Not everyone got the Apple - Part 7

When you think everything is cool and back to normal, then you are wrong... The dangerous snakey queen appear, slowly glide her way into the territory of Icy Ice Maiden. Snakey Queen is an apple stealer, she grabs and grabs apple whenever, wherever and from whoever it is...
She killed Mrs Rambles when she entered the ancient kingdom. Mrs Rambles is good in using her combat to attack and defense. But sadly, facing the snakey queen, she can't even scratch her a wound... Without second thoughts, snakey queen killed Mrs Rambles in a fight... And now, snakey queen wanna take over Icy Ice Maiden's crown and rules the Govy... Can she do it? There's still a lot of powerful witches work under Icy Ice Maiden... such as Erica, Felicia, Alan and Mr Olky...
Glide her way into the snake hole that she always be, rest and ready... Snakey queen was making her evilish plan to beat down Icy Ice Maiden, can she do it?

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  类私理 Lesly

July 21, 2009 at 12:26 PM

Where is the charming Sam??? Come out and fight her la... Haha!!!