Beyond The Valley of The Dolls

Today i'm gonna introduce this American film which was on the cinema during 1970, a big hit classical musical comedy at that time.

These 3 characters were very popular when the film is out.
So these are the 3 main actress. Dolly Read as Kelly Macnamara(Middle), Cynthia Myers as Casey Anderson (White girl) & Mrcia McBroom as Petronella "Pet" Danforth. Of coz, 3 of them generously show off their beautiful body to the audience. Cynthia has the most beautiful figure among the 3, it really blow me off with her nice boobs~ lolz...
But remember, Dolly Read is still the main character,so she has plenty of times to show off her tits and have those sex scene more than the 2 other girls.. Is this how they get popular during that time? lolz~ Once again, Dolly use her sex appeal to attract an entertainment manager to get her band on the entertainment line...
Well, this cute hunk is David Gurian who acted as Harris Allsworth. He was the manager of the girls in their hometown. At that time, the band was name as The Kelly Affair. But when the band get their new manager, they changed their name to The Carrie Nations.
Later on, Kelly gets to knw this gigolo Lance Rocke, acted by Michael Blodgett. Wow, this man really got an excellent body, and the skin is so smooth, envy!!!
Then this is Z-man, acted by John LaZar. He was mentally ill, and he has plastic surgery on his boobss... its real disgusting... he love the gigolo but the gigolo only falls for Dolly... With hatred, the crazy tranny cut off the gigolo's head with sword.
Finally this is Edy Williams acted as Ashely St Ives, the popular porn star... she love sex crazily... she succeed to seduce Harris to have fun with her...even at the beach side~ lolz....

This whole movie really blow me away, two thumbs up frm Leu. I'll rate a full stars for this... beautiful people and beautiful body, this is wat u get frm this film :)

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