The Evil that live beneath

Some people love collection, coins, stamps, ribbon...while some love to collect those patung patung~ especially weird looking / horrible looking patung frm other countries... they think it is lovely, so they bought it and bring back home / send as a gift to frends~ And the story goes like this:~

Peter and Susan are a married couple... they always travel around bangkok due to their business, around 5-6 times a year... And both of them love those patung patung stuff, they think it is exotic and beautiful~ and they have a lot of collections which they put it in their house at Malaysia... They never realised that actually one of the patung is not "clean"... that particular patung has been used by a bomoh b4 to cast spells on others, and it was not cleanse b4 it is sold to this couple...

Everynight, Susan has wild sex with Peter and she was kinda exhausted after tat... they never talk abt their sexual life during morning time...but the wild sex session goes on for a month, everynight without stop~ Susan become thinner and thinner~ wat horrify her is, she started to feel that the one who she make love with is not Peter... Peter is not those rough type, but a bit of gentle... but throughout this whole month, Peter has been rough and wild... so susan decided to discuss this with Peter...

Peter claims that he was very tired this whole month, and he fall asleep very fast the minute he lay on the bed~ fuck!!! then? they both agree to set a cam aside to shoot wat has happened at night on that day... as usual, when peter lay on the bed, he immediately feel tired and sleep...while susan once again having sex with her so-called-husband~ until the next morning, they play back the video... they saw a red moving thing is rubbing against Susan for the whole night...wat is that? and is susan having sex with that red things? gosh~ they quickly went for help with a sifu/master...

The sifu said he cant do anything to help becoz the devil is too strong for him, and he suggest them to go back to bangkok to find the person who sold this to them~ so they went to bangkok for help... but susan still have sex everynight with the devil without any control of it... and they failed to find the seller...and susan become slimmer and slimmer...until she went to hospital...2 weeks later, susan was dead, doctor say her kidney failed...

how true is it? i dunknw... but i never bought those weird patung before...never~

2 who am I - questions:


September 4, 2009 at 2:53 PM

I've alwiz dreamt of dying whilst having sex. It's surely the best way to go! hehe


September 4, 2009 at 3:58 PM

ant, u dirty filthy.... haha~ lolz...u arr...i'm speechless~