Fuji Hotel's Piano

There was this Fuji Hotel in Japan, at the Fuji Mountain... The hotel was emptied and it was haunted... There was a piano in the middle of the lobby... everynight songs will be played

John & Ellena are adventurous couple, they purposely went there for ghost spotting... they arrived at there during noon time, nothing happen, jst a plain old building with a plain old piano. they plan to sleep overnight at there for a night and see wat will be happening... they moved to the second floor and take a nap around 4pm, and prepared to wake up during 6pm for a further explore.... but this sleep is like an never ending...

When they woke up, it was already 12am!!! They got a bit shocked, and found out all the mobile and alarm are not functioning. the surrounding was dark and cold. they put on their torch light and went to the lobby. nothing~ Ellena was so dissapointed, she bang and hit the piano's key... the sound and tune are out, seems like the piano was spoiled. John warned her not to play fool around with the piano but she refused. John shake his head and went to the toilet, when he's out, he saw Ellena sitting in front of the piano. staring, with empty glance... John was shocked when he found out Ellena didnt breath anymore, and her 10 fingers were chopped off~ He turned and try to get out of the hotel and was blocked by a girl with white dress...

What makes him scared is, the girl was chewing fingers...human's fingers...is it Ellena's fingers? He freaked out and run, he scream and yell for help, but no rescue come to him. 10 days later, another group of ppl discovered both John and Ellena's corpse with their fingers gone!!!

how true is it? its fake la... this one Leu created de... lolz... but heard that this Fuji Hotel really got a haunted piano...and ppl are not suppose to touch it...

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  Xing Tells You

September 4, 2009 at 1:37 PM

hey~ watch the youtube video i sent to u ma?? how was it??
the movie in Malaysia oh! name call Guai Tan... ^^

haha~ the Fuji Hotel de piano really scary oh...they went to upstairs and saw a newspaper...and the date was same as the day they went...more scary..haha~


September 4, 2009 at 3:59 PM

xing, havent watch the video yet...
yalo...during the visit of the fuji hotel... really horrible la...the piano cover smack down in a sudden at jackie's hand

  Xing Tells You

September 4, 2009 at 7:42 PM

haha~ ya lor...cuz they go press the keyboard...