Not everyone got the Apple - Part 6

Pulling out his knife, Joker Boy strike towards Sam and make a deep wound on the pianist hand... Sam was shocked !!!

Sam : What are you doing?
Joker : Hey pretty boy, u knw wat i want
Sam : What do you want?
Joker : You !!! Of coz... muahahahaha~
Sam : R u crazy? U will not get me
Joker : Then we'll see how

Once again, Jokerboy swing the knife towards Sam, but Sam got away this time.

Sam : Hey u, enough !!! wat do u want?
Joker : Look at our pretty boy, get even more attractive when he get angry~
Sam : You are so disgusting
Joker : And you look so yummy to me~ come to daddy~ haahha
Sam : BAck off, or you will regret~
Joker : Try me

Without any doubt, Sam the pianist evolve... From wat he learned from Icy Ice Maiden previously, he transform into the light man~ And with the sparkling light, music flew and attack... The whole ancient kingdom is shaking... like an earthquake, the water damn explode~ and water ooze off like beast~ Music and light attacking the joker boy... Joker boy with only his knife and ugly face is not able to defense himself from the powerful magic...

Sam jump and flee in the midst of light... a second later, joker boy was torn apart... and dead... while Sam transform back into the pianist...

Sam : u wanna get my apple? try me~

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