The Curse of the Fallen Angel - Part 2

Marracia was lying lifelessly in the arm of Lucifer, her body was weak and blood flow out non-stop no matter how Lucifer trying to stop it... Marracia is an angel. Angel is the same as human, when they lost too much blood, they become weak... and they will vanish if they are dead, so is Marracia...

"I'm not going to let you go"
"Its useless, i'm too weak now... I'm just worry whether our baby is gonna be safe"
"Baby, don't mind about the baby. All i care is you~"
"No, listen Lucifer! You have to take care of our child"


"Are you alright Jeremiah?"
"My Bruka, please...please help me, Marracia is gone"

Jeremiah is begging his Bruka, the master who train up Jeremiah and Marracia. Master Bruka is a talented angel who is taking care of the elements in Heaven. A wise angel.

"Jeremiah, this is fate. Marracia doesn't belongs to the Heaven anymore, she belongs to the Hell now..."
"No~no!!! I can't let this happen, i must save her"
"Its no use to save her. I can feel that her light is weak now."
"I only stab her once, how would she die like this?"
"Its because she has gave birth for Lucifer"


"My dear almighty God, please... please let me be responsible..." Jeremiah kneel down on a cold stoney floor, in front of a ray of light...
"Jeremiah, my son... you have no responsible on Marracia's behavior..." Sounds came within the ray of light.
"Please, let me take care of it...please..."
"My son, i will grant your wish then"


10 years later~

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