The Book of Revelation - Tom Long

This is a film which i think not much people watch it b4... The book of revelation, acted by Tom Long. I will give 2 out of 5 for it.

The story talks about a dancer was kidnap by 3 woman for 12 days. In these period, he was force to have sex and dance for these mysterious women. Of coz in this film, there was all those sexy scene and masturbating scene...
This is Tom Long, cuffed by the 3 women. You can see his dick and butt in the movie. There's even a scene when one of the woman use a dildo to penetrate his asshole.
Well, this is when Tom Long dancing with his girlfriend. The girlfriend ask the boyfriend to buy her a pack of cigarette but in the end the bf get kidnapped.
After Tom get out from the kidnapped, he fall in love with this fat latino lady... i feel more actress liao meh? aiyo~ hahahaha.... In the whole, the movie is still ok... the same thing as i mentioned in Little Children before... you can watch it when u r bored... :P

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