Who's the FAKERS ?!? - Part 2

Just wanna clarify something... I noticed that Ichimaru also post "Faker" as his latest post, but it has nothing to do with mine fakers... Coz Ichi and Leu is not close, and we don't have any contacts at all, beside reading each other's blog... So its jst a coincident...

Well, a lot of close frens approached me and ask who's the fakers are... and of coz, i do believe some of the bloggers already knw it way more earlier than me~ lolz... my sensor is not tat strong... but, jst like wat erictbk said, jst let him be if he did not harm me... and of coz, i will not reveal his identity here... coz i still like his blog even though he keep bullshitting... hahaha~

p/s: the fakers are not in my buddy list... so dun guess anymore, please !!!

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July 16, 2009 at 12:41 PM

yalor,yalor *nod nod head*