Nepal: Kathmandu + Pokhara

Namaste (Hello for Nepalese), it was a great 8 days trip for me. Flying off from KL to Kathmandu is not that great as there are so many Nepalese in the plane and they are kinda noisy... But when we almost reach there, looking out from the window, the Mt Himalaya view amaze me, i know i will enjoy this trip.
Scenery in Kathmandu
This is the road of where our hotel located, Green Tara Hotel
It was almost 6 that time in Nepal (2 hours later from Malaysia), we went to this local restaurant and have some nice Nepalese food... Its about RM20 per person, but seriously its not what i really like, lol
 The street food, i think its buffalo meat

We slept early due to the jet lag and get ourselves ready for the next early morning, which is taking a 6 hours car drive to Pokhara, another end from Kathmandu. We travel high and low and my ass is certified to be "flat" due to those bumpy bad road conditions...
 A local lady carrying this plants
After asking our driver, this is for the holly cow and goat
Along the journey and saw these flowers
We couldn't reject ourselves to shot some nice photos here
 There is riot in Nepal too!!!
As busy body as i can get
We walk all the way to have a look 
The riot actually block the whole traffic for nearly 2 hours, damn
Pokhara, we reahc :) There is a big big beautiful lake at here surrounded by small little hills and it look so nice... If all of u happen to come here, no worry... plenty of hotels and inns can be find here... just look at this board, haha...
 The 2 pics above are the lake
The boats are so colorful and cute, right?
We sail on it and went to another island
 Ta-da~ we reach after 20 min
Now we will have to hike to go up to the beautiful 
World Peace Pagoda
 Half way to the top, we took this pic
Lovely lake huh?
 Finally after 1 hour ++ of hiking, we reach the holly place
it looks amazing i should say
 The Amibutha
Amibutha when he is a kid
Pointing one hand to the sky while another to the earth

 Rushing down the hill and go back to another part of the land
We went to have a look at the Devi's Fall
 Its magnificient!
From top and look down into it, we can't see the end of the fall
It was so deep
Beside that, the name of this fall is after a guy name Devi who slip and fell into it

Gupteshmor Manadey Cave is just nearby
We couldn't miss this cave which will link to the fall anyway
 Staircase which is nicely carve
it leads us down to the exotic cave
 See how deep this is
And we can see the Devi's Fall from here

Next, we went to see the Seti River Gorge
which is a river that flow inside a bridge but not underneath it. 
It look so cool and the water are so freezing cold
 love it :) 

Pokhara is so close to Mt Himalaya... We woke up damn early the next morning and wish to have a good look at sunrise and the mountain. But the cloudy sky disappoint us! But we did have a good look at the whole Pokhara area before we start our journey again to another places...
 Luckily when we are on our journey departing from Pokhara
We saw the Mt Himalaya appear
But of course it was more far away
But we were happy of what we saw...

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