The Cursed Tattoo

Vivian loves tattoo. She got her tattoo at her back while she traveled in Thailand. Due to the cost, she went for a cheap shop to do the tattoo. The place is kinda weird and the tattoo master is kinda spooky as well~

She got her tattoo done in an hour. Her other friends didnt do it, they wait for her while wondering around... Usually after tattoo, our skin will be a bit red and hurt... will need around a week to recover...but strangely, vivian's tattoo is not hurt at all... and the skin recover in 1 day time... She feel proud of her new tattoo, its a bull skull~ she shows off around while traveling...

But after she gone back to Malaysia, problems occurred... she feels heavy at her back all the time...and she arch her back a lot of time...whenever she walks or sit...sometime when she's sleeping, she heard walking disturb her a lot...and everybody noticed that she become slimmer each day while she's brushing her teeth, she got shocked frm wat she see in the mirror...

She saw her face change...she looks like a bull...she quickly seek advice frm a master/sifu for help... the master told vivian, this bull spirit was planted into her body thru the tattoo at her back...the evil spirit has been on her back everytime, which cause her to arch her back... the master said he cannot shoo the evil spirit away as it is too strong and already combined with vivian's own spirit inside the body... she has to go back to the tattoo master in thailand for help...

When she return to the tattoo place in thailand...the master was nowhere to be found~ few weeks later, vivian was found dead... and there was 2 small horns breaking thru her skull...

how true is it? i dunknw... but better find some professional shop to do the tattoo...

3 who am I - questions:


September 3, 2009 at 4:03 PM

i wish to make a taatoo too~ :p


September 3, 2009 at 4:23 PM

Oooooo perhaps i'll get a Brad Pitt tattoo. Perhaps I'll start to look like him then :P


September 3, 2009 at 4:25 PM

chris, where u wanna do it? at ur hip?

ant, ur dream~