The Curse of the Fallen Angel - Part 3

10 years later

"Brendan, how many times do i need to tell you about this?"
"I'm sorry Master Remi, i promise this will be the last time."
The little boy wink at his master and trying to act cute so that his master will not punish him for forgetting the chant that he has learned for so many times...
The master is at his age of 30's, with blond short hair and a stunning face that you would ever see. While the little boy has red hair and a fair skin which makes his blue eyes look marvelous.

"Brendan, this will be the last time that i will teach you. If you still forget about this, then don't come and look for me anymore."
"Yes master"
"Over the shadow and over the sea, come my lord thou the dragon master, fill your destiny and fill my urge, come and evolve the power thou" After the chant, out of nowhere, the weather become very watery and all the molecules of water combined within a few second...A gigantic dragon is form by the water and ramp towards the hill. A bang on the hill and rocks falls tremendously...

"Cool master!!!"
"Brendan my boy, you must learn this chant within your heart. Master will not always be with you..."
"But master Remi, i've learned a few magic from you, isn't that enough? Why do i still need to learn the magic of the Dragon Master?"
"Brendan, you're learning the elements magic. And there's a lot of different kind of elements magic, yours are water... and within the water magic, there's different kind of them; while the dragon master is the greatest of them all"
"At least i knw the raindrop spell and water shoot."
"That's not enough, you must remember, when your rival must know how to defeat them and protect yourself. The raindrop spell and water shoot that you've learn is still in a young stage."
"What do you mean?"
"It means, magic actually have 10 level, on increase of each level, your magic power will be stronger. But both of your magic is still in the basic level. Do you understand?"
"So what?"
"So just don't stand at here... go and practice now"

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