Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince

Went to Leisure Mall and have a quicky meet with Eve yesterday night... After long hours of shopping in Pavilion, i was not sure whether i wanna drive all the way to Leisure, but ya...i did... So i met Eve at 735pm...and the movie actually starts at 73pm... after ding ding dong dong and joking around...we bought the ticket and went for it at 740pm...
Of coz we're late, but luckily there's still some good seats left for us... The movie is ok...i will rate it 2.5 out of 5 stars... Coz there's not much magic scene in this episode... a more explanation of a prelude b4 the final Harry's movie... maybe... but the Dumbledore dead in this movie... And a lot of love scene and relationship line was make between the character... Nevertheless, its still a good movie :)

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