i work my ass off for this fucking job~

Well... 2010, you will see less entries in the evolution blog. i will mainly focus on my movie blog~ try to make it like a movie library :P hahaha~ so all of ya out there, dont be shy to lend me all da movie tat u have so tat i can write some nice nice entries~ okay? no matter its horror, romance, war, thriller, science fic, war, action, english, chinese, japanese, korea, french, spain, malay, indian or watever movie~ come come come...

I love ya all~ this will be my 2nd last entry of this year... really gonna miss u guys~ dont worry... i will still visit ur blog and comments (if i feel like to~ haha, DIVA)

Muak * Fly kisses for everyone~ Take Care

Our Iceberg is Melting

Just finish reading this marvelous management book by John Kotter & Holger Rathgeber. "Our Iceberg is Melting" talks about changing and succeeding under any conditions, no matter on corporate, sole propriety, management, relationship, education and almost everything you can think.

I'm not kidding, just imagine you are the penguins, and what you're facing the problems is the iceberg. There are these 8 important steps for managing the change:
1) Create a sense of urgency.
2) Pull together a guiding team.
3) Create a change vision and strategy.
4) Communicate to others and get the buy-in.
5) Empower others to act and make the new vision a reality.
6) Produce short-terms wins.
7) Don't let up
8) Create the new culture.

Phew~ its really the time for me to change. Luckily i got this from DS and it come in handy :) Change change change

Mi's Faith + Hope a.k.a. L² X'mas Gift

Well, since Santa didn't granted any of my wish,
not even DS got me any presie,
i have to buy my own.
Thanks to Ryan
who went to Sammi's HK Concert during 24th Dec,
he helps to buy me Mi's limited edition collection CD :)Ta~Da~
All of them only RM290 :)
Sammi's Gospel Albums
Including Mi's Faith Album + Mi's Hope Album +
Mi's badges + Mi's book + Mi's necklace +
Mi's stickers & 2 huge Mi's posters :)
These are 2 Mi's album~
Each Album consists of 1 CD & 1 DVD :)
Worth it
This is Mi's Faith Album.
All nice nice Mi's pic :)
She looks gorgeous right? Mi's Hope Album.
It is a box collection which make like a bible
It got 3 covers
And here's other goodies
Mi's 3 different kind of badges
"Faith-Hope-Love" ; "I Love Sammi" ; "Love Mi"
One red hot Love Mi necklace
1 Sammi's gospel type of bookmark
Sammi's book - Worth it
She wrote about her life
about the time when other mistaken her for suicide
And of coz~
there's her drawing and some notes too~
Finally, Mi's nice photo and stickers lo~

Review of my target on 2009

On the 31st Dec of 2008, i have set 20 dreams to achieve in 2009. Well, let's look at my result:-

01. Travel to Hanoi, Vietnam
Achieve :) - A nice trip
02. Travel to Sydney
Fail :( - Anyone wanna sponsor me?!?
03. Climb to the peak of Kota Kinabalu Mountain
Fail :( - I chose Phuket over this :P
04. Buy a new Laptop
Achieve :) - A Brand new Asus
05. Buy a digital camera
Fail :(
06. Buy a new handphone
Fail :(
07. Save up to RM10k (at least)
Fail :( - Not even half
08. Train my body to fit fit
Fail :(
09. Support my family to go traveling
Achieve :) - At least i did sponsor them to Beijing
10. Travel with my love one
Half Achieve ;) - Although not DS, but L
11. Tan up my skin
Achieve :) - But got sunburn pula~ decided to stay fair, more suitable for me
12. Fix my crown
Fail :( - Damn expensive
13. Spend more times with my parents & sister
Fail :( - I'm a bad kid
14. Write more blogs
Achieve :) - At least there's min 500 posts this year
15. Strike a good achievement in my career
Fail :( - No promotion
16. Help more people if i'm able to
Half Achieve ;) - At least i do my best
17. Buy a new PC for my mum
Fail :(
18. Get a tattoo
Achieve :) - Thou its temporary tattoo
19. Watch another 100 TVB Dramas
Fail :( - only 48 :P
20. Live a more Healthier Life
Fail :(

Damn~ only achieve 8 dreams out of 20 :(
Hmm... let me think about it and set another new 20 dreams for me to hit in 2010~

Telephone - Lady Gaga & Beyonce

Gosh, this song is especially for Goofy... i really can't tahan all the sms and phone calls, its driving me crazy... so i have stop answering for good~ Although the song is a bit not related...but, oh well~ i'm not gonna answer your telephone :P

[Lady Gaga]
Hello, hello, baby
You called, I can't hear a thing.
I have got no service in the club,

you see, see
Wha-Wha-What did you say, huh?
you're breaking up on me
Sorry, I cannot hear you,
I'm kinda busy.

K-kinda busy
K-kinda busy
Sorry, I cannot hear you, I'm kinda busy.

Just a second,
its my favorite song they're gonna play
And I cannot text you with
a drink in my hand, eh?
You should'a made some plans with me,
you knew that I was free.
And now you won't stop calling me;
I'm kinda busy.

Stop callin, stop callin,
I don't wanna think anymore!
I got my head and my heart on the dance floor.
Stop callin, stop callin,
I don't wanna talk anymore!
I left my hand and my heart on the dance floor.

Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh
Stop telephonin me!
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh
I'm busy!
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh
Stop telephonin me!
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh

Can call all you want,
but there's no one home,
and you're not gonna reach my telephone!
Cuz I'm out in the club,
and I'm sippin that bubb,
and you're not gonna reach my telephone!

Call when you want,
but there's no one home,
and you're not gonna reach my telephone!
Out in the club,
and I'm sippin that bubb,
and you're not gonna reach my telephone!

Boy, the way you blowin up my phone
wont make me leave no faster.
Put my coat on faster,
leave my girls no faster.
I should'a left my phone at home,
cuz this is a disaster!
Callin like a collector -
sorry, I cannot answer!

Not that I don't like you,
I'm just at a party.
And I am sick and tired
of my phone r-ringing.
Sometimes I feel like
I live in Grand Central Station.
Tonight I'm not takin no calls,
cause I'll be dancin.

Cause I'll be dancin
Cause I'll be dancin
Tonight I'm not takin no calls, cause I'll be dancin!

Stop callin, stop callin,
I don't wanna think anymore!
I got my head and my heart on the dance floor.
Stop callin, stop callin,
I don't wanna talk anymore!
I got my head and my heart on the dance floor.

Stop callin, stop callin,
I don't wanna think anymore!
I got my head and my heart on the dance floor.
Stop callin, stop callin,
I don't wanna talk anymore!
I got my head and my heart on the dance floor.

Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh
Stop telephonin me
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh
Im busy!
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh
Stop telephonin me!
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh

Can call all you want,
but there's no one home,
and you're not gonna reach my telephone!
Cuz I'm out in the club,
and I'm sippin that bubb,
and you're not gonna reach my telephone!

Call when you want,
but there's no one home,
and you're not gonna reach my telephone!
Cuz I'm out in the club,
and I'm sippin that bubb,
and you're not gonna reach my telephone!

My telephone!
M-m-my telephone!
Cuz Im out in the club,
and Im sippin that bubb,
and youre not gonna reach my telephone!

My telephone!
M-m-my telephone!
Cuz Im out in the club,
and Im sippin that bubb,
and you're not gonna reach my telephone!

Were sorry the number you have reached is not in service at this time.
Please check the number, or try your call again.

Ho Ho Ho - Merry X'mas

I'm going back to Penang tonight
Merry X'mas to all my fellow bloggers :)

AVATAR - 2 Thumbs up

Sk is not a liar. Why? Coz Avatar is damn good :) Went for this movie last night with DS. Our so called early x'mas dinner at Ichiban Doshi :) Everything went well, the dinner is good... the movie is perfect and DS make sure i was well-feeded on bed too :P

Talk about Avatar, gosh~ so nice... another perfect production~ cool...i would watch it again in the cinema if anybody wanna buy me a ticket...hehehe~ Its cool when i saw the blue alien running in half naked body~ feel kinky but kinda hot too... dont u think so? And Sigourney Weaver is my fav heroin since Aliens series... and Sam Worthington is definitely cute :)

I was so impress on the whole movie, the story line, the giant flying beast... gosh~ love it so much~ one thing that is not perfect... they should show how the avatar make love... i really wanna see how the avatar's penis is... haha~ issit something blue? :P and one more thing... the male avatar has nipples while female avatar don't have nipples~ why so weird de? can anyone explain this to me?


The 500th Entry this year
I strike my target :)

L² Evolution + Recap 2009

Well well, once again...
its about time for me to do a recap
and see what kind of evolution i have strike and make....January
Soh Lou look, but i love my skin at tat time :)February
Still a soh lou but love to drink :P
Went to Ah Mei & Jason Mraz concert
Broke up with L
Feel exhausted
Change my link for the 1st time
Visited Vietnam
Once privatize my blog
Went Leehom concert
Start my own story: Not Everyone Got the Apple
First time become The Best Man
Attend Fish Leung's concert
Change from Leumas to Leu
Start another story: The Curse of The Fallen Angel
Mole remove
Intro my Wifey, Mi
Whole month writing the ghost stories
My birthday :)
Change from Leu to L²
Went to Phuket
Started a new blog: L² Movies Talk
Met DS
Still sou lou
Acting as crazy cowboy~ :P
Yee Hah~

So what do u think of my change in 2009?!?

Love Mi HK Concert 24th & 25th Dec 2009

Tonight the Legendary Mi will sing
Tonight Mi will blast off the whole HK
Tonight all of you will become Mi's slave

24th & 25th Dec 2009
Love Mi Concert
Although i'm not able to attend
but i hope Canny, Immas, Ryan & Natty
Will bring the concert to the HIGHest level

Legendary Mi
Love Mi
Love You

Winter Solstice 2009

This year's winter solstice i got to spend it with DS :) We went makan at "Fat Woman Chicken" which is totally sucks~ The rice is just white rice but not chicken rice; the blended garlic is disgusting; the fried pork is totally consider of FAT only... Really really a horrible place to eat... we swear that we will not go back to there anymore...

Silly us, we went around pudu area trying to find "tong yuan" to eat but failed. We forgot that most of the chinese shop/stall close because of Winter Solstice festival... Well, DS call one of the colleagues/friends and they have tong yuan for us :) Wow~ I feel kinda excited coz i will met the friends!!! But before we go, we headed back home first... and the funny thing is... we search high and low for tong yuan but couldn't get one; but there's one stall just in front of DS hse which sell tong yuan...

Of coz we bought it and makan :) After one hour, we headed to the friend's and they welcome me with nice tong yuan :) yummy~ although i'm not really a fans of tong yuan, but this year really seems special for me... After all these year i've live in KL, i never have the chance to eat tong yuan which my mum make... and now... i jst feel so lucky and happy~

Hope this will never end~ :)

Year End Party 2009

Last Thursday was my company year end party, the theme was "Wild Wild West". As compare to last year, the theme is much more fun but not much people dress up pula~ As i m not in the HR team anymore, i can enjoy my lovely party for the whole day :)
Cowboy, r u ready?
~Yee Hah~
My 2 lovely HR babe, Fernice & Elaine
Pocahontas style :)
I always love to take pic with Hot Fariz ;)
Everybody say i look like Woody in Toy Story
The Fat Version
Lis won the best dress for female category
I did not win the best dress this year
coz i loss to the hot red indian standing beside me
Omar & Rose sing and dance in the karaoke competition
Kak Nora memang berani
Although she sing sucks, but dance well :P
Me and Yi Wen
Have to adjust my height :P
Am i cute with the Teddy?!? Lolz~
Ms Low, Winnie, May Ching and me
Gosh, i look fat :'(
Yi Wen, May Ching, Jamie & LeuFor so many years i been in this company
Finally i won something in the lucky draw
Although its a silk scarf
but better than nothing

L² Award 2009

Well, out of a sudden, i thought of having my own 2009 award.
Silly me~ :P and the winner goes to~ (click here to see my list for 2008)

L² Top Ten Celebrities:
1. Sammi Cheng - She's always on the top :)
2. Zac Efron - He's so cute
3. Christina Aguilera - She's simply marvelous
4. Tyra Banks - She's still my fav host
5. Channing Tatum - Nice, u knw wat i mean...hehehe
6. Rihanna - Still loving her "ella ella eh eh eh..."
7. Tavia Yeung - She's getting better in her acting
8. Lisa Kudrow - Still my fav sitcom babe
9. Lady Gaga - Fucking bad romance
10. Jason Mraz - I always blow away by his mini concert this year

L² Top Ten Movies: (Movie in 2009 only)
1. The Unbelieveable - 怪談
2. Ice Age 3: Dawn of The Dinosaurs
3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
4. He Is Just Not That Into You
5. Transformer 2: Revenge Of The Fallen
6. Angel & Demon
7. Coming Soon - Thai
8. The Princess and The Frog
9. Drag Me To Hell
10. Lady Cop & Papa Crook - 大搜查之女

L² Top Ten Must Read Blogs:
Lolz, too many blogs i love to read, cannot cut down to top ten... later i will kena banned :P

L² Top Ten Favourite Spots to visit:
1. Milan Paris
2. New Zealand
3. Beijing
4. Hong Kong
5. Taiwan
6. Guilin
7. Hainam Island
8. Mauritius
9. Egypt
10. Bali

Can I Become the Frog?!?

Watch this with DS last week, kinda nice and sweet :) Well, basically i like the frog's character. Its cute and adorable, dont ya think so? I need a princess to kiss me too~ who wanna be my princess?!?

Muak muak muak~ hahahaha

Holiday Mood

Gosh~ i m having the holiday mood already :S Feel a bit lazy though. The closing for the company is last Thursday, which make the whole company/staff become so tense and pressure until we can't breath. I knw i have been having mood swings for a few days till yesterday which i did a very very very terrible mistake. I hope nothing serious will happen.

Ok ok, back to my holiday mood. From this morning onwards, i can see everyone smiling again and making fool around. No stressful atmosphere going on here. Lolz~ me, basically has not much leave left and i cant take more leave. Just waiting for 2010 to come. Hmm~ but i still have works to do, but very lazy!?

Maybe its abt time i should plan to meet up with some friend who i havent meet for such a long time ~ Maybe i should have another holiday trip then, wont it sounds nice? :) Maybe i should go shopping after i get my salary then~ or Maybe i should jst lie on the floor and watch my drama instead? wow~ so many things to do yet 2009 is coming to the end~

Holiday mood~ holiday mood... i want a good rest

I ain't no Holla Back Boy

(Frm Leu)
Hey you, give me shit
All da people eat ya shit

Few times you've shit around
Like no one else can shit like tat

Coz i ain't no holla back boy
Coz i ain't no holla back boy

(Frm Distinguished Boss)
Few times i will shit around
Coz i have fat ass
Ain't ya wish like tat

Coz i ain't no hella a bitch
Coz i ain't no hella a bitch

This my shit
This my shit

(Frm Leu)
Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck
Bitchy bitchy bimboo climbing on the stairs
Up to the level where she think she can get

(Frm Distinguished Boss)
Arrrggghhh~ Kaboomz

(Frm Leu)
London Bitch is falling down
Falling Down
Falling Down
London Bitch is falling down
My fair bitchy~

Is there any justice ?!?

My company IT's actually blocked everyone's msn, facebook and some sensitive pages last few weeks ago. Everybody has been suffered. Luckily they didn't block my blogspot :P

Then today i found out my boss is using her msn~ WTF~ she must has beg the IT ppl with her knee on the floor... damn... not fair !!! Is there any justice at all?!? I need Bao Qing Tian ~

So Long GSC Card

After reading SK Thamby last month's entry, i decided to take my first move...First to go, my GSC's Eon bank gold card... Seriously, when i call the bank and request to cancel my card, the customer service personnel sounds kinda rude and unfriendly at all, i can heard tat he's an indian. Really really think that he's not suitable to work in customer service because of how he sounded. But so what? luckily i cancel my card~

So wat should i do with the left over vouchers and coupons that they gave me? Of coz, 1st person come to my mind would be my twinkle papa lo~ since he mentioned that he uses this card, ok, so i might as well give it to him instead of wasting it right?

Harlo twinkle papa, when u wanna come and take ur things? :P

Not my Business

We're always advice by our senior to mind our own business. Even if you know there's something dangerous/risky hide underneath which others might kena, jst be quiet and stand aside. I never like that, feel that its a bad thing to do so... What if you're the one who's gonna step into that trap? Won't u hope that somebody tell u abt it? Instead of laughing at you when u got it later?

All these people in corporate world minds their own business. Even for me, i have to learn this tactics to survive. Better keep quiet sometimes to prevent urself from pulling into that trap as well... and now's a big "show" gonna show soon to one colleague, everybody in the office knw abt it... but whether she herself knw it or not... this i dunknw... gosh~

Luckily i'm not close to her at all... so its not my duty to tell her... well, i will give her an extra box when she got fired~

If only I could Love You More -[1123]-

If only i could love u more
But sometimes its so hard to
Raising your voice
Throwing those words
Showing your expression
This is not the 1st time
And I believe it will not be the last time
I really feel hurt
I start to get scared
Should I continue to love you?

Within the Heart of a Vampire