Japan: Osaka & Universal Studio

Hey you all, finally i have time to arrange my photos in Japan and blog about it. Well overall its quite a pleasant trip for me except that some old uncles & aunties (i follow tour) who has been making too much noises and complains~ lol

First we arrive in Osaka's Kansai airport. It was quite late when we reach our hotel, around 7:45pm, and all the shops at there closed at 8pm, so the first day we just have a good rest at our hotel before we depart at early morning the next day. First stop we went to Osaka Castle Park to have a good look at the beautiful Sakura... see the pics below, splendid isn't it? :)
Look at the whole place, its full of white sakura
Our tour guide told us we are the lucky team as we arrive at the right week. My friends went there 2 weeks before me, and the sakura is not fully bloom yet; while the week before my trip, there's some windstorm in Japan, which might make the trip an unpleasant one. And while we reach this week, everything is perfect as all the Sakura bloom at the same time :)
A museum in Osaka Castle Park
The time capsule build by Japanese in the Osaka Castle Park
This is for their future archaeological study
There are full of Jap culture things inside

Next, we went to my favorite - Universal Studio... I was so so so excited :) see? how grand the place is~ i feel like a small kid back to my old time cartoon world again...
The Universal globe
Shrek & his princess
So colorful

We went to take a roller coaster ride in Jurassic Park. The ride is definitely like how the first movie is~ As the ride go along, we were screaming and laughing of excitement. Final dino attack make us fall in the pool of water and we are all wet, lol~ its fun :)
Then we went to have a look at the Backdraft. This is an old Hollywood movie which talks about firefighting. This studio let us have the experience of the movie making and the explosion effect. At first it was quite boring as the worker at there explain everything in Japanese, but the effect is really impressive~
Took lunch in this The Dragon's Pearl, one set cost us 1200yen which equals to RM45 for this.

Waterworld, a show which my tour guide say we should never missed. The whole place can took more than 400 people in once, the whole show is so exciting and of course, fire & explosion is not to be miss~

My kid time's scary JAWS is here, arrggghhhh~ i scream through the whole boat ride (lol, just kidding)...

The snoopy's & hello kitty's world
Final place before we left Universal Studio, we went to take a Spiderman ride.

After Universal studio, we went to Doutonbori Street to have our dinner and walk around for shopping...
View of the whole street
Fashion in Japan

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April 23, 2012 at 9:48 AM

u remind me my Japan trip back to 2010...., but the time i went was not sakura season


May 6, 2012 at 4:39 PM

2010 is better than 2011... at least no radiation :)