The Curse of the Fallen Angel - Part 6

Previously, little Brendan is fighting with the blue lizard. While they are fighting at each other, Brendan is about to use raindrop spell to attack the blue lizard... "Power drop as power goes, energy raise while raindrop goes" After he chant out the magic power, raindrop started to fall from the sky. Its not an ordinary raindrop, its full of heavy metal inside. Each raindrop may hurt the opponent badly if the magic user has higher level of magic. But something little Brendan just seems to forget.

When casting the raindrop spell, the powerful metal raindrop might hurt the person who cast this spell. It is because the area of this magic will spread in a distance, usually the spell caster will cast a shield to protect himself first before casting the raindrop spell. But, looks like Brendan forget about it...

The powerful metal raindrop hits and smash towards Brendan and the blue lizard, and sadly, there are no shelter for both of them to hide. The spell for for five minutes long, but this five minutes seems like a decade for Brendan. Unable to stand the pain, little Brendan went off black out.

Time passed, without any idea of how long he has been sleeping, Brendan open his eyes and found that he was in his own bedroom, lying on the bed. Master Remi was beside him, looking at him. "My boy, did I not mentioned to you that, when you cast the raindrop spell, cast a shield for yourself first" Brendan is too weak to talk, he just nod his head, but tiredness bring him back to unconscious again. Well, for the time being, this is the first time that Brendan was hurt by magic. Therefore he needs more rest to recover. What about the lizard? Where has it been then? Does it get hurt under the raindrop spell too?

Yes, it was hurt. But Master Remi save its life too... Now the lizard is recovering itself in a magic casted by Master Remi.

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