Body of Evidence - Madonna

The third sexy films i have watched over the last weekend. Body of evidence by our dearest Madonna and Willem Dafoe. Just to refresh u all, Willem Dafoe is the guy who acted as the green evil in spiderman. I rate this film a 2.5 out of 5 star.
The story is about Madonna is a wicked bitch, who use her sex appeal to what she wants including money. And of coz, her target were all those old man who has heart disorder problem, and she gave him cocaine to speed up the heart beat, and wild sex to make their heart over-function.

Then she was sue of murder. The whole film was about how the lawyer, Willem Dafoe help Madonna in the court. And of coz, Madonna offer sex to him. No doubt that Ms Madonna really have a yummilicious body, very firm and attractive :) Although she's been aging these years, but she still looks fit in her 50's...Bravo to Madonna :)
Overall the film is still ok, at least for the time when they shoot this kind of film, i think the story lines is still quite new at that period.

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